Rothschild Caught Off Guard In His Hampshire Garden

How this chap got into Lionel de Rothschild’s Hampshire garden, I’ve no idea. But he did, and he got quite a good interview off too, without the heavies throwing him out. I found the responses from de Rothschild quite interesting. Aliens. Conspiracy Theory. Insanity. The full range of standard brush off material was trotted out.

Hats off to this effort to rebel. He sums it all up well.

Here’s a more intellectual pre-chemtrails explanation of the some of things that are mentioned in the video. Right click the clip and select either pop out, or expansion to full screen.

Here’s a good explanation of what chemtrails are all about from Alan Watt

Watt’s commentary is detailed and scientific, and explains the history of chemtrailing, which started in around 1992. He covers the government admitting it could change the climate in the 1970s, causing rain to order, and drought. He covers biological weapons, such as bio-organisms which were spread all over Britain for a trial, between 1940 and 1979. Portondown were told to tell enquirers that they were involved in weather modification programmes. Zinc, cadmium were sprayed from one end of the country to the other as a test, both highly carcinogenic. Between 1961 and 1968, one million people along the South Coast of England were exposed to lethal e-coli and anthrax-imitating bacteria released from a military ship along the South Coast as an experiment, with NHS doctors, who were in on it, used to hand in the test results of cancer rates etc. It seems as if the spraying of the population with lethal substances is regarded as simply normal practice by the government. From 1971 to 1975, masses of anthrax stimulants were sprayed over Dorset by UK and US aircraft. People complained of multple birth defects and mental retardation. The public are never told what is being done to them.

The media talk about the effects of these programmes, but never mention the causes. Note also in Watt’s descriptions, the locations for spraying the population with lethal substances, never includes Lionel de Rothschild’s place in Hampshire, or other parts of the Home Counties, where the Rothschilds and the globalists live. This is why many living there don’t believe that chemtrailing is real. It doesn’t happen to them, it seems.

His video on Agenda 21 is also instructive

Keep watching him. He has a mass of great information to absorb.

Social engineering. Soap operas. HAARP was pulsing waves matching brain wavelengths in the 1980s from Riga, called the Woodpecker. It’s been broadcasting 24 hours a day since 2001. They’ve admitted they can alter behaviour using HAARP technology. They can make people sad, happy or angry by changing the wavelength. The scientific elite sees it as their job to give you your view of the world. Through HAARP technology, they can control our minds, stop our body tissue from working properly. It’s making people very placid. People don’t grumble as much as they used to do. People don’t complain if petrol goes up by 100%. They add drugs to the water supply. They’re working on the world food supply. They’re weaponising food as well. Monsanto was part of the military industrial complex, then switched to agriculture as the best way to control people.

Bertrand Russell said in the 1930s that by diet, injections and injunctions, we would be made into a compliant, passive society, unable to complain against the powers that be. The Polio vaccine had no other function to causing cancer. It was built to spread cancer across our nations. The need to depopulate justifies the action, they believe. Trusting societies and leaders is a natural instinct as a survival strategy. If leaders got too greedy, they could be got rid of. Money has become a means of control. The debt system makes the rich able to control all. They can hire armies to keep the people in line.

Money is a curse. It makes leaders too powerful, and impossible to get rid of. It creates careers. You forget you’re a human being. The system is pretty evil. It’s a planned system. Nothing is left to chance. Communism used to have five year plans, ten year plans and more. The UN has exactly the same system. They have the world in control, and they don’t intend to give up control. They plan every political movement and cap them with provided leadership. Be very wary of leaders.

The Big Society is the congealing of this system into one system to be used worldwide. Sir Thomas Moore said the English were the most obedient people in Europe. So they could test out their ideas on the English. The Big Society is all about Agenda 21, the programme for sustainable development. The experts are deciding if you are to be born, and if you are needed after you are born. People don’t want children any more. Old people in the media are always portrayed as doddery old fools, unable to think. The wisdom of the old is lost to the culture.

It’s all about population reduction, animal corridors for wildlife. We are in a post-democratic world where charitable foundations circumvent governments, controlling populations. Agenda 21 is the agenda for the 21st century.It started in 2001 with 911, planning to bring in martial law across the whole world at the same time. It was all planned in advance. IDing, chipping everybody was all prepared years ago. The Moslems are the targets of the world plan now, so they can get after the Moslem countries which are not yet in their power.

