Radio 4 – Smartphones Are Spying Devices

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Carolyn reports on 'just a minute' on Radio 4.
"The subject was Smart phones and the person speaking said that as the phones are
microphones and cameras, we are all being watched and tracked all of the
time!" "So you could be right about the 'secret' becoming more widely known..."
I also spoke to a dentist friend of mine who says that all the NHS requirements for dentists seem to be about tracking them. And it's pretty obvious what's going on in schools.  They are computer registered on lesson entry every hour, and not allowed to leave the room til the end of the lesson.
The Olympic Rings...
When the torch went through Bath yesterday, 5 concentric Olympic rings were formed in The Circus by human beings! This is so reminiscent of pagan worship, it is hilarious! Especially as the Circus is built along the same geometrics as Stonehenge. I am guessing there is a key earth energy power point bang in the middle of the Circus.
Raise Money For Cancer...
I heard this on the radio adverts yesterday. They certainly have a lot of cash for advertising. Notice how the wording has shifted over time, so that the money is to support cancer. Not cancer research, not cancer patients, not cancer cures, not cancer prevention. Just cancer. With all that support, no wonder cancer is on the increase.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Laptops/netbooks/notebooks are increasingly having webcams built into the screen. You really think it switches itself off when you are not using it? (A separate webcam of course you just unplug it from the mains).

  2. Anonymous says:

    iPhones have a device that tracks your movement and I don’t mean coordinates that’s done naturally I mean your body movements running, walking, swinging your arms etc. This was found accidentally by hackers that tried to unlock phones.

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