The Trouble With Obtaining Our Freedom Could Still Be The ETs

Writing about the dynamics of the titanic power struggles going on between the New World Order (nothing new about it) and the networks bent on wresting power away from them with mass arrests, you find there is always more to this ever-expanding story than you thought. Secrets from decades and centuries ago seem to offer an explanation as to why we are where we are today. Yet something tells you there must be more to it.

How can a man with a beard, or without one! writing over two hundred years ago in a Bavarian mountain have us all sewn up with his evil schemes? The Illuminati merged with the Freemasons and have taken over all the secular and religious levers of power in our society, and control the media, the music industry, the military, the financial world and the political system. Yet the people under their command, since 911 are now well aware of these facts, and are planning their escape from the control grid they are paid to implement. The prison guards suddenly realized that they were in fact also prisoners.

Just when we were getting ready to call time on this whole epic story and declare the reign of the Illuminati and their assassins to be finally over, and the central banking scam to be due for the chop, something else crops up, to muddy the picture.

John Kettler writes about ETs and EDs as if they’d been his neighbors for fifty years and more. In fact, if what he tells us is true, that is exactly what they have been. The US Government has made deals with undesirable alien races since the 1930s. Under these deals they transferred technology to the US, while the aliens have been permitted to abduct children for DNA removal and other purposes as they feel fit, and be allowed to live in total secrecy while they prey upon humanity.

Just like other sources, such as Marshall Vian Summers, John says that in these deals we have been seriously short-changed. Not only have millions of children simply vanished from the face of the earth. The handed over technology was nothing we couldn’t have had from our own scientists if Tesla and others hadn’t been stitched up by the Rothschilds. We could have had free energy, anti-gravity and all the primary supposed advanced technology of the aliens from our own people anyway.

That said, the deal between the aliens or ETs/EDs, Extra Terrestrials and Extra Dimensionals, as John calls them, still stands, and these evil little specimens are arraigned in support of the One World Government, that has allowed them to set up and operate as a secret, predatory species living amongst us all, feeding on our DNA and our kids. If the OWG is to be taken out with mass arrests, as promised by Drake, however, the alien threat will also need dealing with at the same time. They are a key part of the control grid. Kettler is not pessimistic however. He sees the critical involvement of very small numbers of what he calls benign ETs, and the potential arrival of many many more through the stargates as a great moment of hope.

The stargates are being watched with the full military power of the planet with ET/ED and OWG humans (NATO mostly) ready and waiting to eliminate such ETs at the point of their arrival. The stargates are however opening and closing, and it’s hard for the traditional powers to deploy all their forces at so many points around the globe all at once. Some are at sea, as the one near Aden. Another is in Iraq. The benign ETs also want to stop the vicious ETs from reinforcing, so they too are watching the stargates.

The benign ET groups are hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us and the aliens who back the New World Order, the Greys. They should, God willing, overpower them, clean up the planet and assist with relaunching the world’s financial system. But first let Kettler describe the background to all this, in his far more knowledgeable fashion. It is clear that the Good Guys who want to launch the mass arrests of the elite criminal cabals will need to keep a weather eye on the progress of the wars between the ETs before launching the clean-up the New World Order on human earth.


ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) have revealed we humans have been royally screwed, by negative ETs/EDs and our government, starting in 1934 with an illegal, unconstitutional secret treaty between the hostile ETs/EDs, the Orion Grays, and the U.S., via President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This followed the recovery by the U.S. Navy of a burning UFO (crewed by now dead ETs/EDs from Wolf 424) which ditched in the waters off San Diego in 1933, right next to a Spanish-American War vintage cruiser, and was quickly hauled aboard. The Navy eventually figured out the craft and flew it. That’s why the U.S. Navy is the senior service in all UFO areas/matters involving ETs/EDs. It even runs Area 51 on behalf of the U.S. Air Force!

Per the ETs/EDs, the terms of the treaty provided antigravity, weapon, free energy and medical technologies in exchange for U.S. noninterference with the Grays’ abduction and experimentation on humans, as well as hiding their presence. Think about that for a moment, given the technology of the time. We could’ve had free energy even earlier in the 1920s, via the great Nikola Tesla, but the ETs/EDs tell us the Rockefellers intimidated and even wiped out Tesla’s backers to stop this deadly threat to emerging Rockefeller petroleum empire.

