Redwood On Immigration. Bullshit Baffles Brains.

John Redwood, like all senior British Conservatives, is missing the point when it comes to immigration. There is so much emotion being generated by the topic that no one is looking at the simple facts of what is happening at ground level in the countries sending people to Britain. People need to calmly consider the facts, and then form judgements.

I am usually blocked from writing on John Redwood’s blog. Today was no exception. He’s writing about immigration and missing the point.

I explain –

You are not anywhere near understudying the nature of the problem, John. There is massive corruption taking place inside the UKBA and Foreign Office delegated visa negotiating private businesses like VFS Global. I describe how it is being done in a recent blog post. The word corruption isn’t even on the Ministers’ lips. Yet corruption is the key problem. Any system of rules can be undermined if there is big money to be made, which there is as regards immigration.

Redwood’s ‘Reply On Immigration

The points he makes about the EU are correct. It’s just that for the rest of the world, until you start addressing the issue of corruption, you don’t even know what subject you’re talking about. Interestingly, not even one commenter under the blog post mentioned the word ‘corruption’ either. British people are incredibly naive about what goes on under the table within their own government, handing out billions in contracts to ‘private’ businesses. If we want to get immigration under control, there is only one way – get rid of the separation between the Home Office, and the Foreign Office, and give the whole job to the Foreign Office, and get rid of their delegated agents like VFS Global (A wholly owned subsidiary of Kuoni Travel of Zurich, based in Mumbai). If corruption is found, people should be fired, not kept on ad infinitum, as is happening now. Contracts should be terminated.

Very few witnesses ever come forward, of course, as when organised crime is involved, doing so is very dangerous. It would be easy to run professional investigations, eavesdrop on interviews, and put in false applicants, and keep the crooks on their toes. None of this is being done. As my blogpost points out, corruption is heavily embedded in the system, and highly lucrative it is too. John Redwood clearly doesn’t know. MPs worry me. They don’t seem to want to get too close to the reality of situations, preferring to believe the falsehood that government is basically honest.

Our son Sean 3 months. He’s mad keen to get to the UK and meet his elder brother who’s at school there. Just waiting for Mummy’s visa. He’s way more intelligent than some of the vermin commenting on his Daddy’s blog. In a battle against corruption, there’s bound to be a few vipers lurking.

John Redwood is one of the few British politicians who could lead us back to solvency. I would support any bid from him for the leadership……. while advising the caution that, as ever, bullshit baffles brains. The goings-on in the Foreign Office and the Home Office, as regards dealing with immigration, should be seen as turf defense by people on the make. Politicians should stop treating these people as honest agents. They are anything but.

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32 Responses to “Redwood On Immigration. Bullshit Baffles Brains.”

  1. Anonymous says:


    What on earth is the point of closing the gate once the horse has bolted? And define British people please? To me there are four types of ‘peoples’ living in the UK. There are indigenous living here by their original cultures. There are indigenous who follow a globalist culture. There are immigrants living by their own native cultures. There are immigrants living by a globalist culture.

    To be British means you are either white/mixed indigenous and of European heritage (Celtic, Germanic).
    The globalist agenda promoted the lie that anyone born in a nation takes that nation’s identity. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Then add racism laws and you hammer the point in more, that is, promote the lie that blacks and asians can be British. They can’t. It’s a blatant impossibility.

    The increase in population over the next 25 years will be down to 75% of the immigrants who arrived after Labour got into power in ’97.

    So Tap, the demographic of the British population is fucked. The agenda is close to success in that there will no longer be the need for nations and instead regions because the world’s population is now, truly diversely spread throughout. No one indigenous people will retain majority status.



  2. Tapestry says:

    So corruption’s alright then. If bribes decide who arrives in Britain, you’re happy, are you?

  3. wasp says:

    A late Great, Great Uncle of mine, A Seafarer & A very Hard Character you wouldn’t have wished to cross once summed it up very Succinctly.

    “If Kittens were Born in Kipper Boxes, they wouldn’t be Kippers.”

