Britain Will Have Energy Blackouts By 2020

Brown outs and blackouts are things you associate with third world countries, industrial action in 1970s or wars.  Soon they will be coming under a new guise, government policy.  As Roger Helmer explains in his monthly newsletter, capacity is being shut down rapidly, and investment into entirely useless forms of energy production like windmills is going ahead.   He explains –
Chancellor George has also said that he’s learned from the local election results, and that he will now concentrate on things that matter to the public, like jobs and growth and so on.  He doesn’t say so, but presumably this implies “Not HS2, not Lords reform, not same-sex marriage”.  If we’re lucky it might even mean “Not wind farms”.
But in his list of things that do matter to voters, I’d appeal to him not to ignore energy.  It’s a subject that doesn’t come high on the list of voter concerns — until the lights go out.  There are few things for which voters find it harder to forgive a government for than blackouts and three-day-weeks.  And as Tim Yeo has warned, in a rare moment of lucidity, if we go on as we are, we shall face exactly that — black-outs — by the end of the decade.  We’re closing generating plants — coal (because of EU rules) and nuclear (because of ageing) — at an alarming rate, and we have no credible plan to replace them.  Nor do we have the necessary conventional back-up for the 30% of capacity which Ed Davey improbably proposes to get from wind-power by 2020.
This is another huge crisis in the making.  Fortunately we can see the iceberg up ahead, and we have time (just about) to turn the ship round.  But only if we act now, and there’s little sign of that.  George should be clearing the way for new nuclear and for urgent shale gas exploitation.  He has said “You don’t save the planet by destroying the economy”.  Great sound-bite, George.  But you need to act as if you meant it.
TAP – what no one tells you, including Roger Helmer is that closing down power supply is deliberate policy.  The rewilding of the countryside and the collapse of the economy is pure Agenda 21 of the United Nations.  It’s not a mistake.  It’s not a joke.  It’s all intended.  Until the lights go out, no one will believe that brown outs, blackouts etc will become the norm throughout Britain.  They are really going after us now.  No stone is being left unturned in the drive to reduce human population.   Get those log burners installed, and home made candles.  This is real.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I have no problem with cutting down the population, as long as we get rid of the same percentage of the useless Elite.
    In fact the Elite aught to take the lead and make their own death toll larger, because lets face it what use are they.
    They are the biggest drug dealers, the biggest crooks, the biggest swindlers and biggest liars.
    And after laying the law down to us, they have the guile to have the biggest families.
    Off with their heads !!!

  2. Chris J says:

    Population control/containment is neccessary through education and contraception. Unfortunately this isnt wahts being proposed by the psychpathic elites

  3. Anonymous says:

    Funny back in the 70’s

    How to distribute this (waste) bye product “Gas” from the UK (Scottish) oil industry.

    We the tax paying workers the people were begged to pay for the north Scotland gas main “PIPE” funding, with the promise of free gas!!, BUT when they’d got our cash in their coffers & built the north/south pipeline & converted every home in the land to use north sea gas, yep got our tax paid money in their coffers!!!
    Oh dear sorry don’t think we can do it for nearly free it got to be charged at a par with electricity. or no one will use electricity!?!?. So then all that years of billions of our ripped money now paid for the gas? where did it all go? so there you go we actually paid to distribute this (waste) By product gas from the oil industry.
    Then we had to paymarket value on a waste by product a Govt bonus!!!. FOR YEARS!!!.

    Those more educated smarter than us? then the plebs me & you who pay pay pay? for what?
    Then 1980s they actually sell the gas companies to the people in shares which should have been given back to us for free??? but then they dupe many to sell of their shares to the big players. and now all the big power companies & govt are ripping us all. into this projected impending dark ages.!!!.

    Oh and just to rub salt in the wounds Scotland can now go for independence now we’ve depleted all the easy oil n gas.

    we the fools just keep getting duped,
    who could be next? your thoughts folks


  4. Nivek says:

    Economic suicide, nothing less.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Morning fellow conspiritors,

    Concerning energy, Huddersfield Council in West Yorkshire (with great publicity) erected 2 large wind turbines on the roof of the council offices.

    This week they took them down. The reason, it was costing more to run them than the savings made from the generation of electricity.

    I would also like to lay a fact before everybody as I believe we have all been fooled.

    In 1994 the government privatised the coal industry. At that time Britain produced around 55 million tonnes of coal. We burned around 48 million tonnes for our energy use and exported the rest.

    Today, after closing the majority of pits and putting thousands on the dole, devastating towns and villages and closing thousands of supporting industries we have six pits producing 6 million tonnes of coal a year.


    So we closed industry, made people redundant, closed supporting industries and destroyed communities–AND FOR WHAT???.

    It can’t be to stop CO2.


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