One Rule For Men. One For Women.

Heres a link to US daytime show The Talk where Sharon Osbourne and other women laugh and describe as fabulous that a wife cut off her husbands penis and destroyed it because he wanted a divorce. This is quite scary – if these were men saying these things like this they would get instsntly sacked and their careers would end.

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6 Responses to “One Rule For Men. One For Women.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    As an American woman, I am disgusted that they are condoning much less applauding this behavior. It’s an outrage and I have written a letter to the show letting them know I am disgusted with their reaction. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.

  2. Russell Sprout says:

    The point made that male presenters would never think to, or even try to get away with laughing at something so horribly violent, is totally correct. It would rightly cause outrage.

    Imagine a story where a man had mutilated a women’s genitalia, and men on TV laughing about it?

    That really would be shocking.

    May be Osbourne would find that funny as well?

    All ‘minorities’ and / or those ‘oppressed’ have been given the go-ahead to HATE.

    HATE is the message Marxism – and social Marxism, which is it’s current form.

    Men V women, black V white, white V black, class & generational hatred, gay V straight, disabled V able – everyone hating someone else for one reason or another.

    Osbourne’s reaction is matter of human decency, something not encouraged in the media – which is why I don’t have a TV. The media is full of sick-minded sh*t like this.

  3. wasp says:

    The Osbourne Woman unfortunately wasn’t around when ‘THE BRAINS WERE DISTRIBUTED’, she is noted for uncontrolled verbal outbursts.
    This is yet another instance of the use of the Entertainments Jewish Fronted, Jesuit Industry, using one of it’s elevated unimportant Entities to distract Public Attention from far more important Issues, such as viz Obama Imposes Martial Law With New EO


    Sharon Rachel Osbourne (née Arden, originally Levy; born 9 October 1952)[2] Osbourne was born Sharon Rachel Levy in Brixton, London, the daughter of Jewish music promoter and rock and roll entrepreneur Don Arden (born Harry Levy), and his wife Hope, an Irish Catholic. Osbourne is the wife and manager of ex-Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. She is an English television host, author, music manager, businesswoman and promoter.

    Her meteoric rise to fame was essentially not due to any Major Contribution to Society, but through the Highly Controlled Illuminati Entertainments Industry

    You will note we have The Catholic /Jewish Relationship, & it would appear she is somewhat unstable. Link:-

    It shyould therefore not surprise you that The Osbornes are JESUITS, who apppear to be true to Type.


  4. Anonymous says:

    You have a television in your house?

    I’m no Libtard, I’m a christian, but satan’s sworn enemy is womankind, God tells you that in Genesis. I do not support satanic masculinist interpretations of christianity. If men were the leaders and heads of household they claim to be, why have the led us into this porno, woman-hating quagmire? Obviously male ‘leadership’ in christianity is a failure.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Have your readers considered for a moment that these women may be uranians.
    They seem to have a strange sense of outlook on life.
    Together they gang together and belittle men, as an excuse for not being men.
    Take the case of Gareth Williams, the dead spy in a pink suitcase.
    Was this act carried out by women, pink is the trademark of women.
    Was this a message that they are now centre stage, and are a force to be dealt with.
    What was Gareth investigating that maybe involved Women.

  6. Julia says:

    This is not confined to US Tv. I have witnessed a lot of this around, particularly in all female gatherings, and I have the same shocked reaction. Why is it ok for women to belittle men like this? The other way round would rightly cause an outcry. It almost seems like some sort of revenge for something. Revenge is not good. It also seems like another form of racism, with the entire male race the target. If you get a male dominated or a female dominated group, at least 9 to 1 ratio, it seems to generate this kind of behaviour somehow. I have experienced both.

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