    This I have always considered to be a very cleaver statement in view of the Fact Kippers are Smoked Herring.

    Harbinger is quite correct, The Globalist Agenda was to Destroy The Heterogeneity, that existed across the Worlds Populations, Categorised as independent Nations.

    Their aim was to attain an Homogenous Mix, which once formed can never be reversed. Without its own Culture & History a Country is nothing, doesn’t this ‘Ring Any Bells?’

    Yet Another Tool to aid the acceleration to The New World Order, & The One World Government.


  4. “British people are incredibly naive about what goes on under the table within their own government,” — Well when we see the PM meeting with people for 250K Pounds a shot, that seems to bring things out from under the table a smidgen. Maybe that is not corruption in the true legal or criminal sense, but it certainly shows who has the run of the place. And if you want an example of a belief in their own values just look at the French. After that horrible school attack, Sarkozy had two radicals rounded up, and within 24 hours they were on a plane to Algiers (no checking with the European Court on this mind you). Something tells me the native French population will not go down without a fight because they have a certain core idea of what it means to be French. Cue the Frog jokes, fine, but I’m bloody serious. Ah yes, corruption, what’s going on is awful, but can we say that we are truly surprised?

  5. Tapestry says:

    The phrase ‘gone native’ is also instructive. Culture is very powerful. People who go and live in other countries often adopt the ways of the places they have arrived in.

    ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ is not only a conscious decision. It’s how people are. They adapt to the culture around them. If the parents don’t, the children do.

    ai, French false flag terrorism to boost sarkozy ia hardly a great place to characterise the French, who are getting the treatment to ensure their support for all the wars.

    How about people in my situation. I have married a Filipina, but the government won’t yet give her a settlement visa, yet we have British children carrying a British passport? We see others jumping the queue who cannot even speak the language, which could be to do with the corruption that exists. Do you prefer people selected according to corruption, or people who are able to speak English, and adapt to our culture?

    Cameron and Hague are tolerating the corruption.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s a state of mind that needs clinical examination

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s time for you to provide the evidence and present it to the appropriate authority,their response will determine wether corruption is real.then we can all read and talk about many other subjects of meaningful subjects

  8. Anonymous says:

    Im against immigration on the grounds that—
    1/ this country is full
    2/ those that come dont seem to want to intigrate
    3/ the pollution mass populations bring
    3/ vast profits going to those that back it

    But what is getting my back up at the moment is the unfairness in the finances.

    An illegal immigrant/ asylum seeker come into this country and gets immediatly legal aid to fight his cause to stay here. THATS THE LAWYERS AND BARRISTERS LOOKED AFTER.

    They also get £250/week each and £225/week for a spouse. They also get £100/week hardship allowance. I make that £575/week plus housing benefit and child benefit.

    Now put that against an OAP (me) I get for me and my wife £131/week.

    Now how much does the unemployed and disabled get???

    Is there a case for a Human Rights Equality case here against our government???.

  9. coz says:

    Multiculturalism is battery farming of humans. The NWO don’t care what colour your feathers are as long as you breed eggs (ie taxpayers and pedo bait) in cramped and unpleasant conditions, to them, that makes you a productive cock or hen. A gooood chook, as opposed to baaaad chooks who refuse to lay eggs under torturous and unpleasant conditions? Which chook is cleverer?

  10. Tapestry says:

    It’s an emotive subject alright this ere immigration. The point I’m trying to get across is that if the rules were being observed things would not be half as bad as they are, by all the standards mentioned in these comments. That is why Parliament has recently appointed an ex-Police officer to run the UKBF, a new division of the UKBA. The rules are being ignored by the UKBA at senior level.

    That ignores the fact the Foreign Office appointed agents such as VFS Global are demonstrating serious concern as regards corrupt practices, and these are linked to malpractice within the UKBA. The situation runs across two major BRitish government departments, with neither able or willing to admit the situation or sort it out.

