Are You Living Like A Hamster On A Wheel?

Video by Max Igan

 How powerful is a social meme?

 The control over the belief of society is the control over the members of that society. The means by which control is exerted means less than the strength of the control. By tapping into our base needs, humanity is more easily forced into this “hamster on a wheel” existence. We are completely out of sync with our environment.

We are too busy keeping up with the conditions set forth before us to question why we need any of this at all. A social meme is the dictator that runs society alone for a social meme transfers the burden of oversight to the one that is controlled. This amazing film explains just how insidious and overwhelmingly power our social memes are. And the methodology by which we “freely choose” to pursue the life that is dictated to us from birth. The Video parts run consecutively

 REGARDS ………….. WASP TAP – The crisis is in ourselves. It’s not an economic one. Not to do with war. It’s the social conditioning that we live within. How much do we really know about the past? Books all copy earlier books. Knowledge about our past is fragmented and mysterious. By ignoring the printed page, and examining other evidence, a different picture emerges.

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