Secret Meetings Between Google And The Conservatives

Cameron at Google’s 2007 World Conference. The stats on this google blog are tightly controlled, as is traffic coming in. Cameron knows Google can blind online searchers, and keep opposition groups from forming online.

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Julia's daily ramble - covers a variety of topics.  Julia refuses to take a conventional approach to anything.  I find it refreshing to read.  Not all is 100% convincing, but it's interesting.

Moon orbit...
There is a solar eclipse tomorrow, one where the moon doesn't quite eclipse the Sun, leaving a ring round the edge. This is due to the Moon being further away from us, so we are told. It will be a small moon. Think back two weeks ago to the giant Supermoon. When the moon was very very close to us, so we were told. The moon orbit is supposedly elliptical, which accounts for it sometimes being near, sometimes being further away. If it is following an elliptical path, it should be pretty close to us now, only slightly further away than 2 weeks ago! But it isn't! I have a vision of the Moon as a spaceship, with a pilot who drives around as he feels like it. And nowhere seems to properly document the Moon's orbit! Why? I personally don't think it has a proper orbit.

Warming up...
Weather still a bit hot and cold, but there is no doubt that it is generally warming up for the New Moon. It is hotter at night, even warm enough to sit in the garden for a while! 

Is the world waking up?
I am noticing this last week or two, that when I have some idea or thinking, I almost straight away come across someone else, or several people thinking along the same lines. It's as if the whole thing is growing in number, and as if thoughts are converging. One example is a talk on Earth Energy happening in Bath! Someone has mapped out all the local currents. I missed the first one by a day, but hope to get to the second. Even the use of words is the same, Earth Energy, as if we are all downloading it from the atmosphere.  

News headlines...
The Daily Mail headline today was about secret meetings between Google and the Conservatives. The angle on it was that this is a bit dodgy, what's going on? DOes this mean that more of the secret stuff is spilling out into the public domain? Or is it another part of the manipulation process? This is not the first such headline, The Daily Mail seems to be taking the lead in exposing dodgy things. At the end of the day, people who work for newspapers are human beings, same as the rest of us, and if they are gradually starting to try and do their job well, instead of towing the line, that might explain what's happening. It is the structures that are wrong, not the people within. 

Betting on the weather...
What's the betting that it will be glorious weather for the Queens Jubilee? People talk about booking nice weather, as if it is a joke. We know that weather is completely random, you can't book it, can you, that's why it's a joke. It will create a much better collective Queen Worship if the weather is good. It is quite possible that people will then subliminally associate the Queen with being the provider of joy and good weather! To some extent that is probably true, we are so heavily controlled. (TAP - Europe's weather is controlled.  See video clip left hand column of blog at top) 

I am still feeling so so sleepy, it is reminding me of the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Quite a few other people are saying the same, but possibly we are just being more observant than usual. Headaches, dizziness, sleepiness, eye and ear things. What's in all those endless clouds? (TAP.  = chemtrails. They contain toxic metals which area known cause of chronic fatigue syndrome - perfect for suppressing thoughts of opposition. And longterm perfect for accelerating the death of any life form.) 

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