Scottish Chief Constable: ‘Ali Al Megarahi Was Framed By CIA’

This post was first published on The Tap Blog in September 2011.

The Libyans didn’t do Lockerbie.

Susan Lindauer in her book Extreme Prejudice says they didn’t do it. She should know. She was the US’ prime contact with Libya prior to the Iraq War in 2001. She says it was Abu Nidal.

Now you can find more stuff at saying the Scottish police office called Golfer has admitted the CIA planted the evidence on Al Megrahi.

More stuff is coming out on
14 September 2011
A sends: 
Premier Glasgow libel lawyers Bannatyne Kirkwood France are issuing the 
following little missive to any site hosting a 7 September 2011 article by Kevin 
Williamson of BelaCaledonia: 

We are instructed by … ……. 

The blog carries in its entirety an article originally published on the Bella 
Caledonia website which names our client as “Golfer”. 
We hereby give notice that the article has been removed from the Bella 
Caledonia website following our legal representations on the basis that the 
terms of the article are without foundation. 

If you continue to publish the article on your blog then legal proceedings 
will follow on the basis that you are repeating the libel occasioned by bella 

We trust that you will attend to the removal of the article forthwith.
Campbell Deane 
Bannatyne Kirkwood France 
0141 221 6020 

The original offending article is it the Google cache at: [Attached downloaded today by Cryptome.] 

Briefly, its offence is to name former Acting Chief Constable … …… of 
Lothian & Borders Police as “Golfer”, the anonymous police source who alleges 
Fabrication of evidence by the CIA during the investigation of the Lockerbie 
disaster. Text-only version.

This is Google’s cache of It is a snapshot of the page
as it appeared on Sep 8, 2011 12:55:37 GMT. 

The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more.

What follows below is a special Bella Caledonia investigation by Co-Editor Kevin
Williamson into one of the most tightly-guarded secrets surrounding the
investigation into the conviction of Abdelbaset Ali Al Megarahi for the Lockerbie

It has been known for a number of years that a police officer – known only by the
codename GOLFER – made a signed statement to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review
Commission in which he testified that the fragment of timer which was used to
convict Al Megrahi was planted by CIA operatives with the collusion of Scottish police officers who were supposed to be investigating the terrorist atrocity.

GOLFER has become one of the most important witnesses in the campaign to clear Al Megrahi. GOLFER is the only known police eyewitness who has come forward and testified that serious crimes were committed by the investigating officers to frame Al Megrahi.
Until now the identity of GOLFER has been a fiercely guarded secret. Given that a redacted and effectively censored version of the SCCRC report is about to be released into the public domain by the Scottish Government we believe it is in the public interest to reveal the identity of the now retired police officer known as GOLFER.

Contrary to the impression given by the SCCRC media release of June 2007 – where it was stated that GOLFER was a “former detective sergeant” – Kevin Williamson’s investigations reveal GOLFER to have been Deputy Chief Constable of Lothian & Borders AS RECENTLY AS 2009. This is his story.

… ….. was a tough no-nonsense police officer, a proven CID man who got results. In March 2005, after serving 26 years in the force, he finally joined the big league and was appointed Assistant Chief Constable of Lothian & Borders Police (L&B). Before that he had been Divisional Commander of North Glasgow and East Dumbartonshire Police.

L&B were delighted they got their man. Chief Constable Paddy Tompkins gave him a warm welcome in the local press:
independence – self-determination
– autonomy
Policing Lockerbie, A Bella Caledonia Special Investigation.


Dr Swire believes there is evidence yet to be released that will prove Megrahi’s innocence. He said: “I met him for the last time face-to-face in Tripoli in December last year, when he was very sick and in a lot of pain.

“But he still wanted to talk to me about how information which he and his defence team have accumulated could be passed to me after his death.

“I think that’s a fairly amazing thing for a man who knows he’s dying to do.”

Pamela Dix lost her brother Peter, 35, in the bombing and now fears she will never know what really happened.

