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Julia writes a ‘ramble’ every day, as well as a blog. It’s a different style to the usual Tap Blog stuff.

No more the community building friendly postie. Now it’s a stranger with no point in knowing his name and his troubles.

I have been noticing for some time that the postmen keep changing. Not like the days when we had a little party for our postman when he retired after 20 years of service to the street. I have just had a standard letter explaining that due to various boring reasons (always ignore the explanation, and look what is actually HAPPENING ) we will see different postmen/women on the round! Strangers, no familiar faces. No automatic crime watch. The community is disappearing. They are also saying that the times when we get our deliveries will vary, which it already does.

Summary Care Record…

Despite the cuts, the NHS must be spending a fortune making up Summary Care Records for 60 million people. Or maybe they already have them? They just need our consent to admit they have them. The default is to opt in. Always is these days. To not consent, you have to do a lot of form filling bullshit, and you will be recorded as being a dissenter. Kids under 16 can’t opt out, only the NHS can decide whether they will be opted out, not them or their parents. So there will soon be a central database with all our medical data on it, with a list of exactly what is likely to kill us, or make us very ill. Sounds like useful info to people who might want to depopulate the world. Apparently, this is “to support your emergency care”. They seem very sure it will happen. What emergency care are they getting ready for? What does emergency care mean?

The form states clearly that you have a choice. “You need to make a choice”. WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. The whole global cabal is run with our consent. The easy recommended option is to do nothing. It says that Healthcare staff will ask your permission before they look at your record. What about other people? They don’t need to ask presumably.

Ripple effects of healing…
A page from a website of someone I met on the Internet is about healing anger and nail biting through tracing the source of the energy. What is interesting is the remote healing achieved by ripple effect. The angry person was healed directly, and her daughter subsequently stopped biting her nails, though she had had no direct healing. This fits in with the idea that all good things spread, and any small thing will make a contributing difference.

Lots of Deaths…

The news is full of it. I would say about half of newspaper articles involve death. Either we commemorate death by anniversaries of the Titanic, or WW2. Or someone famous dies. Or someone famous died by strange means. There is a lot of sudden unexplained death around at the moment. There are constant wars and death. It is all part of our normality. No one really reacts much any more.

The Moon and the Sun
There seems to be more information around that the Sun has moved in relation to the Earth, or the poles have shifted, whichever way you look at it. Surely that means the Moon will change too! The light side of the Moon is always pointing at the Sun, so if the Sun shifts, what is the Moon up to? Either it will have to change its orbit to fit in with the Sun, and therefore appear the same, or if it continues in the old orbit, which was getting pretty irregular anyway, then it would look different. I was looking at it a couple of days ago, and it really didn’t look like it was pointing at the Sun at all. The Sun was quite low, and the moon was pointing up.

What is a corporate life?…
“we seek to shape our individual and corporate lives to the Bible” is a quote from my local Church website! Sounds very peculiar. They are part of the New Wine Network of Churches. Yes Really. Churches are sounding and acting increasingly corporate and almost like media conglomerates.

That’s all for today…Julia
TAP – Julia spots very good stories from time to time by her being so observant. She works from what she sees with her own eyes, and doesn’t allow the criticism of others to bother her. It makes for an interesting slant on life. Take it or leave it.

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5 Responses to “Julia’s Daily Ramble”

  1. Chris J says:

    No offence meant to Julia but please stop waffling and just get to the point

  2. Tapestry says:

    Julia’s ramble runs to different rules, Chris. Enjoy it or click to the next post.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding Postmen, or more specifically The Post Office, you can’t even buy a stamp now without one of their sales staff trying to sell you something.

    – ”Can I interest you in a credit card?”

    – ”Do you want a loan?”

    – ”We are doing a deal on internet”

    – ”How much interest are you currently paying on your credit card… we can do you a better deal”

    Whilst waiting in the queue, it’s funny watching how many people grit their teeth and politely say ”no thank you” several times and walk away shaking their head.

    Try telling the Post Office sales staff ”If I wanted what you are trying to sell me then I would have already asked for it”.

    /Rant over.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love Julia’s rants it reminds me of myself when I watch the news on telly or when I watch adverts, the enormous stupidity. Yes I know I’m more stupid for putting up with it but then I like to moan about it a day isn’t complete without a good moan. Keep on ranting Julia.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Julia should have seen the Sun this morning, nice and bright and warm at 7.30 am.
    Guess what, they had been chemtrailing through the night, and finished off the sunshine for 8.0 am.
    There were trails N to S, they only do that occasionaly for blanket covering.
    Well you can thank NATO for ruining the Bank Holiday.

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