Nigel Farage’s Feeble Response To Poll Gains

Nigel Farage

He writes on Twitter –

“@Sun_Politics: UKIP overtake Lib Dems to be Britain’s 3rd most popular party. CON 32%, LAB 43%, UKIP 9%, LDEM 8%.” YIPPEE!!

The Tap Blog responds –

‎9% destroys the Conservative Party, but fails to offer a replacement. The aim has to be 40% or get out of the park.

Farage at 9% is helping David Cameron to destroy the Conservative Party. He obviously doesn’t want to think of going any higher in the polls. He’s happy biting the heels of the Tories at 2- 3% where UKIP has been for ten years.

9% is a new era, for all concerned. The Conservatives at 30% are finished. UKIP growth is not over yet. The surge might get up to 15% in another year. With defections and economic conditions going against the Conservatives, anything is possible.

Yet the destruction of a once great political party should not be met with a pathetic YIPPEE. Farage has broken their backs, but unless he gets up to a level where he can land large numbers of MPs into Westminster, he’s achieved nothing that will meet the objectives of UKIP’s voters. UKIP needs to see 40% and get Parliamentary majorities, or it has actually made the prospects of getting Britian out of the EU even more remote. With enough Conservative backbenchers, there would have been no Common Purpose Coalition with Nick Clegg, and the backbenchers could have sent Cameron packing by now.

Come on, Nigel Farage, raise your game, or get out of the park.
Gillian adds –
Hi Tap,

I entirely agree with the comments of GS (formerly known as George Silver?) in the comments box.

Politicians, MP’s and Parliament are a total waste of money, time and space. They all take their orders
from the wealthy elite powers that be that run and rule this country. As I wrote recently, L v R politics certainly no longer exists any more. That fact is clear now for everyone to see.

But, I still maintain that in reality L v R never existed in any real and meaningful way. It was just a ruse to give the populace the illusion that they had a say in about what happens in this country. When in truth they do not have any power or influence whatsoever and never have had . The added benefit of course is that all the while the populace is kept distracted to a certain extent arguing amongst themselves, the real rulers just keep on ruling as they always have done. Parliament and its 2 Houses are a good ‘buffer zone’ between the PTB and the ordinary people. MPs get paid reasonably well plus perks and a certain amount of ‘respect’ so they are kept happy, it’s a win win situation for MPs and the PTB.

The losers in this ‘game’ are the ordinary people. Just as we always have been.


TAP – I agree, Gillian, yet whatever representation we do have needs to at least pretend that it is in the business of power rather than PR. There is the possibility that Farage fears what might come next. He is very exposed, without a broad team around him. It’s too much for one pair of shoulders to carry. If Fulford is right, and there is a movement in the US to overthrow the system, those events would have effects into the UK too. We might actually need a democratically-based government.

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5 Responses to “Nigel Farage’s Feeble Response To Poll Gains”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It always amazes me that after many years on this planet I still find people actually believing that politicians are different from each other.
    There is this touching belief that if only the right person or party was elected everything would be OK.
    The reality time after time is that politicians fall into line as soon as they form a government. Their masters then give them their instructions.
    If people were to stop relying on politicians to make things better and to rely on themselves the World would eventually be a better place.
    Alas this will never happen. People loved to be controlled and brain-washed.
    Politics is cleverly orchestrated so that a person who is disillusioned by the major parties will always have someone like Farage to follow. Someone who talks cleverly and seems to be attacking the status quo.
    This keeps people from thinking for themselves or actually doing something for themselves.


  2. Tapestry says:

    Whilst entirely agreeing with you, GS, you have to bear in ind that the controllers can make the occasional error. Mrs Thatcher was not intended to win the Conservative leadership, for example. She didn’t decode the political structures that eventually did her in, but she delayed Britain’s progress into the EU long enough until the public woke up, and it became very hard to push into the Euro (courtesy of the renegade Rothschild, Jimmy Goldsmith inter alia).

    There is nothing that says the manipulation of the controllers has to win every game.

    It’s still worth playing.

    ALthough the dice are heavily loaded.

    Farage probably fears being taken too seriously. He knows what happens to anyone who seriously threatens the power structure. That said, he has to play along. They’ve used him to pull the rug from the Conservatives and help Cameron in his efforts to destroy the party.

    He might let loose that UKIP will take over as the priciple opposition to Labour, not just pass the shrunk Liberal Democrats.

    He might bring over serious numbers of disaffected Tory MPs if he set his sights on Parliamentary majorities, and talk of replacing the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in combination.

  3. Twig says:


    You appear to be suggesting that the Tories are essentially EU sceptic.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Just look at their record on the EEC, EC and EU.

    They’ve been pushing us ever further into this unholy mess at every opportunity, despite making noises to the contrary – just like Dave.

    Before a new real conservative party can be born the fake conservatives must be decommissioned, and that hopefully is what will happen now that people have seen through Cameron and Osbrown, then we will have a chance to vote for a Conservative Party once again instead of a Hobson’s choice of three socialist parties with different coloured rosettes.

  4. Tapestry says:

    There are eurosceptic elements within the Conservative Party. They get parked on the back benches and left there to rot. Eighty or more MPs. That’s a a prize worth having in this battle for power. There are also eurosceptics in the cabinet who still believe what Cameron says…..or think they do up to a point. There is no point collapsing their position of some influence for the as yet dream of one UKIP MP. Once there are 30 UKIP MPs we’re in a different game.

  5. Twig says:

    I deliberately do not refer to them as the “Conservative Party”. That title is no longer appropriate, in fact if anything, I would call them The Social Engineer Party.

    UKIP are the real Conservatives, and the sooner the “eighty” realise that and migrate, the sooner we can get the UK show back on the road instead of heading for the cliffs (like their new “child allowance” policy).

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