Britain Is No More

Government in Britain is breaking down.  The democratic system shows no signs of being in control of the vast state that has grown up over and around it.  Our nation is troubled.  Our personal situation epitomises the state of Britain. Where democratic accountability withdraws, corruption moves in to fill the vacuum……fast.

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The main UKBA visa processing centre in Croydon has crashed and has cancelled all visa applications and appointments until May 22nd. It is not known whether this affects overseas applications. This is the latest on a long line of chaos this week blighting the agency. Hope you are all bearing up at this time.


TAP – Given the trouble that we are having getting a UK settlement visa, and the same is the case with Gordon Logan and his Chinese wife, the troubles of the UKBA are our troubles.

The UKBA published its annual report in July 2011, claiming that all visa applications were processed within two weeks. This is most curious, as to our knowledge this is a gross distortion of the truth, even at the time they were writing about.   This was all presented to Parliament in the CEO’s report, most of it garbage.

At the moment, settlement visas are taking three to four months. As Steve says, the situation is more one of chaos than good order. There is a major element of corruption going on, which we hear about on all sides. MPs in Parliament say they can’t get simple answers to simple questions. The Home Secretary is coming under continual attack from the agency.

The UKBA seems to have become a law unto itself. Control of our lives has been handed to this organization, but they are not willing to account for themselves to others. The appointed head of the organization is an enthusiastic supporter of Common Purpose, the unofficial power structure within government, ending democratic accountability, and bringing in a totalitarian state.

In our case, our MP wrote to Theresa May over two weeks ago. No letter of reply has yet come. Owen Paterson’s office was promised a telephone reply this week from the Home Office.

We did get, on the other hand, a reply from someone who claims they can ‘arrange’ our visa to be processed unofficially. This was successfully done by another couple we know, whose visa came through promptly after a payment was made to the ‘agents’. The old world of writing to your MP has been replaced with one where you hire an agent who knows someone inside government, who negotiates on your behalf, and money is required. Britain is no more.

As for the people Britain hires abroad to process its visas, this came in –

Peter Burke writes –

…..In The Philippines this is known as Estafa. Mrs Christine Urra Tonda Head of Visa Services at VFS Global Philippines(appointed by the UK Foreign Office to act on the British government’s behalf in the whole of South East Asia) has already a history of Estafa [3] 2.8 Million Peso in relation to a company directed by her and her husband Joaquin Tonda. A damming report about VFS Global was presented to the Home Office by Linda Costelloe Baker OBE and this seems to have been ignored. This ‘trusted’ partner of the UK Border Agency, VFS Global, despite being based in India already has been revealed in India to be dishonest by Indian MP Vishwamohan Kumar

TAPVFS Global acts on behalf of the Foreign Office to process visa applications to the UKBA which is Home Office. The corrupt practices involve both parts of the process, and concern therefore both William Hague, who is responsible for VFS Global, and Theresa May, who is responsible for the UKBA.

VFS Global is a subsidiary of Kuoni travel and this in itself poses conflict of interest. Privatisation of governemt services starts to blur the line between the interests of the many and the interests of the few governments are supposed to represent the many and in democratic countries are elected on this very basis.

Regards Peter Burke BSc Quality Management
[ Edmund Burke All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.] [1] Amerika ATBP interview VFS Global Christina U Tonda ] [2]Linkedin Country Manager Philippines at VFS Global [3] METROPOLITAN BANK and TRUST COMPANY, petitioner, vs. JOAQUIN TONDA and MA. CRISTINA TONDA, respondents. ] [3]Report about Christina Tonda Estafa case at a UK website

Steve again

The official way is always the best way to go about your business,(application process).  As an employer of significant numbers of staff in a rural rural area such as *************, you are a major player in your local and wider business economy.  In addition you have a long standing and solid reputation in your Industry.  I believe that when the process (spouse visa) is finally at an end point you can all come home to your family and friends waiting for you in the UK.

There is no doubt that Shane ticks all the Government boxes with regard to mastering the English language and so on.  The system fails to take into account the human element of a loving family wishing to return to the UK to settle down and continue the bonding process.  I have never doubted that your moment of joy will arrive soon with the call from the British Embassy confirming Shane’s spouse visa as approved.

It would also be useful for the UKBA to know that your plans for business expansion are being held up somewhat, whilst you continue to make the right call and remain with your wife and son during this time.  We now must also mention Charlie a little boy who is wondering at such a young and tender age what is happening to his world, as he has to be left behind in the UK as he is settled in at his school.  So I appeal directly to the UKBA to consider this application urgently.  There is something very worrying indeed when families are separated, especially when the children in this case are so very young. UPDATE – Peter Marc Burke
Hello Tap,

I just spotted a Typographic Error On Your Blog :::::

“…Government in Britain is breaking down. The democratic system shows no signs of being in control of the vast state that has grown up over and around it. Our nation is troubled. Our situation epitomises the state of Britain. Whered emocratic accountability withdraws, corruption moves in……fast…”

“…Where democratic accountability withdraws corruption moves into the vacuum …fast…” ?

However Tap, my opinion is that the relationship between corruption and Democracy is more dynamic and that small corruption weakens a democracy leaving a hole for more corruption sort of like dental decay. What I have noticed is that VFS Global is in itself becoming more powerful than any of the individual governments that it works for this company represents a substantial number of Goverments in visa processing.

What better way of persuading an MP to sign up to VFS global than Kuoni Travel Gift Card/s ?

Further corruption would lead to collapse of democratic systems.

Rock, M. (2008). corruption and democracy, Journal of Development Studies.

Good luck with your own situation.

Regards Peter

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