Will Tory And Lib Dem MPs Start Defecting To UKIP?

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Here’s an invitation for them if they do.

I guess one of the two rumoured to be about to jump would be Douglas Carswell.
Who’s the other?
Chris Heaton Harris, old buddy of Roger Helmer in the EP H BLock?
That would leave Dan Hannan for a hatrick.

(Apologies to our US readers. Local UK matters are moving up the agenda as UKIP, the UK Independence from the EU Party surges to over 10% from 2.5%. As Farage says, that growth could be set to continue.)

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2 Responses to “Will Tory And Lib Dem MPs Start Defecting To UKIP?”

  1. Twig says:

    If the Tories couldn’t get a straight win after the disastrous Brown government, then their prospects after having broken so many of their own election promises will be desperate.

    The policies of the Tories are no different to Labour or Lib Dem, we have just promised another £10 billion to support the Euro and are increasing foreign aid, despite the fact that we are borrowing and printing money just to cover current expenditure. Will all this going on, all they can come up with is changing the law to allow same sex marriage, which I don’t remember them mentioning during their election campaign, funnily enough.

    The traditional Tory voters have been conned by Cameron, and they will not believe the empty promises of this two faced con artist so readily in future.

    A vote for Liblabcon is a wasted vote. These are the three that got us into this mess.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Old news

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