It Made Me Chuckle………….And Then Think

Politicians.  Media.  Finance.  The Military.  The Music Business.  Education.  ‘Health’.  Royalty.  All working as one?

Don’t be stupid.  They’re not clever enough.

What about this?


In our popular culture we have a number of things… TV and radio probably primarily, that are the constant means by which the opposition has access to our brain and to our children’s brains. So I think the logical conclusion, and one of the common-sense conclusions is that if you don’t want the enemy to have access you have to cut off the lines of access… which would be in homes to simply either eliminate altogether, or control by other forms….
D.L.D: Take the networks at their word. They say, “if you don’t like our programming, turn it off”. And we should. We should say, “Yeah. You’re right.” And we should turn it off. And let the advertisers spend their money on an audience that isn’t there. 

Or this?

Information Clearing House –

The first decade of the 21st century has witnessed the West’s embrace of extremism in all of its manifestation both in domestic and foreign policy. Extremism is a common practice by self-styled conservatives, liberals and social-democrats. In the past, conservative implies preserving the status quo and at most tinkering with change at the margins. Today’s ‘conservatives’ demand the wholesale dismantling of entire social welfare systems, the elimination of traditional legal restraints on labor and environmental abuses. Liberals and social democrats who in the past, occasionally, questioned colonial systems have been in the forefront of prolonged multiple colonial wars which have killed and displaced millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

Extremism both in terms of methods, means and goals has obliterated the distinctions between center left, center and rightwing politicians. Moderate opponents to policies subsidizing a dozen major banks and impoverishing tens of millions of workers are called the “hard left”, “extremists” or “radicals”.

In the wake of the extremist policies of public officials, the respectable, prestigious print media have engaged in their own versions of extremism. Colonial wars that devastate civil society and materially and culturally impoverish millions in the colonized country are justified, embellished and made to appear as lawful, humane and furthering secular democratic values. Domestic wars on behalf of oligarchies and against wage and salaried workers, which concentrate wealth and deepen despair of the dispossessed are described as rational, virtuous and necessary. The distinctions between the prudent, balanced, prestigious and serious media and the sensationalist, yellow press have disappeared. The fabrication of facts, blatant omissions and distortions of context are found in one as well as the other……

………Syria: How the FT Absolves Al Qaeda Terrorists

As western backed terrorists savage Syria, the Western press, especially the Financial Times, continues to absolve the terrorists of setting of car bombs killing and maiming hundreds.of civilians. With crude cynicism their reporters shrug their shoulders and give credence to the claims of the London based terrorists propaganda mongers, that the Assad regime was engaged in destroying its own cities and security forces.

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5 Responses to “It Made Me Chuckle………….And Then Think”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Politicians. Media. Finance. The Military. Royalty. All working as one?

    Yes. Indeed. And throw in the Big Pharma industry too with their ‘vaccines’ designed to soft-kill.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The list is longer still. The music industry. See the next post above.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The wealth extraction system that the banking cartel created makes this possible .

    I always refer to Standard Oil , established in 1870 and broken up in 1911 – It controlled 90% of the US oil supply – and its business practices were judged to be anti competitive . It ‘owned ‘ its supply chain – to the detriment of any competitors . Basically competition was not allowed – which is how it should be when you are running a monopoly !

    It may have been broken up into 34 different companies – but Rockefeller still owned a 25% share in all of the resulatant companies – this made him the richest man in modern day history.

    ExxonMobil , Conoco , Chevron , other parts were subsequently incorporated into Shell , BP . If Standard Oil had not been broken up , its estimated it would be 4 times larger than the current largest conglomerate.

    As a side interest .. In 1941, an investigation exposed a “marriage” cartel between John D. Rockefeller’s United States-based Standard Oil Co. and I.G. Farben.( at one point the worlds No4 largest company ) It also brought new evidence concerning complex price and marketing agreements between DuPont. IG Farben cooperated closely with Nazi officials and directed which chemical plants should be secured and delivered to them after the invasion of Czechoslovaki and Poland .

    SONY , founded in Japan , 1946 , after the Atomic Attacks – is said to stand for Standard Oil New York .

    Could it really be that the wealth used to finance Standard oil, and secure its position was just spread around – its influence whilst hidden to the public , still overbearing ?

    What else could the central bankers do with the sea of money they were collecting once they had established the BOE in 1794? 1794 – present day is only 218 years – its a lot of time but not so great that we cant track it . They were collecting all the money in circulation every few years – they had to find new ways to invest and own. After 150 years of collecting , they made a change and nationalised the BOE in 1946 – so now the BOE lends to a group of private banks who then lend to the govt . They must have got a bit nervous that the original set up was too obvious !

    And of course , they had to develop new ways to hide their wealth and influence – whilst all the time increasing it .

    The ownership of these huge companies are of course now entangled so much that its impossible for the lay person to determine.

    Enron is the classic example of a company who used layers and layers of administration to mask a huge fraud .

    Anyway , just my thoughts for today.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry – that was my post .


  5. Julia says:

    There is a really good book about our news industry, particularly UK newspapers. Called Flat Earth News by Nick Davies. It shows how the newspapers got to the point they are at today, and how approx 85% is PR fed, or made up. It may have got worse since the book was written. And how all the news sources have gradually reduced to about three agencies, that can be easily controlled. Yet most people rely on news as their main source of fact.
    The encouraging bit is that journalists still exist who try to do a proper job, or who would like to do a proper job, but are constantly diverted from doing so.

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