Social Worker – ‘I Don’t Like You. We’re Taking Your Kids.’

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First of all I must say how pleased I am that you have moved your profile access and email info. to the top of your blog page! That speeds things up for those of us who are unable to comment through the google comment facility.

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I came across a very good article in Thursday’s Daily Mail (12/04/2012) by the excellent Christopher Booker.

It is entitled ‘Children Stolen by the State……….’ Well worth a read. Also some of the comments (best rated) are worth a read too. One commenter writing that his ex-girlfriend a social worker used to take great pleasure in authorizing the removal of a child or children from a family, any family that she personally took a dislike to!

Christopher Booker and a few others have been trying to expose this enormous scandal for some time now. Not an easy task. Here’s the link



Ps. I watched quite a good video by David Icke last night about reptilians, illuminati, schism, Obama and the NWO, and guess what he also mentioned the Jesuits and the Black Pope. That bit was probably especially for Wasp!

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  1. Julia says:

    Maybe David Icke reads the Tap! Maybe everyone is converging to the same view as time goes on!

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