    As regards this blog being stuck on this issue, I am trapped in the Philippines, courtesy of the situation, with no communication from the UKBA or the Foreign Office to date, while my business in the UK, employing eighty people suffers from my absence.

    We have been trying to get a visa for three years now. We now realize that a system that we assumed was operated lawfully and fairly is now riddled with corruption, and lack of responsibility taking at senior level within the Civil Service, and probably from senior politicians who prefer not to be seen falling out with each other over who is responsible for the mess.

    My take is that the Foreign Office is largely responsible as they appointed the private business agents to handle all Britain’s visa applications. And despite evidence of unsatisfactory and irresponsible behavior, they failed to get rid of them. The corrupt practices are going on unchecked.

    Yet these couldn’t be doing so unless the Home Office staff employed by the UKBA were not cooperating with the corruption by ensuring those paying under the table, get priority.

    I am also looking forwards to dealing with other topics. Yet until we are freed from the trap we are in, with family divided, one son in the UK aged four wanting his parents and his brother, and the rest of us locked up in Manila, little else will be able to get into my mind.

    I am looking up a post from Wasp from last week on HAARP to post tomorrow morning. Otherwise, the blog is stuck, same as we are.

  11. Twig says:


    Since you have lived the Philippines for so long you obviously know how to get things done if you really need to, but in this case you have decided to fight the system.
    I’m not condoning the system of corruption, but at least you can get what you want if you are prepared to pay for it.

    Here in the UK, the prices are much higher than there, much higher. You need to pay £250k just for dinner with the PM.

    As far as John Redwood’s blog is concerned, have you tried toning down your comment and posting under a pseudonym and hiding your ip?

  12. Tapestry says:

    I haven’t tried hiding from John Redwood. This morning the site asked if I was a human being or a bot? It asked me to fill in a number/letter code copied from a picture to prove I was human. But it barred me from doing so when I tried.

    I have found I get barred there, as I do from conservativehome and other conservative sites. I have this awful habit of telling truths that are not needed to be heard. The excuse is that the media jumps on dissent from within the party. The result is that no one hears what’s really going on, other than in blogs like The Tap. The version of the truth put out in politically controlled blogs is sanitised.

  13. Tapestry says:

    I haven’t decided to fight the system, Twig. I have decided to tell the truth which no one else wants to face up to.

    I cannot get involved in corrupt practices as you suggest.

    I might point out that the British Ambassador here, Stephen Lillie on his first posting, is going around making speeches to Filipinos telling them that corruption is the principle reason they don’t succeed economically.

    We need to put our own house in order before we start lecturing to the world about eradicating corruption. I have met Ambassador Lillie as well as writing on his blog, informing him as to what is going on in the Philippines.

    The Home Affairs Select Committe is at a loss as to what is going on within the UKBA, in Parliament. Am I the only one in the world who is prepared to face the awful truth about how low Britain has sunk?

    I am not prepared to go on pretending that we are lilywhite, angels of purity. Britain is a grimy dirty corrupt country as bad as any third wold doss-hole. You might be happy with that, Twig. I am not.

  14. Anonymous says:


    “So corruption’s alright then. If bribes decide who arrives in Britain, you’re happy, are you?”

    This is all you can muster together as a reply to my reply? I’ve done a great deal of reading on immigration thank you to know what I’m talking about. I used to write extensively on it when my ‘Destruction of Britain’ was up and running, recommending such books as the excellent ‘The Great Immigration Scandal’ by Steve Moxon who blew the whistle on government corruption.

    Let’s face facts here, something you are obviously not prepared to do:

    1. British culture today is totally different to British culture 20 years ago. The culture 20 years ago was polarly different to what it was 20 years previous. Here’s some news for you – CULTURES DON’T CHANGE THEY DIE!!!

    2. I asked you to define British culture for me and you didn’t. You didn’t because you can’t. You can’t because it doesn’t exist anymore. When you add a thesis (indigenous culture) to an antithesis (alien culture) a synthesis (multiculture) is formed. In the process both thesis and antithesis are destroyed. The overwhelming majority of people living in the UK today are NOT British, but instead GLOBALISTS. as none of their indigenous culture is practiced apart from in immigrant communities (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation) where their own culture is followed most certainly not British!.

