Fylingdales. Why Are ‘They’ So Bothered?

A Tap Blog commentator tells us he is getting serious harassment today, with his internet link crashing for hours after commenting on here about what must be a very sensitive issue.

He commented –

I’m putting this note together as my last one after I mentioned Fylingdales my mobile went. Into lockdown. I’ve been 4 hours and just got it to respond so I did notamage (TAP – manage) to say all I wanted to on my last piece.

Menwith Hill…..

Near Harrogate and on the edge of the Pennines. Is a USA base that’s top secret. You can pass bye it and there are loads of big round balls that look like golf balls. The interesting thing happens if you stop. Within a minute a car will drive past you slow then another couple of minuets a car will stop nearby with a couple of blokes in. They’ll watch you till you move on. We understand it’s a listening station and I have no reason not to believe it. But it would be the ideal place to monitor the Internet.

We thought these devices were there to spot incoming ICBMs. What else might they be up to?

On the North Yorkshire Moors where nobody can get near. But you can see this massive pyramid for miles around. I give up mentioned this place again and it’s took another hour to get control again.

TAP – Blimey, anonymous That’s like you’re in occupied France in WW2, trying to work your portable radio set and tell us the enemy’s dispositions, before the Nazis show up and drag you off to Sachsenhausen. I wonder why they’re so bothered. Fylingdales is not unheard of exactly. What are they so concerned about? Maybe that’s the HAARP station that’s directing the attack on Yorkshire’s good citizens – from their own back yard….

His last signal before enemy countermeasures closed him down was this –
Hello all you conspirators, I live just south of Leeds, which is around 30miles north of Doncaster. I can see from my hill top position from east to west over South Yorkshire. As the person from Doncaster said there had been heavy chemtrailing over South Yorkshire.

In fact from where I am (and it’s a very rough estimate) I would say from Doncaster to Sheffield. If you check out today’s weather you will see from the satellite picture heavy clouds and rain Doncaster to Sheffield. So there is something in it. I have been watching the sky over the past few months because of this blog. The chemtrails never come over Leeds or anywhere near Menwith Hill???.

I mention Menwith Hill because it is full of “golf balls” as we call them. But I think the most interesting place isn’t this one but Fylingdales on the North Yorkshire Moors. It is one giant pyramid, and is known as the USA early warning place. I think it’s a contender as HARRP system.

TAP – Who knows what goes on where with all these golf balls, and dishes? Yorkshire seems to have more than its fair share of them….and if a harmless blogger dares even mention them, he gets closed down in two seconds. Any one any idea why?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Tap,
    I’ve made my way to a landline as my mobile wont work when on your site ???????.
    But you’ve put my comments down as from Woodsy42 but I signed in as annonymus. Sorry if it causes problems but I had loads of trouble with my internet whilst doing it. I notice from your record heere that some of the message is missing especially after mentioning Fylingdales.
    Anyway for the record did you know that “Heartbeat” was filmed just a few miles down the road from Fylingdales at a village called Goatland. The ammount of visitors to this area is the reason I think a top rated program was shut down, too many bus’s passing the Pyramid???.
    Another point missing from my comments was with Menwith Hill and that was at the time of the Greenham Common protests there was also a movement going on at Menwith Hill. Many arrests occured and people disappeared, but they may have been security insiders after the event.
    We’ll never get to know the truth.
    I’m sending this comment in before this computer starts playing up- I’e notice spellimng mistakes I havent done and some words disappearing hope it comes through all right for you.

  2. Woodsy42 says:

    That wasn’t me Tap. I have been home all week. Haven’t been in Yorkshire for some years.

    Although I have indeed mentioned this place before, and yes if you drive round it you will get shadowed by unmarked vehicles containing the sorts of people you don’t want to argue with.

    The base pretends to be RAF but is in fact run by the American security services – I always assumed it was already intercepting international emails and comms because rumour suggests it has the biggest broadband capacity of anywhere in the UK outside GCHQ.

    Yorkshire CND have (or had) some web pages about it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There’s a ‘golf ball’ planted in the middle of Cumbria/The Lake District.

    Wish I could provide a picture, although there is one floating around the net; haven’t found it yet.

    These ‘golf balls’ are popping up everywhere… especially oil rigs… out of public view.

    This earthquake was no doubt a product of HAARP:


  4. Anonymous says:

    The annual Bilderberg conference is near:


    We won’t get the ‘minutes’ of the ‘meeting’… but future events will clarify what they have discussed behind closed doors.

  5. Twig says:

    I read a book about 12 years ago about net surveillance at Menwith.

    The book is called “Net Spies”, and it reveals that every email you send is recorded there for future reference if needed. I imagine this applies to far more than emails nowadays.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Sorry about the error, Woodsy42 and anonymous. I am struggling with the compulsory new version of blogger which I hate. They threaten to close all blogs that don’t update, and they are cutting off all the old versions of blogger in a month anyway, so I decided to bite the burl let yesterday.

    Maybe I’ll find out ways to make it easier soon, but in general, it is much harder work than the old one, and harder to find my old posts. Surely this isn’t deliberate!

    I am glad Menwith and Fylingdales are getting some attention from commenters. Britain has a HAARP station somewhere listed on the world HAARP map. These two must be on the list of possible HAARP-relevant sites.

    Military installations are not our friends. They don’t defend us. They attack us. Had people but known, this was the same throughout the last two hundred years. We weren’t defending our own country in WW1 and WW2 but advancing the power of the world government over all our countries, while we were made to believe the enemy was another country. This trick is still being played to this day on all of us. See today’s post about Crookston, Montana to see what the real plan is.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Congrautaltions to anonymous for upsetting someone!

  8. Congratulations for making your own way of landlines. Ca you please what is the reason behind to sign in as Anonymous Anonymous.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Lighting sensors detect light, some readers wish to keep out of the light for several reasons.
    Some have sensitive jobs.
    Some have high security clearance.
    Some work for the Government.
    Most anonymous, wish to be invisible.
    Hope that gives you some ideas.

  10. Chris J says:

    Lobby your mp’s (in Britain) to stop any further illegal wars right now by clicking on this link and emailing them – the text is allready written but you can add your own text too if you want. Stop these idiotic criminals from destroying all our futures: do it now-this is real,if you don’t do it nobody else will bother;


  11. Twig says:

    @Chris J

    Or vote for UKIP, they’ll stop all this warmongering nonsense.

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