‘Reptiles Are Entirely Fiction. Icke Is Disinformation,’ Alan Watt

Alan Watt covers it all in this video. It’s a long one, and very interesting too. The bit that stopped me listening and said ‘BLOG’ was the financial and Chinese bit towards the end. Modern China was set up by the west in the 1930s, when it was decided to make China the manufacturer for the world. They aren’t dumping the dollar as all seem to be agreed on the informal net. They are buying US Treasuries as hard as ever, and building up powerful control of natural resources.

The main theme from Alan Watt is how long control by the elites has been exercised, and over how many generations they apply their plans. He is an important source, as he has researched these topics for decades and can put it across to ignorant people like me.


In this next one, he explains how they use people like David Icke, who is a counter intelligence operative, to gather people together, and then ‘cast them into outer space’. I fell for this to some extent. At least I tried falling for it all, to see if I could believe it. It took me about two weeks before I started to see patterns in the material, signs that techniques were being used to make the material appear spontaneous, which is actually scripted, as in Project Camelot. The use of reptilian beings to terrify people was standard church technique in The Middle Ages.

Arthur C Clarke was a Masonic writer in the 1960s. He wrote Childhood’s End in 1956. The world is invaded by space creatures, flying reptilians, which appeared one day and forced the human population into obedience. Other authors followed on from this, deciphering the Sumerian tablets, saying how the Annunaki came and created different types of humans, one with reptilian blood in them. This was mainly in the 1990s. It was called ‘spin’.

The movies usually show space wars with reptilians as the enemy. Reptilians are always described as the opposite of the good individual. Chariots Of The Gods was written in the 1970s, from Mr Danikin. How he found ancient rock carvings in south america, with Indians riding space craft amongst the stars. It was covered by all the major media worldwide, and in all bookstores. Nothing like this unless permission comes from above. Lots of books sold worldwide. There were follow-ups. One day it was exposed. A journalist found a local peasant who was paid to produce all the rock carvings. Yet the lie has carried on since.

The space ship thing still fills the movies and TVs, and the creatures are always reptiles. Disinformation. Big muses who make an idea amusing. The idea becomes a fixture in the human mind, inserted generation after generation. The more fascinating the story, the more the people like it. Today people cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction. Their heads are so spun. News is half Hollywood. Sport is just circuses.

TAP – I saw the movie ‘battleship’ this week, just to get into a cool cinema. It was attack from outer space by reptilians. The anunnaki, says Watt, is a fiction by one man. The anu in ancient Egyptian is ‘the dead’. It brings the public into a mental standstill. If you swallow the story that your ancestors were made to be slaves, they have won. If you believe you were created by walking crocodiles, and the elites have different genes to you, you already resign and give in. It’s the same as the Midddle Ages when the people were served up with gargoyles on cathedrals.

People are being sprayed every day from the air. They are going to be chipped and controlled. Yet they are being made to be terrified of an old man in a cave in Afghanistan (Bin Laden as was), and of reptiles from other planets. Why are people so willing to be overpowered by spin?


In this next video from the Tap Blog Alan Watt Season (It’s turning into one!), he answers his own question. Why are people so easily controlled?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reptilians exist are real and control human civilisation. The real disinformation claims reptilians don’t exist. More and more people are seeing reptilians posing as humans but with reptilian slit like eyes or greenish scaly skin. Eventually reptilians will not be able to hide and all humans will know them but not unfortunately after the majority of humans have been eliminated under global depopulation. The proof is online by searching for ‘reptilian shapeshifter’ and ‘reptilian humans’.

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