Shane Greer – ‘I won’t Tolerate Scum Like You, Mr Curteis.’!!!

Here’s the exchange which caused Shane Greer to lose his cool. He wrote on his Facebook page how much he liked the Iwo Jima Marine Corps propaganda statue (below) in washington DC, where he’s working. I responded.

Shane Greer – Iwo Jima. Capital in the background. I love walking past this on my way to the office — at Iwo Jima.

TAP Do you like the idea of the pointless killing of millions of people in warfare? The Japanese were set up by the British and the Americans to attack us both. Search Automedon if you don’t know.

John Shosky Shane, I agree with your assessment. It is a beautiful and inspiring monument to courage and bravery. I can imagine that it creates an inspiring walk. I feel pride when I drive by it. Thanks for this posting. I must also take exception to the posting by Mr. Curteis, which is a perversion of history and a shameful misapplication of blame. No one forced a Japanese attack. No one can excuse the horror inflicted on civilians and captured soldiers by the Japanese. Nanking, Pearl Harbor, the Death March in the Phillipines, and other actions were the product of callousness, greed, arrogance, and cruelty. Millions died in a war forced on us, a war we did not want, and a war FDR tried to avoid, just as he tried to avoid war in Europe. And thanks to Iwo Jima and other hard-fought, costly (very costly) battles, Japanese imperialism ended.

Shane Greer Thanks, John. I completely agree with your response to Mr Curteis.

Jeremy Jacobs Shane, John, “Henry” appears to be taking the conspiracy line. He may have a point but I doubt it very much.

TAP War is the killing of one nation’s poor families by another’s. Those in control first convince them they are being attacked, and it’s all go from there on. Please read the story of the Automedon first before forming your conclusions, which appear to be based on massive dosages of prop from the media which wants you maintained in your supreme states of ignorance. That way they can start some some more wars, cull the populations and consolidate their power over all our nations.

TAP Who financed Japan’s war machine? The Levita’s, Standard Bank, David Cameron’s mother’s side. Jewish one and all, including David himself.

Shane Greer In shock news the conspiracy theorist is a racist. Antisemitism at its pathetic worst. I’ll be deleting you when I log in on my PC in the morning. Won’t tolerate scum like you, Mr Curteis.

TAP – I am Jewish. (partly). Yet not a banker. I thought Shane was a journalist interested in facts. Clearly I was mistaken. Let him roll on in his dreamworld of military heroism.

I thought I’d blog it for what it’s worth. It seems that another generation of young men will be sacrificed by the pens of the mighty media, who will indulge the money of the politicians and the armaments industry, as they ever did. Only ‘scum’ will stand in the way between them and their next royalty cheque/check, Jewish or otherwise.

The Automedon. How the elites tricked the Japanese into attacking the USA.

Shane Greer is the chief executive of Biteback Publishing, owned by Iain Dale, pictured above. Aptly named!

In the end of the day, David Cameron is either Jewish or he isn’t.
His family own Standard Bank, or they don’t.
Standard bank funded Japanese militarisation, or it didn’t.
Calling me or anyone else ‘scum’ for saying so doesn’t add to Biteback Publishing’s credibility. Proving any of the three statements to be wrong would, on the other hand, be helpful. My source is Gordon Logan, ex-MI6.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Your truth does not seem to have gone down very well with the American’s.
    If the Elite were made to fight on the front lines, there would not be many wars.
    They are too busy counting the money the make selling killing machines.
    They are peddlers of death pure and simple.
    The saving grace for the Americans, is that their founding fathers gave them the right to bear arms.
    I notice sales have gone up, they do not trust their own government, thank goodness!!!

  2. Tapestry says:

    Good point, anonymous. Mr Greer is on, I presume, a temporary posting in Washington D.C. He seems to be writing as if on a short stay. He’s British so far as I’m aware.

  3. BRIT says:

    Americans are notorious for knowing nothing about the world outside America. Both Greer and Shosky ignore the facts of history. America imposed massive sanctions on the Japanese who, as an island nation with a large population, could not survive. To have a true assessment of the Japanese psyche one must look at the history leading up to ww11. Honour and religeon were deeply installed in them and ,to the Japanese, it was the the West that had no morals. Today we know the policies the Yanks displayed to the native Indians to trash them and now we the the same Yanks putting sanctions and threats to Iran and Syria using the same old lies sanctions. The way I feel now, the only thing worse than being a Brit is to be YANK.

  4. Tapestry says:

    The global elites are neither YANK nor BRIT. They have no loyalty to any nation, but use nations to create wars from which they profit.

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