Vladimir Putin Is Britain’s Hero

The faces sitting in this conference don’t look friendly at all. Rather they look as they are all looking forward to dinner, and the devouring of Russia in a coming World War – number 3 if the count is kept. Putin as always looks edgy rather than assured, but hey, wouldn’t you? He knows he’s the next turkey being lined up to be eaten for Christmas. He’s just trying to talk a good talk and see if the abattoiristes might spare him for another year.

Yet by assuring them that the economies of his part of the world, the fast developers in the BRIC, are outperforming those of the abattoirs themselves, he can only be encouraging them to attack. He has, though, in his possession weapons of mass destruction at the ready, he makes it clear.

If only the slaughterers would see reason, he pleads, they too will die in far fewer numbers. Yet the faces say it all. The slaughterers believe their moment to overrun the rest of the world is now, while they hold the advantage in military power. How foolish of Mr Putin not to learn from the deaths of Gaddafi and Hussein. The guided missiles are ready and fused, with street directories of Moscow engraved into their memories, with Mr Putin’s address top of the list. No wonder he appears a little nervous. Yet still you have to admire his courage. Where else do the globalists get told to their faces how wrong their behavior is.

Putin is incredulous that they seek to overpower him and engage in so many wars so quickly. Whether we like him or not, the world will only stand a chance of escaping totalitarian slavery if more join Mr Putin, and stand up against the bullies. I just wish he looked more as if he believed that he can defeat them, them including my own country, the UK. We’re all as dumb as can be, fighting wars that can only lead on to our own enslavement. Military intelligence has come of age. We like all countries that fight wars, fight to advance the cause of the world government that is ending all our hopes of freedom. We are pathetic, sitting in silence as our country is ruled from outside with the cooperation of a patsy Prime Minister, now despised. Putin is our hero too.

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4 Responses to “Vladimir Putin Is Britain’s Hero”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Putin is a Christian, his Freemason enemies are whatever they want to be, because they are Zionists.
    The Zion Olympic games, are the last chance for starting a World War in the near future.
    This once Great Country of ours has been thrown to the dog’s.
    The Elite have already moved their money into the Asian market, where labour is cheap.
    They are spraying all the NATO Countries with Chemtrails, making us ill, so we will easily be overun, when the action starts.
    Putin and the armed American citizens, are our only chance of avoiding our fate.
    Gareth williams was one of our hero’s, let’s hope he passed on the information he possibly obtained about the Chemtrails to others.

  2. Ivana Lovevladalot says:

    ra ra vlad putin

    yeah i like vlad as well – and rt is good source of news, not being controlled by the west.

    if the yanks hate vlad, he must be doing something right.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think you are wrong in your take on the video.

    I think Putin is putting a very clear “shot across the bows” to NATO and particularly the USA.

    By the way the USS enterprise is now in position to be sunk.


  4. Tapestry says:

    I would support Putin any war with the USA, the UK and NATO. We have no right whatsoever to be invading country after country.

    NATO is spraying poisons over the people of western Europe with chemtrails seeking out a depopulation of all our nations. Are we supposed to be pleased if they win more wars. The genocides will only get bigger and more frequent.

    NATO has declared war on the people of the countries that make up NATO. Putin is our hero.

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