The Moon’s Monthly Ramble

Extract from Julia's Daily Ramble
From The Daily Mail - a chemtrail laid across the face of the last super moon.

<br />Supermoon...<br />

<br />The Full Moon just gone was apparently a Supermoon. About every 14 months we get one, where the Moon is at its closest to the Earth, so appears bigger. Also more controlling no doubt! And it has been very chilly for the time of year, not that time of year seems to be much of a guide any more. The more I know about the moon, the more bizarre it gets. It must be on a very peculiar orbit, if it takes 14 months to get its closest to Earth, even though it supposedly orbits us every 27, 28, 29 or 30 days (depending on its mood). Have you noticed how it is like a slower version of the Sun? If you look at the sky, it is like they are in a race, and the Moon is lagging behind, a bit more each day until it is lapped by the Sun at New Moon. The tides are on a 25 hour cycle, not 24 like the Sun. And now we find the Moon has this "annual" cycle of 14 months which is a bit longer than the Sun one of 12 months!<br />
<br />Pictures of last years Supermoon...<br /> 
<br />From the Daily Mail. Notice the one with the chemtrailing plane across the moon. The chemtrails blocks the light 100%. Whatever the frequency of light the moon emits, it is blocked by chemtrails. So if the Sun emits that frequency too, the chemtrails are blocking that. Do chems block all frequencies or just some?<br />

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  1. Julia says:

    The Tap emails are coming through in all sorts of different fonts these days too. Sometimes in very tiny writing! maybe it is my iPad. Though I haven’t changed any settings at all since I started writing for the Tap. Is it the new version of blogger?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Yes. Julia. It is the new version of blogger, which has a mind all of its own. It is inflexible. In the previous version, you could adapt text very easily as to size of text, margins and so on. The new version is lethal if you mess with what you’ve copied across. I emboldened some text. It just deleted it, or converted it to white letters on white background. Certain names or authors are no doubt marked by the system to be messed with, as others are a piece of cake.

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