UK Scientists Secretly Create Human/Primate Crossbreed.

WASP writes –

Hi Tap, I haven’t bothered with the PC to that extent for a couple of days, & I have just found your e-Mail.

ALIENS Are Not Fake

It is my considered opinion that aliens are real, & they are probably still inhabiting our planet, this is not to say that in parallel with this there is a false ‘Alien Agenda’ operated by TPTW, who are using them as a convenient Smoke Screen. I Agreed with Bill Cooper’s initial statement, but not his retraction, when he said that Aliens were a hoax, using the Undeclared Technologies of The Elite.

I am also not entirely of the opinion that our Saviour will be Jesus Christ. Whilst I am an Anglican, my Religious views would be better classified as those of an Eclectic, as no One Religion has the Answer to Our Salvation.

Why do I consider Aliens are Real?

The Waters have been Muddied by the Evolutionists, Darwin was a Jesuit remember, we did not arrive at this point in our Development having evolved from Monkeys/Apes.

Our DNA seems to have been manipulated in the past by beings that passed themselves off as Gods. In Sumer, the alien race of “gods” were known as the Anunnaki.

These Anunnaki are said to occupy another planet in our solar system (known to scientists searching for it as ‘Planet X’). This planet is called Nibiru by the ancient Sumerians, and is said to have a long elliptical orbit of 3600 years.

This planet, unlike other planets in our solar system, moves clockwise, rather than counter clockwise.

All From Different Places in The Universe!

Each Racial Type is in The Image of The Visiting Aliens who Manipulated The DNA, untill very recently it was considered that all races were 99.9% the same Genetically, but it now appears to be over 7x Greater than than thought, but this isn’t correct.

The Human Genome project found that there was a 2% – 3% difference in the Genetics between Races

This would then lead one on to the fact that there are different Gods for Different Races.

This is a vastly complicated subject, it matters not how they altered the DNA, weather by Wave Genetics or other means, only that there has been manipulation by Alien Entities. It should always be borne in mind as Feynman put it.

Unless you can explain a concept in simple terms then you don’t understand it yourself, as it is very easy to complicate anything so no one understands what the fundaments are. Chapter 8, 21 (8 min 48 sec) Everything vibrates, because atoms vibrate, & subatomic particles are in Harmonic Resonance. Gravity vibrations are generated by the presence of Mass, can be Neutralized by altering the Vibrations to a new Harmonic Resonance, altering the Gravitational Field, using Super Conducting Materials Greatly Reduces Required Energy. This leads us on to Anti Gravity, & UFO’s.

In case you think Advanced Technologies don’t Exist, watch this –

This video might explain a lot. Right click and select pop out.

Nikola Tesla said “Unless You Understand Resonance, you won’t Understand My Work”

It was a collision of Nibiru with another planet in our solar system which created Earth according to many of the world’s mythology.

The gods themselves had their own monarchy, with laws of succession similar to our own, and they built a global empire upon the Earth, with great cities, temples and monuments, and mighty nations established on several continents. They created mankind as a slave race to work on their farms and in their gold mines, among other things.

The Sumerian legends are very clear: man was made to bear the yoke of the gods.

Man was separate from the gods, like a domesticated animal, and there was a great cultural taboo amongst the gods against sharing any of their sacred information with humanity, even things such as writing and mathematics.

These gods ruled directly over Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley, and their rule is recorded in the histories of all three civilizations.

At some point, it is told, some of the gods broke rank. This is again recorded in just about every culture on Earth that has a written or oral history of legends. Some of the gods, finding human females most appealing, intermarried with them (breaking, of course, a major taboo within their own culture), and creating a race of human/god hybrids.

However, these actions (the interbreeding and sharing of secrets with humans) incurred the wrath of the Most High God, and a number of other gods who were disgusted by this interracial breeding. This sparked the massive and devastating battle of the gods that has come down to us in the legends of both the War in Heaven, and the Deluge.

Interestingly, this flood is mentioned in the legends of almost every ancient culture on Earth.

After continuous day and night gold mining for a period of 150,000 years (450,000-300,000BC), the South African Anunnaki mine workers revolted. The mutiny was resolved through the intercession of the brother/sister gods of the Anunnaki named Enki and Ninharsag by genetically engineering an African ape-woman to create a replacement laborer.