1947 saw more ETs/EDs arrive on the scene, in the form of the rogue Zeta Reticulan Grays, who came to grief while being chased by a ship from what’s now the Liberation Force, resulting in one ship utterly destroyed and one crashed but damaged, with one survivor. This is generally, wrongly, considered the start of U.S. UFO involvement,

By 1954, when the treaty was up for it decennial renewal, President Dwight David Eisenhower was met at Holloman Air Force Base by a delegation consisting of several races of benevolent ETs/EDs. The delegation offered to remove the Grays, provide superior free energy, aeronautical, antigravity and medical technology, as well as environmental cleanup, economic stabilization and assist in establishing a global nonaggression treaty. The ETs/EDs’ price? Give up our nuclear arsenal, freely share the technology provided, openly admit the existence of ETs/EDs, stop raping the Earth’s natural resources and polluting the planet. This didn’t go over well? Not at all! The upshot was the U.S. not only continued the treaty with the hostile ETs/EDs, the Grays, but extended its scope, as detailed here. In 1956, as ably documented by Paul LaViolette in his Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, all antigravity research went black.

ETs/EDs Catalog The Technology We Don’t Have–But Should

We do have data tablets and large flat screen displays, the ETs/EDs say; we don’t have antigravity (except in the black programs, a few brave experimenters and a couple of possible commercial applications). We don’t have transporter technology, but we can teleport carrier battle groups, and our communicators can’t even talk from an airliner at altitude, let alone to a spacecraft in orbit, though the we can be tracked from there, even with our phones off. The planet’s heavily polluted for want of free energy, which the greedy few who own the utilities, car companies, etc., have kept for themselves, and others develop at grave peril. The ETs/EDs consider us backwards, and rightly so. One race alone of ETs/EDs is 10,000 years ahead of us.

We have voice activated computers, but no holodecks. And our space program is a lying farce, hiding its amazing discoveries, while conducting secret occult worship and celebrating Hitler’s birthday! Don’t believe it? Read Hoagland and Bara’s bestselling Dark Mission. We’re not on the Moon, our secret Mars colony was destroyed by Orionite Reptoids years ago, according to the ETs/EDs, and our most advanced spacecraft form a secret space navy, unknown to the public and fighting an even more secret foe. In cosmic terms, we’re not roaming the galaxy, but playing in a tiny inflatable pool. No warp drive for us! No stargates for us! (The ETs/EDs fear we’d go hog wild if let loose). We can’t even get to the speed of light, c, though some neutrinos from CERN did recently. About 60 (not 12) of us went to the home world of the ETs/EDs known as the Zeta Reticulans.

Some of our schools have fantastic technology, but the kids are taught, not critical reasoning and logic, but how to be little obedient cogs in the State machine, and mind control, supplied by negative ETs/EDs, is applied at all levels and in ways subtle-blatant, keeping us wound up over inconsequentialities on one hand and in fear for our lives on the other (the unceasing War on Drugs/War on Terror). Meanwhile, whole organizations, such as the Tavistock Institute, wreck what little progress we do make. There’s the tech level/knowledge base of the masses (low) and the tech level/knowledge base of the insiders (astronomic). While AIDS ravages the populace, they’ve long had the AIDS vaccine. We have microwave ovens, but no food replicators.

ETs/EDs Say Entire “Star Trek™” Series Was Intended To Introduce Our Future To Us!

Insiders have long known that both “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry and his wife Majel Barrett were contactees, but few know, say the ETs/EDs, that no less than seven races of ETs/EDs were involved; that contact was continuing until their deaths. Some of the realities in the series regarding ETs/EDs are shown here in the part on the Federation, which has been personally vouched for by the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Force.

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

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18 Responses to “The Trouble With Obtaining Our Freedom Could Still Be The ETs”

  1. Who Flung Poo says:

    Person who sending this information is try to destroy tap website. Person is spy from government and from corporation.

  2. Tapestry says:

    If it’s disinformation, we need to be ready to deal with it. If it’s information, we need to understand it. We cannot totally ignore it, Who Flung Dung.

  3. Anonymous says:

    OK OK OK You hammer the point continually about ETs.

    I’m prepared to believe you. ( I can’t believe I actually wrote that). Never the less, I am totally prepared to believe in ETs.

    One small proviso. I want to meet one. I’m happy to send you my Email address if you or any of your contributors know an ET that I can meet personally. I live in France so one local to me would be a help.

