How The Duke Of Westminster Won His Title

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Understanding the implications of the stuff I am sending you is becoming increasingly more difficult to appreciate, as everything is so interconnected.  What starts off as a relatively simple issue, & should lead to a clearer understanding, suddenly takes on an  exponential growth rate.  This then branches to give new issues, exhibiting similar characteristics, muddying the waters even further, such as THE PILGRIMS.

I am not sure if anyone bothers to read it, I find the complexity introduced by this Cross Linking of these Organisations, that the Majority of people have never even heard of, or would even be interested in if they knew they existed, but would be able to tell you what happened in ‘EAST ENDERS’ or a similar ‘SOAP’  6 months ago as Testament to the Successful way The Media has been Manipulated.  This in itself exemplifies the uselessness of  these Organisations  as a Source of Reliable Information.

If you follow on from this it is easy to see why the Alternative Media will continue to be the only source of Real Information, but as so few compared with the MASS are interested in Alternative History, the ELITE aren’t bothered, & know their secrets are safe, as the Majority don’t want to know in any case. 

As as an example of this, my family who are all extremely well educated fall into this bracket unfortunately, but they in noway are isolated in outlook.

I have found  that even people who work for Financial Institutions or in similar professions, that would  suggest a knowledge of the way money is created, are sadly lacking in this respect, as they don’t need to know to carry out their work. 

I am sure that the same is true for other information & the Related Organisations.  I don’t know if you have come across similar instances?

Look at ‘THE GLOBAL WARMING SCAM’ & how this is escalating out of proportion, gathering increased momentum every day that passes, to produce new useless Industries making vast sums of money producing inefficient Power Generating Wind Mills, not to mention the Greatest Rip off in History:

‘CARBON CREDITS’ better known as ‘THE EMPEROR’S CLOTHES’ this brings us to Maurice Strong – I did a Post relating to this Character viz

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fear Of The Bomb Was Used To Suppress American Independence For Forty Years  Tap Link:-


referenced from  Global Tyranny scribe link, you will find a very good image of THIS DE-POPULATIONIST or what ever else you want to call him. ‘STALIN WITH KID GLOVES’ !


Deng Xiaoping Junior – otherwise known as Maurice Strong, head of the United Nations for a generation.

Strong is a radical environmentalist and New Age devotee. He is also a major player in such Insider circles as theClub of Rome and the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies.

The Report From Iron Mountain

There are many pieces of evidence to demonstrate that the entire environmentalist “movement” and all of its phony “crises” have been created, promoted, and sustained by the Insiders for the singular purpose of conjuring up a credibly terrifying menace to replace the fear of nuclear holocaust as the impetus for world government. 

 Its up to Scotty now to find an IMAGE of Deng Xiaoping, for a better comparison.


TAP – The British are among the most controlled races/nations on earth. It goes back over a hundred years, and all systems, from the educational, medical, entertainment, military, financial are all structured and based upon the same fundamental lies.  How could anyone ‘get it’?  Unless they have stood back, in my case with severe illness which forced me to stop work, and I started reading and blogging.  Readers sent me the crucial  links which made the penny drop.

I find Filipinos get it very quickly as their world is so obviously corrupt.  It’s just a case of reassuring them that the whole world is totally corrupt and a lie, which they know to be true anyway, without being told.  Being at the bottom of the heap,makes it much easier to see how the pile is structured in favor of the powerful.  In Britain they share a tiny amount of the wealth around, but it’s enough to freeze the brains of the people.

The same would so for Europe and America.  Only Greece is now seeing what the true power structure is all about.  While genocide spreads across Libya and soon Syria.  The method of holding the masses in control is a combination of fear and reward.  A little bit of money freezes the mind just as well as fear does.

Sorry about letter size.  It won’t expand.

EXTRACT from The Pilgrims above –

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor –  Duke Of Westminster
TAP – I worked for one his companies as a teenager, and spent one day beating for his shoot.  His friend (from Harrow) put a confetti cartridge into his gun belt, which caused a great outburst of mirth when he fired it.  He’s no genius, but an amiable naughty boy with a track record with call girls in The News Of The World.  A member of The Pigrims with immense financial power.  I saw him give a speech once, very down to earth, average performance.  How did he inherit such position?

The first Grosvenor to be elevated to the title Marquess Of Westminster was Robert Grosvenor, who was instrumental in making MP Lionel de Rothschild the first Jewish Peer to sit in the British House Of Lords, with the implementation carried out by Queen Victoria, the half sister of Lionel Rothschild, herself also a child (illegitimate) of Nathan Mayer Rothschild.  She claimed it would make a better political balance between the parties.  Robert was in turn rewarded for his cooperation, by elevation from the level of Baronet to Marquess, with the title Duke Of Westminster, as his reward for facilitating the social promotion of the Rothschilds.  He had backed the right horse.


