Cameron Has To Go

People are now fully awake.  Cameron is a fraud.  His purpose is the destruction of the Conservative Party.  Just as Nick Clegg’s is the destruction of the LIberal Democrats.  Their coalition had a Common Purpose, as the two ‘Brokeback’ partners said right from the start in the garden in Downing Street.  People might have wondered then what that Common Purpose meant.  There are now in no doubt whatsoever.  The destruction of their parties would terminate democracy in Britain, in the sense of the government representing the people.  Government will be about suppressing the people to the orders of the global elites.
Here is one Conservative MP who has the measure of things.  Nadine Dorries….one fearless woman who tells it like it is.  Cameron has to go.

The Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has warned the party’s leader,David Cameron, that he will be kicked out of office by his own backbenchers within the next year unless he “dramatically” changes the party’s policies.

Dorries described the prime minister and his chancellor, George Osborne, as “dangerous”, saying they were leading the Conservatives“towards defeat” at the next general election.
The MP for mid-Bedfordshire hit out at Cameron’s “sneering” attitude and claimed backbench discussions about introducing a motion of no-confidence against the leader were already taking place following a dismal display at Thursday’s local elections.

Dorries told BBC 5Live’s Stephen Nolan Programme: “What we have seen on Thursday was pretty bad. A year from now we have bigger local elections and unless we change dramatically what we are doing now we could see even bigger losses.
“The [Conservative] MPs in the House of Commons will not sleepwalk towards a next general election like Labour MPs did and watch their seats disappear because of bad policy.”
Dorries warned that if the party did not change what it was doing “dramatically and look at what people are asking for and provide them with that”, Tory backbenchers would start filing their letters of no confidence in Cameron and look for a change of leader. “I happen to know this is already being discussed,” she said.
During the the deeply personal outburst Dorries also accused Cameron and Osborne of arrogance, saying they were “leading the Conservative party towards defeat”.

“I don’t have anything against anyone who is posh, what I do have though is a problem when arrogance is mixed with privilege and you throw bad manners into the mix, I think that is a pretty dangerous combination.”
The MP criticised Cameron’s “demeanour” and accused him of failing to listen to party members and the voices of constituents. She accused him of a “sneering disregard for anyone who dares to stand up and oppose him and say ‘Do you think you are getting this quite right?”‘.

Dorries said she was not worried if her rebellious comments meant she was stripped of the whip but argued it would “reflect badly” on the Conservative Party if that happened.

Sent in by Steve

 An alternative Queen’s Speech, put together by 15 Conservative MPs.

EXTRACT –  What would this week’s Queen’s speech have contained had Britain elected a Conservative government two years ago? A group of Tory MPs have drafted a mix of legislative ideas in an attempt to answer that question. John Redwood, for instance, has suggested changes to energy policy, while David Davis has proposed a prisons reform has knitted 15 ideas from different MPs together in an alternative queen’s speech that we’re publishing on Monday and Tuesday.

Some of the ideas, a double referendum on Britain’s relationship with the European Union, for example, will confirm existing perceptions of the party. Another calls for the replacement of European supremacy on human rights with a British bill of fundamental rights. There are also recommendations for faster cuts in taxation and the expansion of grammar schools.

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