    Now that’s not much to ask is it? After all they seem to contact all sorts of strange people so why not me?

    I’m serious. People that write about ETs should either “put up” or “shut up”.


  4. Tapestry says:

    Me hammering a point? Surely not. I’m a gentle soul.

    OK. Your point is this. Where can you find an ET in your local area?

    Might I suggest you take the following action. Find out who runs your local UFO group or groups. They will have them. Go to their meetings and take it from there.

    Easy peasy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Tapestry. Not good enough. Firstly my French is OK but not good enough to start wanting to join a group of “anoraks” with tin-foil on their heads. Can you imagine what they would say if I turned up and said the only reason I’m here is to meet an ET?
    Just ask someone on your site who seems to know these ETs personally to get in touch by Email. I’m happy to meet them. I’ll even take them to a local restaurant for a few glasses wine. (Do ETs drink wine?)
    Why would I need to go to a local UFO group who might never have seen an ET let alone have one as a friend when many of your contributors really say they know the real deal? Surely these ETs can communicate with each other all over the World?
    Come on. Put your money where your mouth is.


  6. Anonymous says:

    GS – Sorry , but your wrong – Tap gave you a solution and you have rejected it out of hand . Thats your choice – but if you are serious like you said , then it will take some effort on your part. Why not try it , then provide your feedback ?

    There is no other easy answer – Lets face it , if there were , we wouldnt even be having these discussions !


  7. Sum Ting Wong says:

    I also want to meet ET. ET come to my house for cup of tea and then take me for fly around in soler system. I want to go to moon see if made of cheese. Then I believe ET real also.

  8. Anonymous says:


    I don’t understand why these aliens would sign a treaty and give up technology when they can abduct people from anywhere outside North America and Western Europe for free.

  9. Wish13 says:

    Hi Tap,

    The state we find ourselves in today started well before the “man from the Bavarian mountain” !!!

    A good run down of ‘the powers that were’ can be found here in this article about the committee of 300

    As far as benevolent and malevolent ET/ED’s go. The malevolent ET’s are being delbt with and many have already been removed from their positions/underground bases and more. Info is available around the net should you care to look.

    Ultimately, this isn’t just an ET thing … it *is* a spiritual thing (good vs evil etc.) ED being the big give away ‘Extra-Dimensional’ they being entities of a higher dimensional level or spiritually more advanced than we ourselves currently are.

  10. Anonymous says:

    From a Project Camelot interview we also ‘know’ the US government has traded monoatomic gold for technology.

    BTW I am an ET so everyone can now consider themselves a contactee with an ET. I’m also an ED so you get two-for-one.

  11. Anonymous says:

    You can see by the replies that the whole ET thing is a hoax.
    When anyone says they would like to meet an ET all of a sudden it becomes “difficult”. You have to make an effort.
    If these ETs are our buddies what’s stopping them communicating with people like me?
    I’m available 24/7 I’ll even give them the co-ordinates on Google Maps to land their flying saucer.
    I keep asking myself why they only show themselves to people who seem mentally unstable or some deep emotional problem.
    Maybe there’s a clue there somewhere?

  12. Ellie Mentary says:

    you people better see what this man says about aliens

    John Edward Mack, M.D. (October 4, 1929–September 27, 2004) was an American psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien abduction experiences.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To the disbelievers who don’t believe ET’s/ED’s exist, pause for a moment, step outside the closed box you live in, and realise that just because you haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    The onus isn’t on people who may have seen them or have knowledge about them to prove what they believe either. Respecting the fact that people might have a different belief to yourself goes a long way too.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Anononymous 3:11 said:-
    ” just because you haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”

    OK I’ll believe you if you believe that I know there is a giant teapot in orbit around the Sun.

    Ok do you believe in the giant teapot?

  15. We Need World Government Because Of Space Aliens.

    This is worth reflecting on as well.

    They’ve certainly spent a lot of time, money and effort in preparing (predictive programming) ‘us’ for the alien thing courtesy of Hollywood etc.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There is a giant teapot orbiting the sun. It’s in Malaysia. Google it.

  17. Tapestry says:

    Your google and my google don’t match.

    The giant teapot is either real or false. Whichever it still concerns you and I. If it’s real, what’s it doing? If it’s false, who’s creating the deception and why?

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