Where Do 700 British Children Disappear To, Every Day?

Julia writes –

I feel like I have inadvertently stumbled on the world organisation for child abuse. The whole website makes me feel sick. The organisation is called International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. It sounds like this is where they take them. I also just read elsewhere that in the US, 800,000 children go missing a year, and the rate is increasing phenomenally. I think the rate in the UK is now about 250,000 a year. Yep that’s 700 a day.

On the website, there is a Rome Declaration, a Washington Declaration and a Cairo Declaration to look at. There is not one jot of concern for children on any page. You can search for a selected child on the database, just pick the country of origin, and whether you would like male or female. People are encouraged to enter details online of any missing children, so it is also a data collection site.

The Honorary Board is female, and is wives of presidents, and Queens of various countries. The Board is made up of top level bankers and executives, ex US senators, Microsoft, IBM, Bank chairmen etc etc, you get the picture. The very people involved in the whole paedophile related conspiracy business. Belgium features over proportionately, and it would not surprise me if it is a centre. And obviously there is loads of money in this with all these super rich involved.

Here is a list of their objectives. Read them carefully. They want a central database. They want to make up and influence the laws. They want to disseminate images. They want operation centres. They want collaboration between countries.

Establishing global resources to find missing children and prevent child sexual exploitation;
Promoting the creation of operational centers worldwide based on a public-private partnership model;
Building an international network to disseminate images of and information about missing and exploited children;
Providing training to law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, legal professionals, nongovernmental organizations, and government officials;
Advocating and proposing changes in laws, treaties, and systems to protect children worldwide;
Leading a global financial coalition to eradicate commercial child pornography from the Internet; and
Conducting international expert conferences to build awareness, and to encourage and increase cooperation and collaboration between and among countries.
The constantly use terms like “child pornography” which I hate. It should be “child abuse”. All the terminology is used in an exploitative business type way. The whole thing sounds like a transglobal corporation.

Their thanks go to Microsoft in big letters, and the Koons Family Institute, whoever they are. I haven’t traced back any of the participants or partner organisations. I don’t think I would like what I would find.

List of board members:


TAP – It’s the linking with the ‘missing’ children with the ‘exploited’ which is so cunning. If someone reports a child is exploited – anonymously, the bureaucracy swings into action, and investigates, demanding access to the home and the child. They have all the powers of child removal into the state child abuse infrastructure. The initial report could be malicious or devious, designed to start the process of procuring the child.

The numbers that disappear could be linked to the liking of the elite for ritual killings. Maybe there’s an alien dimension. How can 700 children go missing every day, and someone doesn’t know where they all go? SOmething doesn’t add up.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s a guy who’s been seen around town playing a flute.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tapestry.
    This April Fools Day. Have you ever wondered who the “fools” are on the internet?
    Have you ever considered that people are being “fooled” by the very people who profess to have knowledge of Aliens assisting the World. People like Fulford and their White Dragon Society. All the “whistleblowers” who say that there are people fighting back against “The Powers That Be”. The Ickes of this World. The people like Alex Jones and other internet broadcasters.
    What does this achieve? I shall let you into a little secret. It achieves inaction.
    If people believe that there are other people, organisations or even aliens fighting the war against evil then they can safely do nothing. It’s all being done for them.
    Instead of sitting and reading blogs and saying “ooh isn’t it awful” they should be doing their own bit to fight back.
    There are thousands of ways to fight back. One of the first is to make a conscious effort NOT to use any of the products of multinational companies or banks. Do NOT vote. Do NOT save with banks. Buy Gold and Silver. These are just for starters.

    (When faced with authority always smile sweetly and say yes and then do NO)

  3. Tapestry says:

    Hoarding precious metals won’t build a new golden age! I am well aware of the presence of deception on the internet and everywhere else. On the TV it’s all one way traffic. Here we can talk back and to each other, and learn a lot. That’s better than sitting in silence with a pile of silver coins in a darkened room.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You obviously don’t get it. Silver is the one thing that will bring the bankers and their corrupt system to an end. Governments are the tools of the bankers and they steal your money by printing more and more. By buying Silver and Gold you are making a stand and fighting them.
    You are the one that is in a darkened room staring at a computer and exchanging words with other people who do nothing but talk.
    Take some action as an individual. Just “spreading the word” is not good enough. Get off of your backside and take some action!

  5. Tapestry says:

    When the moment comes when I want to sell my silver coins, chances are I’ll have to exchange them for currency first. Asset prices in currency are falling and have been for years. People selling houses have noticed. Only commodities with manipulated derivatives markets have risen, including precious metals. But even they might well have peaked. A harsh deflation is happening, with a tiny sector of inflation in a small number of manipulated items disguising the deflation.

    It was found in the Middle Ages that making precious metal into currency stopped people spending money and the economy stagnated. The key to revival is national money issuance, without debt to central bankers. The currency could be commodity backed, but is there enough gold and silver in the world to back such currencies? Britain has already splurged most of hers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please google these words.
    Dyncorp Halliburton child lobby SRA sex slave UN boat white slavery CPS Cheney.
    Please wake up

  7. otter walks says:

    HEY “Anonomous” that was my post… Dyncorp!!!

  8. A FACE IN THE CROWD says:

    In reply to Anonymous up there talking about silver: you forget that gold and silver is the currency of the elite and you having a little bit of it will not destroy them. It just means that you will preserve a little of what you have when the system implodes. Your talk of imploding the system by moving into silver is of no concern to the elite because this is their intention anyway. The real concern is the ‘solution’ that will be offered when it does implode and this is why educating ourselves as well as the masses is very important. When it does eventually implode we will standing at a fork in the road where we will have one of two choices, one of which is liberty. I hope we are all educated enough to choose liberty.

    Being able to discuss these issues is part of the process of liberating ourselves.

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