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In Britain, thousands of children stolen by government 

27.11.10 – 12:25 British social services remove thousands of children each year from their families. Without apparent reasons, these children are given up for adoption. Social workers who do “not need a reason, they just need an excuse.” February 24, 2010 at the House of Commons, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the two opposition leaders apologized to the thousands of British children torn from poor families for decades.

Children were deported to Australia and other Commonwealth countries. These families deserve “unlimited apologies,” say the politicians. Yet, several months later, nothing has really changed. Social services are continuing their mission, with almost complete impunity. At the beginning of the decade, the government of Tony Blair had even awarded “performance bonuses” to social workers, to stimulate the adoption market. Since 1967, children are no longer sent to Australia, but they are still “stolen” and posted on the adoption market, with nearly no recourse. Practices akin to kidnapping.

Social services, the “SS” 

Families do not hesitate to call social services by their initials, “SS”. The “SS” that remove the infant at the hospital. Or in the family home, with help from the police. Why? They generally seem unclear. The choice is motivated by social workers. But parents do not have access to these files. They know little or nothing of the charges against them. They are simply defined as being “unfit to educate their own children.” Sometimes, these social services take advantage of family problems.

Depression or separation of the parents, and children are taken away from their parents. A law even requires parents to be quiet when removing their children. And in particular vis-à-vis journalists. For journalists, if they are British, the naming of the families is a slide toward jail because “it is in the interest of the child not to be named”. Parents who are narcissistic, prone to anger, violent or overweight, cannot keep their children. 

 Certain categories of parents were identified as “at risk”. According to social services, they have no right to keep their children. This is particularly true for parents who are narcissistic, prone to anger or categorized as violent. Even those suffering from obesity. And we must talk about the case of in vitro fertilization that has led to a surprising result: a person of Indian origin gave birth to a little blonde girl. The “SS” did not like that. The little girl was abducted from her parents. As well as the two children who remained at home.

Social services do not hesitate either to categorize or publicly brand a father or a mother as sexual abusers. False accusations that therefore destroy several lives.  Not autistic, but “victim of neglect by his mother” Despite comprehensive medical records, the mother of an autistic child was withdrawn the custody of her child. According to social services, the youth is not autistic, but is “a victim of negligence by his mother.” The mother is on the list of abusers, loses her job and is not even accepted as a cleaner in a supermarket. Prostitution is the only way for her not to go and live in the street.

Today, few voices are heard denouncing these practices of abduction of babies who are literally torn from their mothers’ arms, or where older children are removed from their grandparents’ home. Ian Josephs, a former city councillor expatriated in Southern France, is organizing the “resistance” against these social services via a website. He has compiled a comprehensive ‘combat manual’ for families. He explains to families the course to take. Or directly provides tickets for Ireland, as in the case of the pregnant woman, herself adopted. Considered “not smart enough to marry” by the authorities, she ran off to Ireland to marry and give birth to her child.

 It is almost impossible for the parents to see their children again Because once the children have been removed from their parents, sometimes unwittingly, it is very difficult to hope to see them again. Some parents may be able to see their children only on rare occasions. Times when they are under high surveillance. The cries of the children who see their mothers again are seen by “SS” as tears of pain/suffering. Reports twisting reality are therefore produced, enhancing the sense of injustice felt by thousands of families.

 Or else, children are isolated. Some never receive the many letters sent by their parents. Some children anxiously wait being 16 to go in search of their parents from whom they were taken away. Some parents timidly dare to use social networks in the hope of finding their abducted children. She thus breaks the barrier of silence, through the testimony of families who have not officially been allowed to speak to the press. This story, at times, surreal, is happening here in Europe, at one hour and 15 minutes from Brussels. Listen to it here.

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