Marilyn Monroe – The Original Mind Control Sex Kitten

The scar was normally airbrushed out of pictures. It was said to be her appendix. Only thing is the appendix is nowhere near.

WASP writes –

Hi Tap,

I see your ‘favourite subject’ is back in the news, so here is one for starters that Links Two Subjects together, MK Ultra & Entertainers. There has been so much information in the Pipe Line, this Easter its been difficult to know what to send, in view of the fact you don’t like too many Links.

TAP – Yes. I’m very lazy Wasp. Sorry about that.

The MK-Ultra, or Monarch Rabbit Hole goes Deep & it’s Wide,it is used to control every aspect of the Entertainments Industry, as well as The Political Establishment, & probably much of The Military & Law Enforcement Organisations.

One of the Top Controllers was The Late Bob Hope, a High Ranking Knight of Malta. The Vatican features very Highly in its degree of Involvement & Controlling Influence, in this particular field, without exception SMOMS usually up there at The Front, as well as Covering The Rear (TAP – ahem).

I sent a Post in some weeks ago relating to this & Kathy O’Brian et-alia, with many Links, together with read on line pdf’s but Tap forgot to put them in. As Julia has resurrected the subject again which Tap tries to bury, if I think about it I will look them out again.

You will never look at those who Control us in The ‘Same Light Again’, Bush & Cheney in particular, as they appear to like hunting & shooting MK’ed Slaves, as one of their pastimes.

However, with regard to Katy Perry, She is a Shape Shifter (TAP – really. Ho does that work?), & has been well MK’ed. Here is an example of the stuff she gets involved in. She is quite obviously Acting out their Agenda.

Link:1- (LINK doesn’t work)

Katy Perry’s Illuminati, MK-Ultra Commercial

This commercial intended for German television has it all: checkerboard patterns everywhere, transhumanism, deshumanization, mind control, alter-personalities, Marilyn Monroe (the original Monarch sex kitten), the colors white, black and red, etc.


TAP – Wasp. Me keeps saying that there is no evidence for chemtrails. Do you have anything to shut him up?! Please reconnect the links. I tried to swap phone numbers with you once. Did you not get the email maybe? It might be easier to talk these issues out occasionally!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    mp forgot his name portadown admit it we are now onto shale gas or fracking check out gaslands on utube and they dont even chalenge it

  2. wasp says:

    There is plenty of stuff I can give you on Chem Trails, it’s a bit late now though so I will give you some links with Scientific Validation in the next couple of days, & I will find out why Link 1, wouldn’t work as it did when I tested it.

    The fore runner for this activity in my opinion was tried out in Vietnam, when they were Experimenting spraying 2.4.5.T from their transporters, I believe Superfortres’, used but Seymour M Hersch covered it in His Book C&B Warfare. This was some 20 odd years ago, when he was discussing stuff Like AIDS , Ebola etc., but I believe its now out of print, they weren’t too keen on it when it was first published, & it was difficult to obtain.

    To change subject, here is a link I was going to send earlier, so her it is now.

    TBTF Get TBTFer: Top 5 Banks Hold 95.7%, Or $221 Trillion, Of Outstanding Derivatives

    Every quarter the Office of the Currency Comptroller releases its report on Bank Derivative Activities, and every quarter we find that the Too Big To Fail get Too Bigger To Fail. To wit: in Q4 2011, of the total $230.8 trillion in US outstanding derivatives, the Top 5 banks (JPM, BofA, Morgan Stanley, Goldman and HSBC) accounted for 95.7% of all Derivatives. In some respects this is good news: in Q2, the Top 5 banks held 95.9% of the $250 trillion in derivatives. Unfortunately it is also bad news, because $220 trillion is more than enough for the world to collapse in a daisy chained failure of bilateral netting (which not even all the central banks in the world can offset). What is the worst news, is that the just released report indicates that in addition to everything else, we have now hit peak delusion, as banks now report to the OCC that a record high 92.2% of gross credit exposure is “bilaterally netted.” While we won’t spend much time on this issue now, it is safe to say that bilateral netting is the biggest lie in modern finance (read How US Banks Are Lying About Their European Exposure; Or How Bilateral Netting Ends With A Bang, Not A Whimper for an explanation of this fraud which was exposed completely in the AIG collapse). And just to put this in global perspective, according to the BIS in the first half of 2011, global derivative gross exposure increased by $107 trillion to a record $707 trillion. It will be quite interesting to get the full year report to see if this acceleration in gross exposure has increased. Because if it has, we will now know that in 2011 European banks were forced up to load up on several hundred trillion in mostly interest rate swap exposure. Which can only mean one thing: when and if central banks lose control of government bond curves, an rates start moving wider again, the global margin call will be unprecedented. Until then we can just delude ourselves that central planners have everything under control, have everything under control, have everything under control. ………….

    Regards ……. WASP

  3. Jack says:

    I believe it was a gallbladder operation which gave Marilyn her scar.
    Just saying.

  4. wasp says:

    They have pulled the plug on that video tap, they say due to copy write infringement. I have some other links though I will look them out.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The following link gives a lot of info on mind control of the entertainment industry.It is loaded with history on this.

  6. Julia says:

    Regarding chemtrails, I am struggling with the chemtrails evidence thing too. I see it’s main purpose as blocking the sun, possibly stars and UFOs too. The secondary purpose seems to be a massive mind control thing to whip up fear and panic and powerlessness. I am open minded on this, but have not seen or experienced any convincing evidence of the physical threat to us that is greater than all the other assaults on us on the ground and in our homes. I am outdoors in them a lot with no adverse health effects. Whereas car pollution or being indoors makes me feel quite ill. Fear and panic spreads negative vibes and lowers your immune system.

  7. Tapestry says:

    What about anger?!

    Panic yes, very bad. Fear yes. Your enemy is winning if he makes you afraid. But surely someone can get motivated to destroy the planes on the ground one evening! That might take a bit of planning. There must be people in the military who are minded to stop these NATO operations.

  8. troy basoren says:
    a great link on chemtrails for TAP. 🙂
    visit my facebook @
    to find out more about mass shootings and how they get staged.

  9. Paul Mcpike says:

    I believe without doubt that Bob Hope was a handler for Mk slaves.Remember him bringing a two year old Tiger woods on to his show showing us his golfing skills? This is the elite showing and telling us they were going to make him a world champion proving how good they are at producing mind control slaves with excellent skills.I watched an interesting documentary about tiger woods where his best friend was explaining how the closest person to him was actually hypnotising him to produce perfect shots,very interesting,then he went ‘crazy’ for a while as he tried to break free just like britney spears did,every music video and every film always shows the black and white squares of masonry,every ‘entertainer’ is actually a mind control slave,remember britney,timberlake and christine agularia (wrong spelling)were all in the disney club which is called the 33 club,all kids,all controlled,all going through a real living hell,kids watch them and want to be them thinking they live beautiful cool lives,when in fact they are High class prostitutes,pimped out to the highest bidders in the world yet totally unaware of the fact,until the programming starts to break down.Our world is in big trouble

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