Academies. Schools Controlled By Corporations.

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 This means a school is controlled by a corporation.
Failing schools are forced to become academies.
And increasingly large numbers of schools are being failed, including my local primary for very minor reasons. Ofsted is therefore more stressful than ever, for staff and kids.

Michael Gove (aaaaagh) talks about “improvements” and “promised benefits” for academies. Though “promised” does not mean they will actually happen. And he doesn’t say in whose interest the improvements and benefits are.

From what I see in schools, the governance of schools has less and less to do with kids well being and education. And staff are struggling more and more to do right by the kids whilst still obeying their orders from above.

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  1. Scotty says:

    Occupation by corporation.

    Schools, NHS, all local srvs, national srvs, police, army in the future?

    The corporation is the model for a post democratic world.

    Trouble, that means everything is a resource, as this is how the corp. veiws the world – inc. you and me.

    We are all to be classed as either assets or liabilities. This must be why 90% of the worlds population is marked for extermination. We are all liabilities, not assets.

    Is the corporation the Beast of Revelation? I think so.

    I’m trying to work out how the ‘morality’ of the corporation links to the ‘morality’ of Marxism, as this was spawned by the corporations. ????

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