Don’t forget this little gem –

Adolf Hitler was the son of Alois, who was the illegitimate son of Lionel Nathan de Rothschild,

from an earlier Tap Blog post.  Royalty, politicians and money all connect up around one original Jewish family that became supremely rich, and then disappeared, except they never did disappear.  Their descendants are still supremely powerful, and operating in various disguises, yet running the world to this very day.

What is obvious is that the British Royal family (TAP – As Queen Victoria was Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s daughter, that means the Rothschilds) was involved with the founding of the organization, and remains involved to this moment. 

Also obvious is that a (‘a’ front, note – not ‘the’ front.  There are endless fronts) front man for Lord Rothschild, diamond cartelist Cecil Rhodes, provided the framework or concept for the Society in the wills he left. Americans involved in the founding included Joseph Wheeler, an ex-Confederate general (the British built a lot of war vessels for the South), and financiers and empire builders like John D. Rockefeller; Andrew Carnegie; the Vanderbilts, Mellons and Du Ponts. This plan started with the British, to preserve and increase their Empire. 

They realized that they needed powerful allies in their drive to control the world. The chosen allies became the North American “Robber Barons,” empire builders including the Astors; Vanderbilts; Rockefellers; Harrimans; Du Ponts; Mellons; Whitneys; Harknesses and others. We can assume that however they were approached and drawn into the plan, the offer went along the lines of “you’ve built an empire, join us if you want to share in a World Empire!” 

And like a corporation with shares, the world is to be divided up according to “shareholdings” within The Pilgrims organization. I reluctantly call your attention to Revelation 13:16-18 which speaks of everyone being given a number, without which we cannot buy nor sell. If it happens it will originate from within this Society. 

You don’t seriously believe that one man alone could rise to
world prominence, without the concerted efforts of hundreds of powerful men across a span of many years, do you?

It may be recalled that Rothschild emerged as the richest man in Britain at the close of the Napoleonic Wars when the Duke of Wellington won at Waterloo, Belgium in 1815. Assuming that he did become the wealthiest due to his buying shares on the exchange at collapsed prices in the panic- –word was spread falsely that Napoleon won—, do not lose sight of the fact that the Royal Family still controlled the military forces of Great Britain, and if they took too strong a dislike to you, your head could come off. 

Also, the Royals of Britain and Europe have been at the wealth accumulation game for centuries longer than names like Rothschild and Warburg. The Bank of England came into existence decades before the Rothschilds became powers. Additionally, the British Empire controlled immense territories, from whence fantastic wealth was siphoned back to England and Europe, notably from China and India. Major Canadian banks of today, including Royal Bank of Canada; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; and Toronto Dominion Bank, all contain words that point to ownership by Royal interests, then there’s the Royal Bank of Scotland, of which the huge (70,000 + employees) National Westminster Bank is a subsidiary. 

That it shares its name with the Duke of Westminster is no accident—the current Duke, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, one of the Royals, owns over 300 acres of the choicest property in downtown London, plus immense land holdings in Canada, Australia, Hawaii and elsewhere. He is a leading member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain.

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  1. wasp says:

    I thought that the Image of Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor – Duke Of Westminster, was Nick Griffin dressed up.


  2. Tapestry says:

    The interrelationships between members of the elites can be somewhat surprising, as illegitimacy is common. Nick Griffin lives near Welshpool which is no distance from Eaton Hall. You never know. Also a tad Churchillian, don’t you think.

  3. Julia says:

    On the environmental movement, I just got an email from Avaaz saying that all world leaders agree we must all sign up to combat climate change and save the planet. Must be against our interests then. It asks me to sign a petition, and the leaders are meeting in a few days time. This sounds like it might pave the way for public announcements on geoengineering activities like chemtrails.

    Each have a number! That’s interesting. A long time ago, maybe 40 years, my Dad worked in the mobile phone industry. He said the plan back then was that every individual would have A UNIQUE NUMBER. Somehow they want to achieve this.The mobile plan has failed though, because not everyone has one, some people keep changing them, and some people have several. Which goes to show that not everything goes to plan.

  4. wasp says:

    Avaaz – I would say a very doubtful
    Organisation, when ever I hear or see the words, Activism, Climate Change, Human Rights, linked to George Soros,who funded them, it’s not what you think it is.

    I sent Tap a Link relating to a rather complicated Scam Soros worked under the guise of Human Rights, some weeks ago Soros thought up.

    Don’t sign Avaaz. org petitions


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