Ther Greatest Obstacle To Discovery Is Not Ignorance. It is The Illusion Of Knowledge.

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from time to time I will give you material of a more esoteric nature, to encompass for example, relevant data on the FRINGE SCIENCES to give you a different perspective on current topics; such as CHEM TRAILS, this will help to move the Parameters, & hopefully give a better understanding of what’s going on, it also might give me a ‘Break from The Jesuits’, but it is, however’ very difficult to keep them out of it, as its not easy to ignore the ‘ELEPHANT’ in the Living Room, is it?

 To change the subject totally, Two Quotes by Daniel Borstin, The Late – Academic Historian who was not afraid of calling ‘A SPADE, A SPADE’, Quote applicable to above:- “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge” [WASP – {REALITY IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS } ] In the light of recent Media Events & Blog Articles – You work it out. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers” ——— [WASP– {WHO NEVER TELL THE TRUTH} ]

 MEET THE PILGRIMS – this is a link from my archives which will give more information than ‘Most People Can Handle’. I never read any Fictional Books, there is no need to, because ‘THE TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION’ It’s a Read on Line Tap, & well worth inclusion in your LIST. Your Readers: ‘On The Other Side Of The Pond’ should be interested in this.


They are the source of fiat money; the powers behind central banks; international financiers; warmongers; globalists; cartel monopolists; and the force suppressing precious metals. JFK, whose father was a member, strayed from the plan! As Zad Rust commented in “Teddy Bare, The Last of the Kennedy Clan” (1971)— 

“The Warren Commission had no other mission than to conceal the truth, and it was relentlessly helped in this mission by many official agencies and by some powerful organized Force of universal scope and character. This Force of Darkness has already brought the world very near to the point of no return on the road to total annihilation of the liberties of man and the independence of nations, and to the enthronement of the Antichrist.” 

This is an organization with two branches, the London branch founded in 1902, the New York branch in 1903.


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    World Bank population agenda:!

    The population reduction agenda is literally set in stone:

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