    3. You seem to think people adopt the cultures of the countries they move to. Really? Muslims, Africans and Asians in the UK do, do they, so much so they predominately eat their own cuisine over what’s left of our indigenous cultural dishes? And those English who leave the UK for Spain, France, Greece etc really immerse themselves in that country’s culture do they?

    4. Indigenous British cultures are dying, or should I say being murdered by tptb. It is only people like you who like to hold onto the romanticism of Tolkien’s shire to define Englishness today. Classic example of English cultural demolition is the extinct cockney, now having been succeeded by ‘jafaican’ (fake Jamaican), which will over the next 50 years, via the MSM become the official dialect of Britain.

    Tap, you just don’t know what you’re on about on this subject. It’s overwhelmingly clear you’re oblivious to the agenda of tptb when it comes to cultural annihilation and the dispertion of peoples all over the world to destroy the nation state. One look at your bio proves you see things too much on the political to the people front.

    Politics IS ALL ABOUT CORRUPTION. All politicians are are lobbyists for corporations, petro chemical, big pharma, weapons ind. complex and of course banks. A life in politics is merely an apprenticeship for the afforementioned industries.



  15. Anonymous says:

    Did my most recent comment (re don’t try to be a one man corruption fighter in endemically corrupt Asian cultures) get censored, I don’t see it here?

  16. Chris says:

    Hmmmm interesting, but the indiginous language of Britain and Wales is Brythonic/early Welsh, so in that case shouldn’t all the English learn Welsh and shouldn’t it be Celtic Briton history and culture that is taught and celebrated and not this recent imposter Anglo Saxon Germanic culture?

  17. Tapestry says:

    My family is basically Welsh, but we were made to pretend otherwise, and be ashamed of our Welsh heritage for many generations. That’s all changing now, with Welsh spoken in schools again, and Welsh communities thriving again. My half Filipino son sings in Welsh and learns in Welsh. Work that one out, please, you people who understand all about world culture! He’s as proud of his community as anyone else there. Great school, it is, though, you have to say.

  18. Twig says:


    Do you have problems with the “Captcha” on other sites?

    Are you using Firefox?

    BTW, I am not happy with corruption, but if you live in a country where it is endemic you have two choices, you can fight the system or you can work with it. I applaud you for making a stand, but if you get tired of peeing into the wind then just pay the man, get the visa and move on to fight another day. Life is too short.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Aw well, maybe not, i mighta clicked the wrong button and self-deleted, Tap usually just prints any comments, and I appreciate that.

    Anyways what I was saying is, you can’t just import yourself to a corrupt Asian country to find yourself a suitably servile female and then expect them to behave all British like, newcomers to Asian corruption get a big shock at how overt it is, but it’s only a difference of fill in da forms in da correct way at the correct time as opposed to the same but also make a payment to a corrupt official. You don’t seem to have entered into or understood the nature of the culture that you chose to live in. The Phillipines has a lot to like about it, but it’s not a matter of just finding yourself a suitably servile female and re-importing them back to your country of origin. Why not learn to live in and like da Phillipines, the UK has no future.

  20. Tapestry says:

    The powers that be want to control culture, but most of all they are corrupt. Corrupt money decides who goes to what place, not policy.

  21. Tapestry says:

    Please note it is British corruption I am complaining about. I am not prepared to get involved in acts of corruption which would involve me in imprisonment if found out, and ten year bans for my wife from being able to apply for visas in the future. Come on. We are meant to be a first world country, not the banana republic that Blair and Cameron have made us into.

    Philipine women are far from servile, as anyone who has lived in the Philipines can tell you. They run rings around the men.

  22. Anonymous says:


    Why do you want to freeze time when what you have said implies that time has never been frozen, ever, in history? This applies to the future – never in history has the future been frozen.

