Question to MPs – How Many Parents, Whose Kids Have Been Taken, Have Approached You?

Dear Signer of The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW petition,

Please make use of this unique chance of getting your MP to sign John Hemming’s recent Early Day Motions (EDMs). Belgian journalist Flo Bellone also considers it HUGELY important as on the Forced Adoption page in Facebook.

In 2005, Eric Pickles MP tabled : Working of the Children Act 2004 which was signed by 215 MPs! It’s on

Seven years later, only 18 MPs signed EDM 2857 so far: Expert Witnesses in Family Court Proceedings on

And even less on EDM 2988: Expert Evidence and Family court Proceedings and attacks on Professor Ireland! on

· and EDM 2987: Expert Evidence and Hon. Members on

Use WriteToThem to email your MP and ask: · how many parents have approached you? · Have you helped them get their kids back? · Have you shared your concerns with John Hemming MP who has over 1,600 cases on file?

Interestingly, there are 151 MPs who are expressing their support of Freedom of Speech for Hon. Members, i.e. they want the right to criticise judges and the administration of justice. So next, we can ask them to support the removal of judges, as John Hemming MP suggested, when he joined our demo outside the Royal Courts of Justice: Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts. Another demo week starts tomorrow. That shows commitment and ‘dogged determination’!

MPs need to know that there is public support for whatever they do. Please give them a chance!

I very much prefer to publish blog posts than to send emails. Hence I’d like to remind you that the easiest way of being informed is by clicking on the “Let me Follow this blog” button on the top right corner of Victims Unite where I cover child snatching, besides on the worst of all cases:

Please note that Victims Unite has had over 103,000 hits since August 2010. Let’s assume some of them are the perpetrators!

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2 Responses to “Question to MPs – How Many Parents, Whose Kids Have Been Taken, Have Approached You?”

  1. Julia says:

    I have been in Court, and discovered that judges have no accountability whatsoever. There is no audit of anything, as with accountancy, and no ousted type inspection, as with education. Our MPs currently have no power over the Courts and judges at all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not only are our judges completely unaccountable, there is no useful form of monitoring whatsoever.

    They are left to their own devices, and whilst there are inarguably some excellent judges who are upright and who act with complete integrity, there are also some rogue judges who lean on their private interests and inner circle ‘clubs’ etc to serve their own Agenda, and who ignore their Judicial Code of Conduct.

    The Office for Judicial Complaints is little more than an ineffectual palliative, who act to protect the judges and focus instead on trivia like whether they raised their voice or said something that could be interpreted as “sexist” – ignoring the far more serious issues like making massive monetary awards of “costs” to their fellow members of the legal profession (and where else can anyone get that kind of money in the ‘real’ Economy? they couldn’t EARN it there!)

    A hugely unfair aspect is this: because nearly all our judges are either current or ex-solicitors or barristers, who side and award huge money to their peers, it stinks. It stands to reason that this automatically stacks the odds against the litigant in person, and is the worst form of commercial bullying that exists in the UK – the abuse of our court service, where we are supposed to be able to get a ‘fair hearing’, to receive a trial by jury before our peers when our liberty is at stake, and to be treated fairly and without bias, fear nor favour.

    Rarely does this happen in British Courts – which need an urgent overhauling in the Public Interest. Our courts certainly need regulating – by the alleged ‘democracy’ of the People of Britain!

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