News Featuring Sunspots. Why?

Sunspots in mainstream news...
This never used to happen did it? NASA are releasing "fun" pictures of sunspots to the masses. Why are they doing this? It is unlikely that it is just for fun. 

TAP - Gordon Logan believes this will be the next major attack on humanity, disabling the magnetosphere with HAARP energy, and allowing the sun to fry every electronic device on the planet.  The elites will hole out underground for three years, while the hordes on the surface starve. 

Bath, Stanton Drew, Stonehenge, Jerusalem...
Stanton Drew used to be Stantondrui. Druids. The largest standing stone circle at Stanton Drew, near Bristol, and Bath, is the second biggest circle in the country after Avebury. The Stanton Drew circle, and Stonehenge, and The Circus in Georgian Bath, are all the same size! The magic number encoded is 60, 60 cubits diameter. Queens Square, Bath is 60 by 60 cubits. Solomons Temple in Jerusalem is 60 cubits cubed! A rather neat link between Jerusalem and Bath! Though the numbers are possibly all the same because they come from the same fundamental source, the relationships between the planets. 

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