After considerable trial and error, according to the Sumerian story, a suitable hybrid worker was developed. Capable of gene manipulation technology, the Anunnaki implanted the ape-woman’s egg into surrogate Anunnaki maidens. This early hybrid could not sexually reproduce, but at a later time, some of these hybrids (referred to as black heads in Sumerian tablets) were moved from Africa to a place the Sumerians called E.DIN in Mesopotamia and further engineered to be able to sexually reproduce.

Some considerable time later, some of the Anunnaki (including royalty) began to mate with human females.

It’s noted in the Bible:

“That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.”Genesis 6:2. Offspring of this union were referred to as Men of Renown or Demigods. (Biblical ref.: “when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Genesis 6:4).

If you think that Monkeying around with Genes to Cross The Animal/Human Barrier is impossible, YOU ARE WRONG.

A real Planet of the Apes?

UK scientists secretly grew human-animal hybrids in laboratory experiments.

One hundred and fifty animal-human hybrid embryos have been produced by mad scientists in the UK — with full government approval — under the 2008 Human Fertilisation Embryology Act. The UK’s Daily Mail newspaper is reporting that a committee of scientists recently blew the whistle on the operation and expressed alarm over the possibility of the experiments going “too far” and resulting in a real Planet of the Apes scenario, where animals escape from the lab and begin reproducing in the wild.

Sound like science fiction? It’s actually just an extension of science fact: human-animal hybrids have been produced by these UK scientists for the last three years. Among the monstrosities they created were animal eggs fertilized with human sperm, and cybrids — animal cells that are injected with human cell nuclei. They also created chimeras, a mixture of human cells and animal cells, much like what happened in the sci-fi Planet of the Apes depiction of science gone wrong.

It has not yet been revealed which animals were used in the chimera and cybrids, but it’s almost certain that they were mammals. Furthermore, the closer the genetic code of the animals to humans, the more likely the embryos would be viable, so it seems likely that these mad scientists would have been using eggs from monkeys or apes combined with humans. Planet of the Apes suddenly doesn’t seem so far-fetched, does it?

Creating yet more monstrosities in the name of science

Three laboratories in the UK were granted government licenses to play God with these human-animal embryos: King’s College London, Newcastle University and Warwick University. But what was the point of all this monkeying around with cross-species embryos? ……………

The history of medical science is rife with ethical abuses and horrifying medical experiments.
That the UK “scientific” community is dabbling in such dark arts is, of course, shocking to many people. Although you might expect such activities to be taking place in nations like North Korea or China, where the black market harvesting of human organs is an everyday event, few people expect UK scientists to engage in such “Island of Dr. Moreau” types of scientific treachery. But that’s only because those people don’t know what UK scientists are really capable of (or U.S. scientists, for that matter ………


Gillian writes –

Hi Tap,

I found Wasp’s latest post about the Annunaki and other things very interesting.
You may or may not recall that I find the subject of the Sumerians quite fascinating. The cylinder seals on which the planets are all shown in perfect alignment cannot easily be dismissed. They also clearly show planet X Nibiru. Scientists say they ‘know’ Nibiru is there because of the effect it is having on the other planets!

So if these cylinder seals are genuine then surely we must at least consider the possibility that Zechariah Sitchen’s theory that it was the Annunaki who came down from the ‘Heavens’ and bred with ‘the daughters’ of men’ to produce what is now referred to as the elite, may be correct.

It is also said that the museum which keeps the artifacts of the Sumerians and other ancient cultures, keep much of it out of the sight of the general public for fear of the impact that
such revelations would have on ‘society’ and the way that this world is currently run. There is also of course a video that I sent to The Tap Blog some time ago, which you posted, showing a scientist saying that the jump from Neanderthal man to humanity as it is now, couldn’t possibly have happened without the input of other DNA.

The information via Wasp about ‘mad scientists’ messing about with the different species, sadly doesn’t surprise me in the least. That’s not to say that it isn’t also deeply shocking of course to most ‘normal’ people.



Ps. On a completely different subject. BBC2 is currently showing a two part programme entitled ‘Modern Spies’. I wondered if Gordon Logan is watching it? It would be very interesting to hear his take on it, I think. In the first part, it was clearly shown that the (second) war that the US and others mounted on Iraq, was ‘justified’ by totally inaccurate information. They, the BBC interviewed an Iraqi defector known as ‘curved ball’ who (cheerfully) admitted that the info. he gave to the German’s version of our MI5 about mobile chemical weapons, was in fact a pack of lies.

