Olympics – Nuclear Attack Mind Teaser

Gillian writes – 100,000 To Die at the London Olympics?

 Hi Tap,

 I’ve just watched this 14min video on YT. ‘100,000 to Die at the London Olympics?’

 (NB the ? mark)

The video’s maker points out that prior to both 9/11 and 7/7 there were clues in card games, comics, film and TV progs. Similarly the BBC has broadcast a series just a couple of years or so ago entitled ‘Spooks: Code 9’ on BBC3 imagining a nuclear explosion at the London Olympics!

The video’s maker concludes by saying (or writing) that if enough people are aware that something may happen, the illuminati/PTB would have to cancel any plans they may have. Which is a fair comment I think,   even though he’s probably just covering all bases. Regards.

TAP -If you think about it, why did they lay all the movie/TV clues about 911 in advance? No one would have realized before 911 happened that they foretold the event. But afterwards they could be rolled out, as they are being, saying this is what these nutters do in movies and on TV before they blow hundreds of people to kingdom come. Now they can lay a hundred false terror trails on any number of big events, to keep people frightened and nervous. Fear is their number one control device. Don’t fall for it, I say. If you allow your enemy to make you afraid, he’s winning.

TAP.  Would Rothschild really nuke all his best palaces around The City Of London?  Methinks not.  This is a rerun of the Berlin Womens World Cup Football Final, which promised nuclear mayhem, as hinted in The Simpsons.  The idea of false flag terror is to create fear, and the desire for, or acceptance of war.  The idea of false false flag terror is to create fear too.  They just love to play with our emotions.  It’s the control grid at work.

More interesting is the rush of alien movies – Battleship, Avengers and other clues that the next false attack will be ‘aliens’.  This was foretold by Werner Von Braun thirty years ago.  When they come on live TV and say there’s a giant reptile threatening to nuke NYC with particle beam weapons, unless we hand over all our gold jewelry and real estate, then we know it’s the next Pearl Harbour, 911, 7/7 mind teaser arrived in our midst.

The Olympics is cartoon terror like the ‘Soviet threat’, good for keeping your head down and stopping you complaining about growing state power and loss of personal liberty.  ‘Aliens’ is their real next game.  It will be easy enough to make everyone believe it’s real with the new cultural emphasis on space.  Even mind-control pop stars like Katie Perry are running around talking alien.

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and Gordon Logan’s report of the missing 500 Kiloton nuclear weapon.

Gillian adds –
Tap, you write ‘would a Rothschild nuke all his best palaces in London – I think not’  or words to that effect.  
But, not unnaturally you are thinking as a normal rational human being!  Don’t forget that these evil wealthy 
powerful elite don’t think in the way that we normal ordinary mortals do.    
I think they would love nothing more than to pull-off a really big event in London.  Just think how scared and   
submissive the survivors would be.  They and the rest of the country would be practically begging for more
‘security measures’ of all kinds to be put in place.  I have a sneaky feeling that this country of ours has already  
been ‘written-off’ by the PTB.  I believe that the Rothschilds or whoever are crazy and evil enough to write-off a few
historic palaces and other buildings in return for an event of such monumental proportions that really would change  
this country and the rest of the world forever.  Such destruction on an unprecedented scale would ensure that.    
These people have property all over the world including that monstrosity of a palace or temple in Israel filled with  
satanic signs and symbols.  The vastness of their wealth is almost incomprehensible to most.  I really don’t think   
they would give a second thought to buildings in this country.  The ends justifying the means is how they work.   
I hope the Olympics go off without incident and I think they will.  But, nothing would surprise me.     
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3 Responses to “Olympics – Nuclear Attack Mind Teaser”

  1. I saw a video on YouTube a few days ago with someone commenting how national monuments are never attacked in wars – because they often have Masonic/Satanic (or whatever) meanings.

    I don’t normally believe the hype, but I get the feeling something is planned for the Olympics. Perhaps a faked alien invasion.

  2. Julia says:

    Stewart I have recently looked at the bombing of Bath in 1942, and certain things were carefully avoided. The Abbey and Guildhall and Roman Baths. The royal Crescent and the Circus, both very Masonic, had hits in the street, but not the buildings. The Admiralty knew they would not be targeted so they only moved their HQ to the pub over the road. Lots of crowded housing areas were hit, and churches that weren’t wanted, and in my view, things that they wanted an excuse to rebuild.

    On the alien subject, just because the subject has now officially been hijacked, it does not mean that aliens don’t exist. If the universe really is as big as we are told, it seems quite likely that aliens DO exist. Unfortunately the misinformation is now huge, and we can no longer work out what is what.

    Gillian, I agree, if enough people don’t want something to happen, it can be preempted and therefore stopped.

    Fear is their biggest weapon.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I’ve started a new post as this one won’t update for some reason. Go to…


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