Catherine Austin Fitts And Eyes Wide Shut

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Dear All,

In this realm of investigation, we deal with some rather unique things…

UFO’s, Ancient Technology, Geopolitics, Magick, The notion of reality / consciousness, Science,
Technology, Religion, Theology, Art, Pop Culture & Economics

Yet, what’s really got my attention are some rather interesting claims by… 
Catherine Austin Fitts.

For those that aren’t aware of her, a summary is she worked at senior level under President Bush the Senior &
also an Internship at Goldman Sachs, earlier in her career.
Full information available here about Ms. Austin Fitts :   
These mentioned claims by Ms. 
Austin Fitts deal with the possible religion that drives major Global Finance.
In, her conversation with Max Keiser on ‘Keiser Report’ [Episode 175] that whilst working in the American Government
her work lead to direct opposition of a group or possible Cult that worked for a  
…higher moral authority…” that’s behind this
financial corruption, we are all having to currently deal with.

‘Keiser Report’ [Episode 175] watch from 12mins : 50secs onwards:

Ms. Austin Fitts went on the Alex Jones Show to again mention her own experiences but connecting them
with the film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

(TAP – Youtube Embeds Not Working On New Blogger.  Why not?  Anyone know?)
Mentioned Alex Jones Show:

What I’d like is for people dealing in the alternative with a following especially in Media… Radio, TV & Internet
to ask 
Ms. Austin Fitts directly about her experiences more mentioned to Max Keiser.
These are very worrying allegations & I’d like to know in detail rather than a short passing comment for some
extraordinary life experiences.    

Then I connected what Ms. Austin Fitts mentioned with this:

& we all know who had savings in the above Bank.

Due to having a Guest Contributing Blog dealing with the alternative (I prefer this term than… conspiracy, that produces a negative in some people),
am looking into numerous sources of information trying to compare & contrast then produce some interesting stuff.

This is my work, so far…

One thing, I’ve noticed in the alternative / conspiracy community is people it seems a real lack of networking is happening.

I’ve got my ideas why this happens but if life is going to improve then we’ve got to be linking up in private & in public.
‘The Club’ as I call them meet in Davos (World Economic Forum) & Bilderberg Group on regular occasions therefore
those that are against them need to meet up also.

Sure, it’s a question of money but this is possible.

I hope you find this E-Mail of interest. 

Many thanks.


Darren Williams – Liverpool [UK]


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One Response to “Catherine Austin Fitts And Eyes Wide Shut”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Darrens comments are refreshing, glad to know he likes our group.
    Sometimes we like to follow the money to see who benefits.
    Take Max Keiser, he says buy silver.
    Whilst his Wife says buy gold on Morning Mayhem.
    I bought silver and it doubled in value.
    Sometimes things are not what they seem.
    Take 9-11, there were massive insurance payouts, even Cameron and Fergi had offices in the towers.
    Pity about all the cameras not working, and where did those 80 lift engineers go.

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