Fulford: J.P.Morgan Is Collapsing.


It’s interesting to watch but he looks totally nuts, and doesn’t seem to be connecting to the questions very well, and sounds dreadful to begin with, like he’s just woken up. He says he’s using a Geiger counter around Japan. Geiger counters cannot detect Caesium at all. He’s playing down the nuclear threat from Fukushima fall-out. 

He then claims Haiti earthquake and Fukushima tsunami were caused by a specialized nuclear weapon designed to give out the right wavelength to trigger tectonic events. Gordon Logan says Fulford is controlled by japanese elites and has to conform with the need not to panic the people over the nuclear contamination.  He says the sea deals with nuclear contamination very well. 

He is referring again to the collapse of the cabal. More than 140 countries have told the cabal countries they are not doing business with them any more. It’s worth a listen.  Almost as an aside, he adds at the end – ‘Oh yes.  We’re witnessing the collapse of J.P.Morgan.’  The cabal, he insists, is unravelling.  But as if to make out that’s as nothing, he then says there’s nothing much to report at the moment!  Strange character.  But no fool.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to read jimstonefreelance.com
    He seems to have a very good handle on the truth regarding the Fukushima sabotage.

    Anonymous in Cebu

  2. Anonymous says:

    This link has the story:

    Anonymous in Cebu

  3. Tapestry says:

    Thanks, Cebu. We ran that in February. Had thousands of click throughs from japanese websites, and elsewhere.

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