The 20th Century was called the century of change. The Foundations and Think Thanks, scientific panels etc, are a parallel government. They lobby governments, many under the umbrella of the United Nations. The aim is to use socialism to control the world,every individual on the planet, to impose scientific order on people. They see free thought as a threat.

People will be attached to a region and a corporation, and their lives will be controlled in every aspect by the corporation that dominates their part of the world. whether it be Sony or General Electric. The corporations are becoming the new government of the world.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Another good Alan Watt interview. Longer – but yet more information for those that have the time to listen.

    Alan Watt: Cutting Through The Matrix:

  2. Julia says:

    I am curious about the 5 year plan thing. I saw a strange thing in my local paper of 12th April. A picture of a clock, with 2012 at the top, instead of just 12. The hands were 7 “minutes” off midnight. It reminded me a bit of Cinderella. If a minute represents a month, then an hour represents exactly 5 years. And 7 months from 12th April is 121112. An Illuminati sort of number. The article was about what are you up to next Wednesday at 12 minutes past 8. Which is apparently part of a national thing to find out what we are all up to. A bit like a fun version of the census. The David Bowie song “Five Years” keeps going through my head too. And he was someone who seemed tuned into off planet stuff.

  3. Cave Cave Deus Videt says:

    If even a fraction of what Alan Watt says is true – and I believe that most or all of it is – then is not our human existence truly futile, pointless?

    Have human beings, all life, the planet earth and the entire universe been created, by the Creator – FOR THIS ??

    For humanity to spectacularly crash and burn?? For us to die from poisoning, deliberately induced diseases, war etc. All of which is, of course, completely avoidable?

    Who are these lunatics in charge of things in this world? Can they be so very different from us ? They must despise humanity !


    Why all this grief, conflict, pain, suffering?

    Is God sitting up there laughing at us?

    No. I do not believe so.


    I believe that we are being tested. We have been given free will and therefore our individual lives and everything that we do is being closely observed.

    Life, existence is fundamentally and completely a moral issue. The choice is ours. We all know right from wrong.

    Do you think a caterpillar could ever conceive, or would ever believe that, one day, it will turn in to a beautiful butterfly? Would an embryo ever believe that it will be born?

    We are just being prepared for something else, another reality.

    IXOYE – Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Saviour

  4. Tapestry says:

    It’s odd, I know, but I really enjoy listening to alan watt. Gaining knowledge is a pleasure. It makes one more sure of what the world is, and helps one to form strategies to deal with it. He’s a dour Celt, quite brilliant, and so right on probably every word spoken. Yet still, I feel, that while I live, I hope. Beyond life, who knows? I am quite sure my father visited us when he died. I was eight thousand miles away. He gave me his opinion on what I was doing at that time, and left. He looked young, as he was aged about 45. He died at 90 riddled with Parkisons. Make of it what you will.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Julia is great at numbers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It was an interesting comment that Alan made about nearly all movies today having a political correct overtone/agenda to them in the first link/comment I posted in this thread. He mentioned that ideas/agendas are created well in advance like a chess game then they are implemented through various mediums such as films. The Club Of Rome is the main initial think tank, I believe.

    I prefer to call today’s films the Elite’s ‘dreams’ (channelled through the vessel that is ‘Hollywood’). They can certainly entertain, and are just further examples of predictive programming.

    If you’ve seen THX 1138, Gattaca, They Live, and Red Dawn, then they are older examples of films with hidden agendas which prove that the Elites plan well ahead in advance. Metropolis (1927) is frightening close in some aspects to the stage we are at, and quite possibly, the stage we may yet come to.

  7. Scotty says:

    I have read that the ‘predictive programming’ in the form of films and TV is necessary so that we will recognise certain situations when they happen for real, and will know how to respond.

    This is how populations are programmed for endless sex, violence and rebellious, chaotic behaviour – especially the youth.

    Note that now British troops, like US troops, are shown extremely violent footage and images before they see any action. So they are familiarised with ultra-violence, become de-sensitised to it and know what is expected of them.

    Ultra-violence, death, murder must become normal behaviour for troops.

    Any behaviour can become normalised and acceptable if those around you are doing the same. The group mentallity and identity is strengthend. If everyone else is doing it, then it must be ok and therefore normal.

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