Jerusalem Belongs To The Vatican

This amazing story comes in from Scotty. Has the State Of Israel been handed over lock stock and barrel, to the Vatican? If it has been, how would you feel, to find out your country no longer existed, and that you had become the property of another power structure, which may well not have your best interests at heart?

Scotty’s Post

Which nation has power over Jerusalem?

Israel? Or the Vatican?

This website called Israeli Uncensored News has this amazing story:

Did Shimon Peres cede Jesusalem to The Vatican?

Shimon Peres was the Prime Minister of The State of Israel 4 November 1995 – 18 June 1996
and is the current President of The State of Israel.

In March 1995, the Israeli radio station Arutz Sheva was leaked a cable from the Israeli Embassy in Rome to Peres’ Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, confirming the handover of Jerusalem to the Vatican

This article is written by Barry Chamish, in 1997.


Twelve years ago, I wrote the following famous edict:
Barry Chamish: Vatican plot against ISRAEL 1997

In March 1994, the newspaper Chadashot revealed a most remarkable secret of the Middle East “peace” process. A friend of Shimon Peres, the French intellectual Marek Halter, claimed in an interview that in May 1993 he delivered a letter from Peres to the pope. Within, Peres promised to internationalize Jerusalem, granting the UN political control of the Old City of Jerusalem, and granting the Vatican hegemony over the holy sites within. The UN would give the PLO a capital within its new territory, and East Jerusalem would become a kind of free-trade zone of world diplomacy.

Halter’s claim was backed by the Italian newspaper La Stampa, which added that Arafat was apprised of the agreement and that it was included in the secret clauses of the Declaration Of Principles signed in Washington in September 1993.

In March 1995, the Israeli radio station Arutz Sheva was leaked a cable from the Israeli Embassy in Rome to Peres’ Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, confirming the handover of Jerusalem to the Vatican. This cable was printed on the front page of the radical left-wing Israeli newspaper, Haaretz two days later. A scandal erupted and numerous rabbis who had invited Peres for Passover services canceled their invitations in protest of his treachery. Peres reacted by claiming that the cable was real, but that someone had whited out the word, “not”; in other words, the cable really said that Israel would “not” hand Jerusalem over to the holy pontiff.

Illustrating the sorry political state of Israel’s rabbis, they accepted this cockamamie excuse and re-invited Peres to their tables. However, in the widely distributed minutes of a meeting with Clinton in 1997, Peres reiterated his diplomacy, ending with the words, “as I had previously promised the Holy See.”


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  1. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, This doesn’t surprise me in the least, The Vatican is controlled by The Jesuits, who are in effect R.C. Jews who follow the Left Path, they have displaced those of THE NON-BENT CROSS PERSUASION.

    The VATICAN CONTROL AMERICA, through The City of London via The CFR, You will also find The Vatican Control most of South America via The Generals Regional Controllers, (Farthers’). They also control Britain & The EU via The SMOMS of Bilderbergers / Club of Rome/Committee of 300/Pilgrims, to Name the more Important Groups, so THE DEAL IS VIRTUALLY DONE. Those that signed Britain over to the EU committed TREASON, but nothing was said about it – IT JUST HAPPENED.

    Here is another one, You might remember the Russian Woodpecker? Link:-ákladné/8246_Za_všetko_môže_ruský_Ďateľ%3F?message_quote_form=8246&page=0

    “Chernobyl was detonated by a foreign agent! Office of Nuclear Energy, scientific academies and forming his research institutes were not ready for such a disaster. The Chernobyl nuclear holocaust was not an accident. Nuclear reactors have a high level of reliability proven several tests. Water pumps and backup cooling systems are not currently disabled. Figure burnt reactor was photographed American satellite, which was “accidentally” at the same time in the right place at the fourth block. Logically analyzed facts and developments “Cold War” in 50 of those years show that the Chernobyl disaster was not by accident. It was sabotage century, which resulted in the failure of economic fundamentals and the USSR “Soviet” socialism in general. Enemies of the Soviet Union used effectively negligence and incompetence led government Gorbačevem along with lack of control of restricted areas. “

    V. Baranov,
    Former deputy chiefs of staff for operations in special areas of Chernobyl.


  2. Julia says:

    The old city of Jerusalem is one square mile, 1111. Is it a city within, with it’s own state rules? Does anyone know? The other ones are City of London, Washington DC, and the Varican City (Money, War, Religion respectively).

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