Frankenstein Doctors Work To Make People Sick

The cat is out of the bag on bird flu—a strain has been laboratory engineered, and the U.S. government did everything it could to keep the lid on that research!
Thanks to the report published in Nature by a team out of the University of Wisconsin,
 …a mutated version of H5N1 passes from one ferret to another without trouble, the Los Angeles Timesreported.  Spread in the air, the hybrid strain of bird flu included an H5 hemagglutinin, which plays a role in binding the virus to airway cells, and genes from the swine flu behind the 2009 pandemic. [1]
Did you note “ binding the virus to airway cells?”  What are they spraying in chemtrails?
Interestingly, the research at University of Wisconsin led by virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka indicates, “how malleable flu strains can be in spreading from one mammalian host to another.”  Kawaoka admits that a mutation which  emerged in his study at U of W already has appeared in the Middle East and Asia.
However, there’s a second study whose ‘shoe will drop’ when it is published in the journal Science sometime in the future.
May 3rd, 2012, The Los Angeles Times published Eryn Brown’s article “Bird flu can spread in mammals, study finds,” which can be read here,0,6267062.story
The Washington Post published on May 2nd the article “One of two controversial ‘bird flu’ papers is published” by David Brown at
The genetic engineering of microorganisms indicates just how determined science is, in my opinion, to mess around with reprogramming disease patterns that can impact human health—and animal health—and may be ‘just what the doctor ordered’ for Big Pharma to come up with new vaccines and other pharmaceuticals to keep humans in fear, over-vaccinated, and ‘medication poor’.
Perhaps it’s time that healthcare consumers on a global basis take back their health from science and tell science to get out of Frankenstein mode.  We don’t need man-made pandemics that are supported by the World Health Organization, Big Pharma, the U.S. CDC and FDA, or anyone for that matter.  Humans deserve better, especially children—the future of the human race.
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  1. Scotty says:

    Have a look at Murder by Injection by the late, great Eustace Mullins, available on PDF download
    I’ve got it, but haven’t read it yet. Its had to join a very long queue…

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