Mass Produced Bread’s A Killer

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Simply had to share this prog today from the BBC:-

Bread Kills
2/5. Considering the impact food has on health by looking at two deadly loaves from history.


Listen again:-

Above is currently the 1st part I recommend.  You can listen to the 2nd part live on Tuesday.

A crucial part near the end.  It covers banned chemicals used for bulk manufacture of bread for the masses which were banned due to a link with cancer.
But then they state new chemicals are now used (enzymes) that are not even listed on the ingredients list!!!!!! HELP.

The mis-understood side effects of modern loaves are “stated” AAAaahhhhh WTF the arrogance & statement of the manufacturers main man is clearly delivered with gusto,(these widely used “CHEMICALS” are no big deal they even fade away in the cooking process HA!!!) Where have we heard this kind of arrogance before?

Bread is a staple product everyone embraces like water milk, air? are we simply sitting ducks to the slaughter? !!

How can we trust any massmarket staple product.

or am i just ranting ? your thoughts folks……….


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4 Responses to “Mass Produced Bread’s A Killer”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘Bread Kills’ considers the impact food has on human health by looking at two deadly loaves from history. It unveils groundbreaking new research and sets ‘real bread’ campaigners against the food industry to thrash out the case for and against modern industrialised bread.

    Producer: Jonathan Kent
    A Falling Tree Production for BBC Radio 4.

    Tue 22 May 201213:45BBC Radio 4

    ( )

    listen here for pt2:-

    ONLY available for a “few” days


    ps:- Would it be easy to put it out on youtube? people need to hear this. can anybody help?

  2. Julia says:

    I am curious about the relationship between bread and central heating! Remember the expression “The best thing since sliced bread”? We have been so overfed on mass produced bread, persuaded to take it as our daily staple, and it was probably the slicing of it that increased the consumption. The latest thing that I am hearing about in the same way is central heating. Smilar sorts of phrases about central heating being the best modern invention. Personally I think central heating is very unhealthy and we have an increasing dependence on it. It has ionising effects on the air, for one. And it relies on gas boilers, which are potentially explosive devices.

  3. spanner says:

    I lived in France for several years and always bought bread from the bakers, like the locals did, and that bread always went stale within 24 hours. Very rarely did any one by the packaged sliced bread.

    Now back in the UK, I see the reverse, people consuming stacks of bread, which by some miracle manages to stay fresh forever (well at least for 7 days).

    This is just not normal, and then people wonder why there is so much Cancer and Diabetes type 2 around.

    If in doubt, make some bread yourself at home with wholemeal flour, salt, butter, water and yeast. If made correctly it will be stale within 24 hours.

  4. Julia says:

    That’s interesting spanner. I make home made bread sometimes, and yes it goes stale fairly quickly, though is usually gone quickly because it is so yummy. I buy bread from local bakers shops, made in local bakeries, never supermarkets, and it keeps for a week! Is it actually the same stuff as the packet bread with a different image? I eat a lot less bread than I used to, and feel better for it.

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