Ms Dix, 54, said: “It closes the door. Megrahi dies a convicted man and our key to finding out what happened is gone and we will never have the opportunity to hear from him now.” 

Earlier this year, an authorised biography of Megrahi by John Ashton claimed the Libyan was innocent.

Its central claim – that Megrahi was indirectly pressured by Mr MacAskill to drop an appeal in order to pave the way for his repatriation to Libya – was branded “hearsay” by the SNP.

Gordon Logan sends –

Scotland’s Being Readied For Occupation By NATO

Road Hog adds –

I can answer why Gaddafi took the blame. He never actually took the blame. He agreed to send the two guys, because he thought they’d get a fair trial and be back home soon. One of them did, because he was in Sweden at the time.

His son is on the record, as saying that they did not accept the blame, but wanted the UN sanctions lifted. It has cost them $40 bn in lost oil sales and it was more economical to pay out.

I did a fair bit of research with links to back it up some years ago.

TAP – It makes you wonder if Al Megarahi was murdered, using the cancer method.  He was highly inconvenient alive.

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13 Responses to “Scottish Chief Constable: ‘Ali Al Megarahi Was Framed By CIA’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Could Lockerbie simply be an eye for an eye response to the US shooting down of Iran Air Flight 655 in July ’88 , as it flew over the strait of Hormuz ( iranian territory ) at the end of the Iran – Iraq conflict. All 290 onboard died – including 66 children.

    Lockerbie happened December ’88 – Only 6 months after – 270 dead – 259 on the airplane. I dont believe Lockerbie was targetted – it seems that the bomb was detonated by air pressure changes – ie when it reached a certain altitude , it detonated . Jim Swire , father of a victim , claims that he can trace the payments Iran made to a Syrian group to carry out the bombing.

    One part of the story which I cant understand is why Gaddafi would accept responsibility for it and make compensation payments to the victims . If he did accept the part as a patsy – why wouldnt have made this known before he was murdered ? Or perhaps this story is not true at all ?


  2. Tapestry says:

    Gaddafi played a mix of cooperation and affiance for all his years. He complied with a request that he admit responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing, as he similarly admitted to all kinds of terror acts he had nothing to do with, as a cover for the CIA, including supplying weapons to the IRA.

    Nor was Evonne Fletcher killed by Libyans. Search Tap Blog for details.

    The act was carried out By Abu Nidal, not the Iranians, who like Gaddafi, are being set up by NATO. Read Susan Lindauer, who knew exactly who did it.

    It makes no sense until you realize all are playing the same game. No nation runs terror. ‘Terrorists’ are funded and controlled by the globalists to advance their domination of the world step by step. They tell us to be afraid of either the IRA, or Al Quaeda, but all are used purely to destabilize nations, and justify removal of democratic freedoms.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That doesnt explain why Gaddafi wouldnt have made it known widely – when he was desperate , facing certain death and clearly cut off from his previous ties. Also , more than just Gaddaffi had to be involved in a lie that big – we havent heard anything from Saif since his capture .. But even still there must be more senior Libyans who could explain this – why have they not come forward ?

  4. Tapestry says:

    Anyone who wants to explain how Gladio started and continued throughout the post ww2 period in Europe, is welcome to come forward and blab. Gaddafi was bright enough to know you have to play along, and keep your mouth shut. He hoped he’d done enough to keep his position. Read Susan Lindauer. She explains it all. Extreme Prejudice. The world is not as we are told in the media.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tap – If he was bright enough then surely he knew the point when his card was marked – even if he was tough enough to keep stume – Would all his compadres ? Its human nature to lash out when we are under attack – Could everyone really have either been bought off or killed ? It would appear so.

  6. Tapestry says:

    And which of the multiple titles in the media would dare run a headline declaring that all the world’s governments have been lying through their teeth for decades on end? Or which TV Channel?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well – the Express has the headline today ‘ Now tell us the truth about Lockerbie ‘

    Although I point that out – I actually agree with you Tap. Lets face it , they only have to be caught out on one of the biggies once for the whole house of cards to be rumbled .

