Scotland Being Readied For Occupation By NATO

Gordon Logan writes –

Why did Gaddafi finally take the blame? That’s a very good question. Probably, because his name was already mud in the West. By getting the Americans off the hook, he hoped for some measure of rehabilitation for his country. Arabs don’t expect any comprehension from the zionized media of the West. Here in Scotland, there is massive pressure from Washington for the Scottish government to bury Lockerbie under lies and get the CIA off the hook. But that will not be enough. 

The Americans and their Israeli masters will only be happy when Scotland joins NATO and an independent Scottish judiciary is under the strict NATO control that it is down in London. A puppet called Mulholland was made Lord Advocate last year in preparation for NATO occupation. 

The name of the honest Chief Constable who leaked the involvement of the CIA (in framing Ali Al Megrahi) is Tom Halpin. He has since been shut up. 

As regards UKBA and my Chinese wife’s visa, we received a visit from a couple of military types – one Chinese and one British – to tell us that I had to shut up or my wife would be sent back to China. 

TAP – Did I get that right?  A Chinese military ‘type’ in Britain threatened you with exile.  That sums it all up.  People should realise that the notion of Britain as a country is false.  The government sees itself as part of a worldwide supranational structure, which enables a Briton to threatened in his own home, in front of his wife and child, by the Chinese military.

All people need to do is talk and the whole rotten house of cards will collapse. 

Talk about the Rothschilds, the bankers, 9/11, 7/7, Lockerbie, Diana, Kelly, Robin Cook, Tony Blair’s male prostitutes and the system will be finished. 

That is what Google is telling us every time they fiddle the Tap’s stats.

But talking about the Jesuits will not bother them in the least. They’ll laugh and light another cigar! 

TAP – See Scottish Chief Constable says Al Megrahi Was Framed By CIA

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