Americans – The Most Ill-informed And Ignorant People On Earth

Does The West Have A Future?

By Paul Craig Roberts

The new tyranny is arising in the West, not in Russia and  China. The danger to
humanity is in the nuclear button briefcase in the Oval Office and in the brainwashed
and militant Amerikan population, the most totally  disinformed and ignorant people
on earth. []

TAP – Many Americans are extremely well informed.  The average has absolutely no idea.  The media has created a total control grid, which hides all the key information.  Is Britain much different?  The funny thing I see is that educated people know the least, and are least able to grasp the concept that they are living within a control grid, and have been doing so all their lives.  They get good jobs and are content with their lot.  People who’ve had troubles are much better able to see through the grid.  But none of us can get very far in breaking through it, if the bulk of people have no idea.  That’s the problem.

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We have had a second fake underwear bomb plot, a much more fantastic one than the first hoax. The second underwear bomber was a CIA operative or informant allegedly recruited by al-Qaeda, an organization that US authorities have recently claimed to be defeated, in disarray, and no longer significant.

This defeated and insignificant organization, which lacks any science and technology labs, has invented an “invisible bomb” that is not detected by the porno-scanners. A “senior law enforcement source” told the New York Times that “the scary part” is that “if they buil[t] one, they probably built more.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that “the plot itself indicates that the terrorists keep trying to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people.” Hillary said this while headlines proclaimed that the US continues to murder women and children with high-tech drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Africa. The foiled fake plot, Hillary alleged, serves as “a reminder as to why we have to remain vigilant at home and abroad in protecting our nation and in protecting friendly nations and peoples like India and others.”

FBI Director Robert Mueller told Congress that the fake plot proves the need for warrantless surveillance in order to detect–what, fake plots? In Congress Republican Pete King and Democrat Charles Ruppersberger denounced media for revealing that the plot was a CIA operation, claiming that the truth threatened the war effort and soldiers’ lives. 

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