The info. was presented to members of the UN Security Council by Colin Powell (US) as a fact. The rest, as they say, is history.


(Most pre-war intelligence is false. The Japanese were told by the British that we wouldn’t fight back much if they invaded HK, Singapore, Malaya, Burma. Check out the Automedon either on The Tap or Google. Just as Saddam was told there would be no reaction if he invaded Kuwait.)

Maybe the crossbreeds will be used as the ‘aliens’ in the coming false flag alien attacks. If they’re dead, they could be presented as a strange evil invader, requiring total government control.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

10 Responses to “UK Scientists Secretly Create Human/Primate Crossbreed.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    These videos take half truths and adds an “alien” twist to the cocktail and serves it up as fact.

    The “history” in these videos are all conclusions “jumped to” without any real proof.

    It probably has been written and made by the same people that made Star Trek and X Files.

    Basically cobblers. It’s fear mongering for all those sad people wholove to live in fear.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I think this Annunaki stuff is nonsense.

    – Me.

  3. Zheng Yong says:

    HI TAP,

    Please show me evidence of HAARP being able to dismantle the magnetosphere.

    People may not believe until they got proof. I got to present the evidence to others.

    Thank You

  4. wasp says:

    Zheng Yong, I sent a considerable amount of data with references to the Blog last year. I am sure if you search the site you will be able to find it. If not I will see if I can relocate it from my Notes.
    I am looking into Aliens at present though.

    You should remember that the danger occurs by raising the temperature of the Ionisphere. You will find this is Fully Explained by Michael Burglish. A Reference that comes to mind is Angels Don’t Play This HAARP. I’ll google this :-
    Michael Burglish Angels Dont Play This HAARP. Click on

    There is start for you

    There are many other referencecs you can find, The book was very interesting. It shows the genius of Nikola Tesla, & why they killed him.

    Another Link:- HAARP HOLES IN HEAVEN etc might interest you.

    From this Site:-

    Dr. Benard Eastlund
    Plasma Physicist
    The man who chose the phased array antenna for the patents
    “At its biggest size suggested (10 GW with desired +100 GW), if you beamed it for an hour and a half that would equal the energy in a hydrogen bomb”
    “What’s the power when it pulses? I can’t find that in any of the documents I have looked at.”
    “What is the peak power of that antenna when it pulses at its peak power capability?”

    This is just a small sample of how ridiculous the HAARP employees thinking is…….they honestly do not see how any of this matters……..INSANE

    Tesla himself said he could split the earth into two…………………

    HAARP, is not as Powerfull as the Ionispheric Heater in Norway, look up tap Ref. if you are interested.


  5. Anonymous says:

    If planet x is so far from the Sun the climate would not be conducive to life as we know it.

  6. Julia says:

    WASP really good piece again. Thanks. I have been wondering about all the different races for a while, and whether each has a top level “controller”. And if there are exactly 33. And if this can be tested for routinely by trained but unaware nurses doing blood tests. I read something recently a few weeks ago about a group of elite who meet regularly, it might have been 33 of them. The number of blood systems is 30, but some are actually comprised of 2 different markers, such as the ABO system. So there are enough blood markers to cover 33. This is of course a favourite Illuminati number with the 33 degrees of Masons.

  7. salty says:

    Genetic modification of human embryos given the green light in Britain, unleashing a horrifying new era of engineered mutants and human-hybrid monsters

    Feb 9, 2016.

    The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has given the go-ahead for British scientists at the Francis Crick Institute to genetically modify human embryos, and it could happen as soon as March 2016.

    In fact, they’re already in talks with fertility clinics across the country who may be willing suppliers of leftover embryos.

