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Hi Tap, please give this matter some consideration.
I think it deserves internationational attention.
Thank you, Nobby

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Subject: Constitutional Court Case – Official Filing
From: The New Economic Rights Alliance

Dear Nobby,

This is a historic moment. Yesterday, a 1000 page lawsuit was
successfully served on Standard Bank, the South African Reserve bank
and the Minister of Finance. These documents, which were filed at the
Constitutional Court of South Africa (case number CCT28/12), expose
the money creation and so-called “lending” processes of banks.

The documents are a matter of public record, and you can read
everything on [1].

You can also comment and discuss the case with others. Some photos, and a press release by
Michael Tellinger, are attached.

The board of the New Economic Rights Alliance has resolved to join
the case as _amicus curiae_ (“friend of the court”). Our NPO is
specifically geared towards transparency in the banking sector and we
represent thousands of Members who are unhappy with the way in which
the banks have been conducting their business.

Each and every South African should follow this case and learn how
the banking system works. The place to start is at

We are proud to be associated with an initiative that could have
global consequences.


TOP COMMENT on the site –

The New Economic Rights Alliance ( is preparing for a Constitutional.
Court Case that aims to obtain transparency in banking (case number CCT38/12). This is a.
once-in-history opportunity.

For the first time, a full bench of 11 judges, 22 registrars, eight clerks, four joined advocates.

and four additional researchers will hear a case that goes to the heart of the banking system.
With so much financial turmoil overseas, a case like this has been destined to break. We
believe that South Africa is the one country that has the right mix of variables to make a case.
like this possible.

This is an enormous undertaking and we require 20,000 signatures to have the desired impact.
Please sign this online petition: and.
ask everyone you know to do the same. The time for truth in banking is now.

The following outlines the reasons behind this action:


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  1. wasp says:

    Cameron / Lavita Family has very Close Associations with This Lot.
    For the first time, with a full bench of 11 judges, 22 registrars, eight clerks, four joined advocates.

    THEY ARE GOING STRAIGHT FOR THE JUGULAR IN THAT CASE, then Tap, I have sent in a lot of information in different Posts relating to these Crooks,& their past activities, in fact I mentioned them only the other day, w/r/t to the Criminal Activities of Queen Victoria.

    The setting up & Legalising the Biggest Drug Trafficking Exercise in Living Memory, & Initiating & Perpetrating Wars to Expand this Criminal Enterprise, against those who were tring to stop it, ( come to think of it not much has changed has it, when we consider The Upper Echelons of our Society!). viz Afghanistan.

    I seem to remember that when the Taliban were in control the flow of ‘Poppy Gum’ was almost Terminated. This upset The Crimunals who Run The Banking System & Their ‘LAUNDERING ACTIVITIES’ i.e.those who we are supposed to look up to, in ‘High Places’ —— The rest is HISTORY.

    I might put some of this stuff together & send in a Post on it.


  2. Tapestry says:

    Let’s hope you do, Wasp. It would be good to read. The Levitas will not be happy, ahem, the Camerons, I mean. Wasp’s circling overhead preparing to deliver his sting…

  3. Tapestry says:

    I just wrote on Shane Greer’s facebook that Cameron was a Levita, and a Jewish banker whose family funded Japan’s militarisation. His response to delete me as a ‘racist’, nothing else about Cameron. I thought he was a journalist!

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