    Your references to WW2 are appreciated , but I think we need to focus on a modern day event taking place now .

    Like the Current Libyan Currency situation – I believe a new currency is being introduced by the back door – it has not been trumpeted – and it is still called the same – Dinar . But the new Libyan govt are implementing a policy whereby the old notes are no longer valid currency . 50 dinars first , the smaller notes to follow – hidden behind the story of just replacing the old notes with pictures the old regime . If it were just replacing notes , then wouldnt the old notes would remain valid currency ? The Currency has also been pegged to SDR ( special drawing rights ) as of Dec 11. And of course you missed BBC News 24 informing the nation that the new Libyan central bank was created in March ‘ 11 – prior to the regime overthrow – How could we establish the facts on a report like that? My suggestion is that this new central bank operates differently to the old one – it lends the money it creates to the current govt – just like the rest of our western democracies .

    Do you have anything to add to this story ?


  8. Tapestry says:

    The problem is that people listen to the media every day. I can’t. I don’t want to hear any more lies. It’s wasting my time.

  9. Gordon Logan says:

    Why did Gaddafi finally take the blame? That’s a very good question. Probably, because his name was already mud in the West. By getting the Americans off the hook, he hoped for some measure of rehabilitation for his country. Arabs don’t expect any comprehension from the zionized media of the West. Here in Scotland, there is massive pressure from Washington for the Scottish government to bury Lockerbie under lies and get the CIA off the hook. But that will not be enough. The Americans and their Israeli masters will only be happy when Scotland joins NATO and an independent Scottish judiciary is under the strict NATO control that it is down in London. A puppet called Mulholland was made Lord Advocate last year in preparation for NATO occupation. The name of the honest Chief Constable who leaked the involvement of the CIA is Tom Halpin. He has since been shut up. As regards UKBA and my Chinese wife’s visa, we received a visit from a couple of military types – one Chinese and one British – to tell us that I had to shut up or my wife would be sent back to China. All people need to do is talk and the whole rotten house of cards will collapse. Talk about the Rothschilds, the bankers, 9/11, 7/7, Lockerbie, Diana, Kelly, Robin Cook, Tony Blair’s male prostitutes and the system will be finished. That is what Google is telling us every time they fiddle the Tap’s stats. But talking about the Jesuits will not bother them in the least. They’ll laugh and light another cigar!

  10. Anonymous says:

    For Clarity , Could Lockerbie simply be an eye for an eye response to the US shooting down of Iran Air Flight 655 in July’88 , 6 months prior ?


  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Tap – Do you mean Pan Am 103 or Iran Air 655 was brought down by the same people who did 911 ?

  12. Tapestry says:

    PanAm 103 would undoubtedly have been brought down by the same people who did 911, to ensure support for future aggression against Middle east countries…each blamed in turn to suit the script.

    Susan Lindauer, who was the Libyan handler for the US, and wrote Tap Blog recommended book, Extreme Prejudice, says it was the work of Abu Nidal, a Palestinian.

    The requirement to keep the Israel/Palestine war boiling by the elites is clear enough. Palestinian terror was probably false flag/orchestrated for the most part.

  13. Road_Hog says:

    I can answer why Gaddafi took the blame. He never actually took the blame. He agreed to send the two guys, because he thought they’d get a fair trial and be back home soon. One of them did, because he was in Sweden at the time.

    His son is on the record, as saying that they did not accept the blame, but wanted the UN sanctions lifted. It has cost them $40 bn in lost oil sales and it was more economical to pay out.

    I did a fair bit of research with links to back it up some years ago.

    As for the UKBA, you are aware that the man at the top is a Common Purpose stooge, a self confessed one.

    Rob Whiteman is UKBA head and here’s what he wrote in his previous role shortly before the UKBA job.

    Check under “A bits and bobs to read” and see him espouse CP.

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