    The process would entail deactivation of genes in these leftover IVF clinic embryos, which the scientists say will help them to better understand human development, cell division and faulty genetic codes.(1)

    According to a spokesman for the HFEA, “Our Licence Committee has approved an application from Dr Kathy Niakan of the Francis Crick Institute to renew her laboratory’s research licence to include gene editing of embryos.”(1)

    “We would really like to understand the genes that are needed for an embryo to develop into a healthy baby,” Dr. Niakan says.(1)

    Concerns about editing embryos and making ‘designer babies’

    However, many people are vehemently opposed to such experimentation. They raise questions about the horrors that could unfold, not to mention the ethical implications involved. They also point out the fact that this is only the second time ever in the world that similar efforts have been conducted; just last year a Chinese research team attempted similar measures and the reception was hardly warm. It was met with massive public resistance and hesitation.(1)
    Tampering with embryos and genetically modifying, or “editing” them, has critics rattled, saying that it paves the way for the creation of “designer babies.” Anne Scanlan of the charity, LIFE, is one such person. “The HFEA now has the reputation of being the first regulator in the world to approve this uncertain and dangerous technology,” she says. “It has ignored the warnings of over a hundred scientists worldwide and given permission for a procedure which could have damaging far-reaching implications for human beings.”(1)
    Admission that incubator to be used will be shared with others; lock system in question
    Interestingly, one such danger includes the unstable nature of the process, as outlined in the HFEA minutes for what the scientists call Project R0162. It states:
    The additional research objectives applied for involve the use of an incubator in a room that is shared with oth

    • Men Scryfa says:

      They have already been doing it in secret for years. This change in the law is just to give them cover as they know the risk is there that someone will blow the lid off it.

      Still if the evidence came to light they would all get hung from lamp posts. So it is a bit of a dicey one really. Cut and cover I would call it. Chimeras go back years. Some of the stuff is extremely sick. Too hard to even describe.

      Interesting Posting here Tap going back to 2012 – i was hanging out at Aangirfan and elsewhere back then, should have visited you guys over here more often!

  8. Men Scryfa says:

    Days of Noah…

    • ” So if these cylinder seals are genuine then surely we must at least consider the possibility that Zechariah Sitchen’s theory that it was the Annunaki who came down from the ‘Heavens’ and bred with ‘the daughters’ of men’ to produce what is now referred to as the elite, may be correct. ” Yes but that’s a Big if.
      Or, 80% of the ancient artefacts that we see, allowed to see, might be genuine. The Smithsonian might have cleverly put in manufactured deceptions in the other 20%. It really is a can of worms.

      All we can seem to do to make any inroads and progress, is look at what doesn’t add up with our own eyes and senses and extrapolate and make connections that way. A surprising amount of progress can still be made.

      We do know theyre hiding something big.

      I am unsure , if the above referral to ‘Gods’, is simply people like us but who have much greater technology and knowledge, they keep to themselves?
      Or are/were these gods physically different with telepathic, telekinetic , remote viewing powers and more? Ill assume the latter.

      Well, it is interesting to wonder MS. maybe there isn’t just ONE CREATOR?

      Although I know deep inside, there is one ABSOLUTE creator, that might just be a natural intelligent consciousness everywhere in the universe. That seeds life out of the vacuum, like Laviolletes SQK theory shows, particles, matter, pop out of the etheric vacuum all the time
      But maybe, the supposed ‘Gods’ that are supposed to have created the Chinese, the white man, the aborigine, are actually much lesser beings than the ultimate creator. They might just be very advanced versions of us witholding fancy technologies and advanced chakra development.

      For our working purposes. The matter of who created us? There might be a middle man creator? And this is where the debate lies. Still some far higher superior ultimate force/father energy creator, that seeds Life.

      But perhaps the lesser ‘Gods’ such as Jupiter, Mars etc, kali or whoever, are ‘middle men’ in the scheme of things?

      And maybe men scryfa when discussing these middle men creators, we are wrong to say, there is only one ‘God’. Maybe the Aborigines were created by one group, Chinese another, and us another.

      So maybe the Jesus Christ power and truth only applies to us, not to a chinaman. Unless the chinaman goes knowing on Jesus Christs door, where he will be welcomed.

      Yes it is truly mind boggling. As for planet X, ill be monitoring Laura Walkers comments closely on the matter. This weekends report should be out now

      I notice that Cobra 2012 portal blog mentions the Chimera a lot, as some kind of bad alien cabal. ken at redefinngogd doesn’t like him, thinks hes a Jesuit Zionist conman.

      These UK scientists at universities, I am shocked at their lack of ethics. Also cloning, is the big elephant in the room no one talks about much at all.

      Cloning means who is who, whats real, whats not. Could there really be 12 Nicole Kidmans on a ranch in Australia? Could there be 10 GHWBushes? It means that trying to understand geopolitics gets much harder.

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