Leonardo Da Vinci. The Moon Is Water.

Da Vinci, Bill Gates and the Moon...
Da Vinci did a lot of work on the Moon, making scientific notes and drawings. A bit like me! So maybe one day, my notebooks will also be bought for 30 million dollars. Bill Gates paid that for da Vinci's work in 1994. So now they are under Illuminati control. Why? Extract from NASA about da Vinci's moon notebooks... "Wild imagination was one thing Leonardo had in abundance. His notebooks are filled with sketches of flying machines, army tanks, scuba gear and other fantastic devices centuries ahead of their time. He even designed a robot: an armored knight that could sit up, wave its arms, and move its head while opening and closing an anatomically correct jaw". They sound like interesting books! How was he able to depict these things? Access to the future? Or access to the past? Or are history books lying to us about what was around in da Vinci's time? 

I wrote that bit above before I read the end of the book Who Built The Moon? 

So who did build the Moon?
I know you are all dying to find out the answer! But it's not that simple! The end of the book is not as good as the beginning, and the authors are hampered by their disbelief in conspiracies. However they do make a very interesting suggestion. That the Moon was built by humans with more advanced technology than we have (they mean more advanced than we are told we have). They propose a theory based on time travel. Quantum physicists are pretty sure time travel is possible. And looks like da Vinci was onto it too. The idea is that time is not linear, but a continuous loop, as I understand it. And also a constant meshing, as people travel in time and space. In the same way that the Earth is not flat, there is no beginning or end. That means of course that somewhere else in time the Moon does not exist, and we build it. Interesting idea, but it doesn't seem like the whole answer.  

What does da Vinci think of the Moon?...
He believed it was water. I think this is due to the way it reflects light. Bill Gates agrees apparently. Well he does own the books! I am thinking this is a definite possibility, as the Moon often looks and behaves like a circular cloud , and I remain very unconvinced that the Moon missions went to the Moon. Especially as the rocks brought back were identified as Earth rocks. And yes, people have gone to great lengths to explain that, without first challenging the assumption that the rocks are from the Moon! Da Vinci was a very skilled artist and would have had a great understanding of how light is manipulated, and how reflections are created.  

The Sun and the Earth...
There seem to be numeric coincidences with the Sun and the Earth too, as well as Earth and Moon. (Although this may be based on data supplied by NASA). This suggests that the Sun might have been designed too. The other possibility is that something in the natural laws of Maths and Physics creates this perfect harmony. But then who wrote the laws of Maths and Physics? How far back can we go? It is like saying Who Made God? 

Men don't really get periods...
The authors of my Moon book are inclined to the view that the Moon is essential for human and planetary life. I disagree. My strong feeling is that it is an unfriendly control mechanism that is interfering. If they had periods, they might have noticed that the Moon is quite destructive. I don't understand how you can write a whole book on the Moon and mention periods on only one line somewhere near the beginning. It shows what a taboo subject it is, and if we started talking about it more, we might start to unravel a few interesting things.  

New post on Suli
About wedding photographs and school assessment! Any two subjects can be connected somehow!

EXTRACT – For example, kids who are going up three levels in Maths one term are expected to do the same the following term. Otherwise it’s the teacher’s fault. The eventual effect is that no one will go up three levels any term because they won’t want the pressure to repeat the achievement! Therefore achievement could well be lowered in the long term. I also notice that kids are very conscious of using words or expressions in essays that will get them the most points, the best assessment, and this has become more important than exploring new ideas, or even acquiring knowledge. Assessment has taken over. JULIA

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