The Breaking Of Greece Shows Us The Future

The way the elites set about destroying a country are most clearly apparent in Greece.  Joining the Euro was clearly going to be trouble right from the start.   The use of Proportional Representation means that no political party can ever be big enough to escape the torturous process of Euro membership, and the people are cast into a downward economic spiral from which there is no escape.  Political opposition and a desire to get out of EU/IMF imposed austerity are growing across the country.  New elections could be held.  But political leadership of the main parties is well established, with the party leaders only there by virtue of their loyalty to the One World system.  The media is also owned.

Now we see the future.  No economic escape allowed.  No political escape.  Concentration camps are being built across the country.  Direct rule by the EU/IMF is taking over the country, under the guise of deals for loans.  Totalitarian state rule with no dissent allowed.  1984 in 2012.  Orwell was a generation too early.

Reuters report.  Sent in by Steve

(Reuters) – Greece sank deeper into crisis on Tuesday when the Leftist candidate for prime minister set conditions for a new coalition which the biggest party said would destroy the country.

Antonis Samaras, leader of the conservative New Democracy party which finished first in Sunday’s election, said Leftist Alexis Tsipras would drive Greece out of the euro with his demand that pledges made in exchange for an EU/IMF bailout be torn up.

“Mr. Tsipras asked me to put my signature to the destruction of Greece. I will not do this,” Samaras said.

Tsipras, Greece’s youngest leader at the head of the Left Coalition party, received a mandate to try and form a government from the president on Tuesday and immediately renounced the bailout and threatened to nationalize banks.

Left Coalition took second place in the election in which voters abandoned New Democracy and the formerly dominant socialist PASOK party in droves, incensed by their acceptance of harsh austerity measures in exchange for a bailout that is saving Greece from bankruptcy.

Samaras said he could support a minority government but not under Tsipras’s conditions, indicating the leftwing leader had very little chance of forming an administration, and making repeat elections in a few weeks increasingly likely.

Extract from EARLIER POST in Concentration Camp link above.

Soon tens of thousands will start disappearing behind barbed wire in new ‘closed hospitality’ centers across Greece. What starts in Greece will no doubt spread across the continent. Greek democracy is in paralysis with the main parties no longer able to win majorities. It’s the same in many countries across the EU where loss of authority has lead to the fracturing of the main parties. That plus blame all your troubles on the influx of desperate foreigners – most of whom are dislodged by NATO’s wars. The descent into barbarism is complete.

As if the current circumstances of austerity-riven Greece were not bad enough already, it seems that the country is set to have a dozen or so concentration camps dotted around the country.
In language that might have been lifted straight from the Nazi lexicon, these establishments will be known as ‘closed-hospitality’ centers.

The incarcerates will be undocumented – meaning unwanted – refugees flooding in from North Africa, particularly the once prosperous and richest country in the Maghreb belt, namely Libya.
Most of the Mediterranean countries are in the thick of the refugee tide, but Greece is so far the only country that plans to compulsorily pen them up.

The first ‘reception center’ is scheduled to open at a former army base near Athens in the next few weeks.
Why the sudden haste, you ask? The answer is simple. A general election is scheduled for May 6th.

TAP – You can be sure that camps built for refugees work just as well penning up political opponents.

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