Chemtrail? Oh Yes It Is. Oh No It Isn’t.

Russell Sprout writes –

I’m looking at this book on Amazon, really interesting:

Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men by Joseph P Farrell

According to reviewers, the author talks about something called “a believer-skeptic dialectic that controls ‘interpretative possibilities’, whether occurring through technological or suggestive means, or simply implied through context.”

Maybe this could go some way to explaining the reason why so many people are labelled ‘conspiracy theorists / nuts’, when they (we) very often have very good evidence and proof – evidence that would stand up in a court of law, evidence that is way beyond conjecture or theory.
TAP – There are more and more false stories and sites being thrown out by the globalists to draw people into an ‘oh yes it is. oh no it isn’t’ conspiracy pantomime. The old Hegelian dialectic between left and right is wearing out, as all parties are more or less the same now. So they now play the ‘conspiracy – not conspiracy’ one as a replacement. That way, the majority will get more and more confused, trying to distinguish truth from untruth. They will probably be overwhelmed, (or maybe they won’t). They could prefer to go back to watching football matches and soap operas where no conspiracies ever show up, except no doubt references to ‘conspiracy theorists’. Or they might actually start to realize what’s going on.

(I find educated people the hardest of all to persuade that they live inside a control grid, which needs about five minutes of observation to identify.)

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2 Responses to “Chemtrail? Oh Yes It Is. Oh No It Isn’t.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m proud to be a college dropout (30+ years ago). Mathematics and cartography are probably the only subjects that are not full of lies.

    Anonymous in Cebu

  2. Julia says:

    Maths and cartography are very Masonic too. Look at their square and compass symbol! Maybe my saving grace is that I studied Maths, and love maps. Still took me til my forties to shake off my middle class overly educated indoctrination and see the conspiracy. Though I always noticed odd things not quite right. I think the turning point was realising the government are not acting in our interests, but against us, regardless of the party in power.

    Tap, I like your analogy to the theatre that you often refer to. The World is a Stage, and that often seems to be how the elites view it all. Maybe we are cooperating by being actors too often, and not being our real selves often enough?

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