Sky Noises From Around The World

I haven’t heard them. But others claim they have. There are strange weather patterns taking place across the earth. Underground noises. Sky noises. What the …. is going on?

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People around the world are talking about it: the “strange sounds” coming from the sky. Just within the last few weeks, Google search for “strange sounds” has skyrocketed for the query “strange sounds”. Some say that “The Hum” is a sign of Jesus’s return, others say it is related to weather wars, chemtrails or is a sign that the Earth is “troubled”. I myself have not heard “the hum”, but I’m sure if I did that I would definitely be kind of freaked out and would be looking for some type of explanation for the mysterious sound.

Video from Me, which won’t embed.

TAP – There are moving cloud effects (from Singapore) which I’ve never seen before. The noises could be the sound of very fast earth cutting machines working underground, which hit differing hardnesses of rock which changes the frequency, like a lathe in an engineering shop.

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  1. Jorsm says:

    I say investigate the Bermuda triangle and the dragons triangle and see how deep we can go into the earth… If aliens were already here that should be the first place to look because it is a obviously a dangerous area which means that either it’s just coincidence or someone or something doesn’t want us going near them or it without a fight… Even if im wrong which most likely I am, probably 99.99%, but that .01% could end up being the end of all of us… The noises could really be from the center of the earth where foreigners to this world or even the original owners could be swelling… Give it some thought people better safe than sorry… Why else would the pyramids be perfectly spaced out and Stonehenge is somewhat underground but I don’t really believe this I’m just being that guy and throwing it out there

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some similarity here:

    … with the film:

    The Elites use Hollywood to show off/condition us for forthcoming events. Vigilant Citizen did a piece on the film ‘Contagion’, for instance, which described how the film is in possible preparation for a lethal flu epidemic/FEMA camps. Another, is the film ‘2012’ which is a showcase for what the Elites can do with weather modification technology (the recent Chili earthquake, for example). There was even a Simpsons episode regarding 911 (

    If there are aliens living with us overground/underground then maybe these noises are a sign that they will present themselves to us in the very near future… who knows.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tapestry I’m surprised you are still with the “strange noises” story.
    A guy has already done a complete de-bunking on YouTube and even used scientific sound analysis to show it was a fake. Others have picked the “con” up and made follow-up videos looking as though it’s all around the World.
    Don’t ask me to trawl through YouTube to find it. I’m sure others can point you in the right direction.
    It’s just shows the need for some people with nothing in their lives to latch on to anything that is either Aliens or End Of Times or other such crap.
    They just can’t face having to make-do with a normal World of life.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Quote from GS:
    ”They just can’t face having to make-do with a normal World of life.”

    LOL, define ‘normal World of life’. ‘normal World of life’ sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.

    You said it’s been ‘debunked’ on YouTube. Google owns YouTube and Google is owned by the NSA.

    Assume nothing and question everything. The truth does come out in the wash eventually, and often it’s stranger than fiction.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Quote from Anonymous 1:53PM
    “Assume nothing and question everything. The truth does come out in the wash eventually”

    If you assume nothing and question everything how do you know what the truth is?



    I have sent this information via ALL outlets on twitter to the British media they are refusing to report…can you make some noise ?

  7. Anonymous says:


    ”If you assume nothing and question everything how do you know what the truth is?”


    Hence, why people who frequent this blog are ‘truthseekers’.

    Take care 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    GS, this time you are being misleading, surely? Where is the debunking?

    Scientific sound analysis was done on the “hum” in Ireland. It has its own frequency. You can even listen to and see the wave form it produces on a youtube video.

    As someone once said you can be so open-minded your brains drop out, but you can also be so closed-minded you become full of sh!t.

    – Me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ” but you can also be so closed-minded you become full of shit. -Me”

    I like it. You have just called yourself “full of shit”.


  10. Anonymous says:

    The noises are definitely those of the “waterphone”. They were used by Hollywood for sci-fi and horror flicks way back. Just do a search and you can listen to the exact sounds. I don’t think the hoaxes are by video persons but rather some sinister government test putting out this noise in prep for massive global alarming of ignorant population.

  11. Tapestry says:

    Interesting. A waterphone government hoax. Underground drilling. None of us is F.O.S. on The Tap Blog. Please keep away from swearing or I’ll have to start monitoring comments again. This is an important channel. Don’t abuse it.

  12. Julia says:

    I can hear the noise where I live in Bath, and where we had a sonic boom on Thursday evening. The noise is a constant background hum, not quite steady, like a muffled generator. it sounds as if it comes from the ground though I can’t be sure. It is usually overridden in the day by all the other noise pollution. I can screen it out if I am in the right frame of mind. the frequency vibration of the noise is very annoying and affects your well being, which may be its purpose. It’s purpose also might be to start whipping up fear, alarm and panic, making us all vulnerable for further enslavement. They don’t actually need to do anything to win, just frighten us will do.

  13. PTC123 says:

    im from Indonesia, some night i hear the hum very clearly only in back kitchen. i cant hear if i walk in front of my house. because the street noise can block this hum. you can hear the hum, if the surround is quiet, far from sound of electronic device, eg: TV, AC, radio, refrigerator machine, PC, etc.
    my brother also hear this sound, like a hum sound from noise in neon lamp. my town is far away from any industries or big city but this hum sound have some background (2nd sound) like generator machine at far away. duk.. duk… duk…
    i think maybe this strange hum sound generated by ionosphere or athmosperic phenomenon because in my ear this hum like appear in far sky.

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