Are All Jews Evil? I Hope Not. I’m Partly Jewish.

If the red indians decided they wanted say the island of manhatten back, or wanted to return to some such territory taken from them,  and claimed god had promised the land to them, the claim would be thrown out and they would get short shrift from the senate and everyone else, and if they used violence to take over this land then they would have the world against them, so why does the senate and the world turn a blind eye to Jews going to Palestine and calling
it israel and murdering the inhabitants ?
The idea that Jews came from here and were promised the land back by god is ridiculous,
where is gods documentation ? proof of this gift ? evidence ? lets see some backup info ?
and most jews are usually Ashkenazi or Sephardic,  and in the main are not descended from the middle east at all so how can they say this land belongs to them ?
and if they can then, then the red indians can too and Manhattan cannot be proved to not have been promised to them by god, and if god said you can have this land did he also say yes come and steal from and kill all the resident peoples ?
So we have no right to stop the red indians from moving in and killing the American residents and taking the land and its resources.
So jews may well claim this kind of talk is antisemitic, but if the bulk of jews are not from the Middle East
then they are not semitic peoples, the real semitic people must be the Palestinians, so if its true that god promised the land to the semitic peoples its clearly not the jews is it ?
Now why are homosexuals being called gay ?
the reason is because Jews call non jews goy, which means an animal,
and a guy is a non jew male animal,
so a gay is a homosexual man, homosexuality is being fostered and encouraged as part of the depopulation programme,  as high numbers of jews are homosexuals, the law against pedophiles is also being eased, as the old
jewish laws on Talmud etc say a jew can bugger a goy child and its not a crime, so as the jews now own America Britian etc, these laws are gradually slowly coming into place.
So if you think Jews are gods chosen people, look up operation cast lead and see what they did, see the attacks on the food aid convoys, see what Bernie Madoff and his mates did while sending the money to Israel,
and if these really are gods people, which god is it ? because its certainly not one we know
N.PatelDoctors Against Racism
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  1. Anonymous says:

    jewish laws on Talmud etc say a jew can bugger a goy child and its not a crime…

    Can you provide a reference to this please ?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Look in the Talmud. It apparently says that the ‘goy’ child may be killed for misleading the Jewish man.
    I have read this online. Talmud also kills Jesus in 8 different ways, including boiling in excrement.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There are two Talmuds, Palestinian & Babelonion.

    Apparently Bab is oldest one and overrules the Pal Talmud

  4. Anonymous says:

    Those that call themselves “jews” today are not at all related to the ancient Isrealites. They are instead mostly Khazars, and those that were connected to the territory known as Judea are descendants of the invading Edomites that invaded Judea 125 years BC. This is why Christ called them sons of the Devil, and told people to be wary of them. Christ is the lawgiver, and he said that he only came for the lost sheep of Isreal, but other Adamic men can be “grafted into the fold”. That is other Adamic men, not other bipods. Paul of Tarsus never said that preservation/salvation is universal, as there is no such word in the Greek as Gentile, only “Nations” = “ethnos” in Greek. See

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ok , so no actual reference to the talmud .

    This is why Christ called them sons of the Devil, and told people to be wary of them. Christ is the lawgiver, and he said that he only came for the lost sheep of Isreal…

    Can you provide a reference to this please ?


  6. Anonymous says:

    1. John 8:44-45. Remember the jews who argued with Christ were called out as yes sons of Abraham, but they were never in bondage. So this distinguishes them as descendants of Abraham who WERE NOT IN BONDAGE. Who were descendants of Abraham that were not in bondage…only sons of the race mixing Esau, who married into Canaanites. Thus the jews today (those that are not Khazars that adopted Judaism) are descendants of Canaanites. And the top ones know it, that is why they remain with the worship of Baal/molech etc. This also explain the inconvenient fact that modern “Jews” and Arabs have the same haplogroups. True Isreal went north through the Caucuses to Sythia, (see Bible book Jeremiah, historian Josephus, Declaration of Arbroath, etc), and then drifted into Western Europe to form the European family of, the Mountains of Isreal…not to be confused with some hills outside Hebron. And unfortunately for many Isrealites of today, ie white europeans, Israel’s racial laws have never changed.

    2. Matthew 15:24.

    Also, Noah’s flood was local, otherwise how could the many species of the world that have survived in diverse places survived…I don’t think Noah headed off to Australia rounding up kangaroos etc!!. And this explains why the Canaanites etc survived…not via the “Evolution” of the son’s of Noah.

    Also, the 1000 years of the Devil’s chaining has already occurred. Almost to the day the Jewish usary was banned for 1000 years befoe the De Medici’s (jews) gained the Popedom and brought back usary. Think about it, we are meant to look forward to Heaven (a Government not necessarily a place…and of course on Earth, not somewhere in the clouds), and then we are meant to wrap up Heaven after 100 years and fight the Devil again?? Well then that cannot have been Heaven then!!

    So if you see that Mystery Babylon is the Canaanite/Babylonian owned and run mercantile law and economic system that we Western European peoples throughout the world currently bow down to, and we know that true Isreal are the European peoples, we can see that Isreal currently is the “Whore of Babylon”. Come out of Her true Isreal!!

  7. stedra rulz says:

    From reading this book, I got the impression that there was a civil war, of sorts, in Judaism; with some renegade Jews plotting to destroy the Jewish faith.

  8. Julia says:

    I thought Jesus was a Jew?

    Isn’t being Jewish a bit like being British? It is just some connection to a nation state or race via your descent or birthplace. I am not proud to be British, because it defines a state that controls us, controls the land, taxes us, and goes to war in our name. All these awful things are done in our name, yet I didn’t sign up to any of it. Or did I? I was registered at birth, so maybe my parents signed me up. I applied for a passport, so maybe I voluntarily carried on the being British. When other people in the world are understandably anti British, I hope they are referring to the State control, not to the people and the land.

    I love the land that is my home, and the people within it. I do not like the state. They are two different things, and one overlays the other to deliberately confuse and divert. One is a fictitious entity, a corporation, that has somehow been given powers, somehow with our consent. The people and the land are real.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yahshua Christ was NOT a “jew”. See

  10. Anonymous says:

    some jews are evil.
    some christians are evil.
    some muslims are evil.

    all religions are

  11. Anonymous says:

    All people are capable of evil, including the Caucasiod race, but only Caucasiod people have a living spirit that allows them to create societies where respect exists between brethren. All other peoples wallow ONLY in vanity, jealousy, laziness, anger, and underdevelopment. The problem is today, and for about the last 1, 00 years, caucasiod folk have viewed other races through their own good natured eyes. This has underpinned the liberal age. The destruction of European civilisation is caused largely by jewish mercantile and political monopolies and corruption, as well as non-white assimilation into Western societies. If this liberal age does not come to an end, it will herald be the end of Western civilisation.

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