    You admitted cultures don’t change, they die. So… this is an opportunity rather than a problem.

    Glass half-full.

    – Me.

  23. Chris says:


    i dont think you can accuse Tap of not knowing what hes talking about on this subject – he knows his onions. Also, i think you equate Britishness to Englishness which shows that you dont know your onions.

    Britain as an island is made up of three nations. Yes ,globalist culture affects everyone but what applies in England doesnt neccessarilly apply in Wales or Scotland. If you studied the real history of Britain youd know that.

    Try to get the basics right before you make lazy assumptions that you yourself dont quite understand.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If I was some poor but attractive Phillipino girl, I’d realise that the world had few options for me other than marrying some much older western guy. That doesn’t make it right. I don’t support old white man sourcing their sexual and reproductive ‘needs’ in third world countries, then complaining that they can’t immediately import their new, much younger ‘wives’ from poor countries into the UK. I have no sympathy for you. I don’t care about you or your immigration case. You are a sexual and reproductive tourist who takes advantage of women from poor countries.

  25. Anonymous says:

    ^I appreciate your preparedness to print such views as mine, however unflattering or uncomplimentary I may be. I am a christian and the whole world is not your sexual or reproductive playground. Have you considered that for every old white man that takes a young Phillipino ‘wife’ that’s one less woman for Phillipino men? Do you think Phillipino men relish this phenomenon or are they resigned to the fact that in poor countries the women are often obliged to offer sexual or reproductive services to wealthy foreigners?

  26. Tapestry says:

    immediately equals three years.

    I lived in the Philippines on and off since 1988. My uncle was Vice President South East Asia for Smithkline – now GSK, based in Manila. My other uncle was a senior diplomat based in Singapore. Not everyone travels to find sex. People do travel around the globe these days for business, family and all kinds of reasons. There are age differences both ways in many peoples’ relationships.

    My wife would like to add to that – go fuck your mother. Her exact words.

  27. Twig says:


    I think Shane’s reaction to your prejudice is understandable,
    it’s best not to make assumptions about someone you have never met. Real Christians are not judgemental.

    Have you never heard the adage, “love is blind”. I’m sure that after a period of reflection you will find the moral strength to apologise for what you have said.

  28. Tapestry says:

    From John,

    Good Evening Henry, Just read your updated blog. Thank you for providing same.Read the responses and it seems that you ‘rattled a few cages”,some of which were either totally ignorant or biased with no idea of what happens in the ‘real world’.Perhaps the problem is that he/she/they either didn’t think before responding,or alternatively,isn’t/aren’t equipped to do so.

    Must admit that it brightened up my evening/night.Keep up the good work.Hopefully,it will reach those ‘decision makers’ who invariably will continue to make the same incorrect decisions that created the current and existing mess.

  29. Tapestry says:

    Only if people make sure that the corruption is known about will any changes be possible. What the herd aren’t realizing its that if they end the corruption, they won’t have the country flooded with non-English speaking, job-stealing unlawfuls…but spending, English-speaking people with money, who would be work and job boosters but are currently being excluded in favor of penniless ahem ‘students’, who are brought in by organized crime.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, All this disruption never happened by chance.
    It’s part of the Topsy Turvey world that we live in.
    The one where black is white, right is wrong and good is bad.
    The politicians are nothing more than drug dealers, the Country is going to the dog’s so the Elite can get their Opium.
    Just look at the Cameron Standard Bank, built on Opium.

  31. wasp says:

    I tried to introduce the Opium Wars into several Comments to DM, mentioning the particular relevance that Baring & Standard Banks played in Legalising The Opium Trade.

    They didn’t even see the ‘Light of Day.’ Most of my comments at least get published & are then Banned & Removed.

    Try this out try asking people who was the Greatest Legal Drug Dealer, & A Regular User, The World Has Ever Known,& who financed the Exercise.

    Very Few Will Know It Was Queen Victorial, & Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, KG, GCB, PC, Made it Legal.


  32. Anonymous says:

    It is noted that you remove comment

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