Laugh Or Cry. Moon Landings Believers. This Is For You.

Guess what? Man never went to the moon. It’s true. They could not ever have gone to the moon.

Van Allen Belt…temperatures on the moon…crap LEM (Lunar Excursion Module)…etc, etc

These two films, made in Britain, are both brilliantly researched and really show irrefutably that the entire Apollo program was a FRAUD. (Not a hoax. The word hoax means joke, this is much more serious – a massive fraud has been perpetrated on humanity)

If you still believe that NASA DID get to the Moon, sorry to burst you’re bubble – you’re gonna cry after watching these two films.

NASA is all about occult freakery. Apollo 13? Fra Mauro anyone?

Watch and weep…you tender fools

Over & out,

Russell Sprout

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  1. Susan says:

    I was truly upset when I realized the truth of the fraud…at first of course, I thought the “conspiracy theorists” were the crazy ones…and then when I truly looked at what the “nuts” had to say, I became a “nut” too. Sigh. Very troubling indeed.

  2. Susan says:

    I do have a question that gets asked of me, and I truly am at a loss as to how to explain it myself…how is it that the brainy people of other countries say nothing about the United States fraud in this matter? There must be other countries that can out the U.S. and would love to do so…why don’t they? Why is everyone silent on this? And I don’t believe that the media is solely responsible for not allowing that, if other countries wanted to out the U.S. they would. That is a baffling thing for me regarding this matter.

  3. Tapestry says:

    You’re not a nut, Susan. Just finding that your own intelligence is working well, while previously you relied on others to deceive you daily.

    Your question is a good one. May I suggest you research it on Tap Blog Search. As your knowledge grows, you will start to understand the true paradigm, in which all are controlled. No country’s media is free, as you imagine. No country really exists, as you imagine. It sounds terrifying and depressing. In fact knowing the truth is liberating to many people. Those kind of people are Tap Blog readers.

    • Eric Dubay said…
      There are quite a few theories about the size of the Sun and the Moon all with their points of evidence and points of contention. The least plausible theory I’ve heard is the reigning heliocentric theory that the Sun is 400 times larger and 400 times further away than the Moon so that’s why they serendipitously appear the same size. Other models like Salama referenced have the Moon slightly in front of the Sun, and others still suggest that the Sun and Moon aren’t densely physical, just luminous discs that can pass through one another.

      This universe was intelligently created with purpose and order, and NASA/Copernican nihilistic Big Bang cosmology attempts to hide this obvious fact. There are two huge lights that circle around us in perfectly synchronized opposing cycles. They appear exactly the same size and stay in the sky for exactly the same length of time. Human sleep and reproduction cycles are intimately connected to one, and all growth and physical life depends on the other. We live in a ying yang universe of perfect order and balance between good and evil, male and female, inhale and exhale, birth and death, sleep and awake, night and day, and Sun and Moon.

      NASA claims with no experimentally verifiable evidence that both the Earth and Moon spin in opposite directions at just the right speed so we only see one side of the Moon and never feel any of the movement. They say the Sun is 400 times larger and 400 times further away than the Moon, and just coincidentally appear the same size from our faulty perspective. Not only that but they regularly cross one another showing us their balanced orbits, but that’s just coincidence too. It appears that all the celestial bodies revolve around us and multiple experiments have proven just that, but people would still rather believe NASA because they can’t/don’t want to believe how badly they’ve been lied to.

      • beLIEve says:

        Superb Adam……..

        I believe you are disseminating new frontiers of….TRUTH.

        I thought I read that Eric Dubay was of the opinion that the Sun and Moon may be only, 3,000 miles away ?

        On a …TRIVIAL….note, have you seen the …..JOHN LEWIS…..Christmas ….ADVERT ?

        It is a senior citizen, sitting alone on a garden bench…..ON THE MOON…..showing signs of distress, at his isolation.
        All saved by a young lady, popping into JL to buy a Chritmas gift for the gentleman.
        At least I think that is what the story is.
        I did not pay a lot of attention to the meaning !

        I was thinking of you Adam and, this evolving story of the……LOONATI LIARS……flat Earth and ….FAKE NASA……FAKE MOON LANDINGS.

        Also, the……JOHN LEWIS…. MOON SCAPE…….looks exactly like NASAs ? ?
        And, the …..JOHN LEWIS… of Earth, photographed from the moon……LOOK EXACTLY LIKE NASAs !

        I believe a previous commentator mentioned that…….MOON FILMS are NOT ALLOWED……to be made, because the moonscape is so easy to ….CREATE…..that…….. PEOPLE MIGHT START THINKING….. THE MOON LANDINGS ……WERE FAKED.

        Thank you……JOHN LEWIS !

  4. Russell Sprout says:

    That question is a good one. Even thought all the Moon landings evidence to indicate a fraud was there, I thought that the USSR would ‘out’ NASA to the worlds media – we were at the height of the Cold War, after all.

    I used to say that to people as proof that men did walk on the Moon. I was wrong, of course!

    The reason is given in the second of these two films. The truth is that Wall Street and big money power globally, funded the Russian Revolution in 1917 and the US taxpayer were supporting the USSR with huge payments. The Soviet Revolution cost the Warbergs $17 USD.

    So, the West and the Communists were on the same side. Controlled opposition. Read chapter two of this Eustace Mullins book, The New Order (1985)

    The Soviets would never have given away the game away – and they were being less than honest themselves.

    I consider this proof of global control of all governments.

  5. Russell Sprout says:

    £17 Million USD – a lot of money in 1917…

  6. Julia says:

    I have been wondering recently if we just live inside a giant planetarium. Someone or something controls all the planets, which control us. A few researchers have already shown the Moon and Saturns ring to be “fake”. The stars are maybe just holograms. Maybe the sun is a hole in the dome, where outside there is eternal light. It would be quite a nice planetarium in which to live apart from the fact we are all slaves.

  7. Susan says:

    I’ve only viewed the first film clip (above). From what I recall of the information I’d seen previously, I find that the above makes the claim that the discrepancies were deliberately executed by persons that wanted the truth to get out. The films I had previously seen made no such claim (If I recall correctly)…however, I suppose it could be possible. It’s also possible these were just slip ups, just as in film making there are unforeseen situations that the filmmakers have to review and edit as they go along, sometimes still overlooking some minor detail that slips through… Or perhaps these were done deliberately for those “in the know” to have a giggle at the rest of us foolish enough to believe their scam. I suppose we may never know which it is.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Maybe they create intellectual ‘traps’ where they can decide which list you go on, the red, the blue and the yellow. Yellow swallow rubbish like this. Red say, this is nonsense. Blue agree with them.

    Julia, with your imagination, anything is possible.

  9. Russell Sprout says:

    The best one is the ‘Moon rock’ with the letter ‘C’ on it. There is also a letter ‘C’ on the ground next to it.

    How did THAT get on the Moon?

    I posted this as a comment on You Tube and someone replied, trying to convince me that it was a hair on the camera lens – complete rubbish.

    I have noted that when I make comments on YT about the Apollo fraud, as above – I very quickly receive a very offical sounding reponse.

    Try it yourself and see!

  10. Julia says:

    Yes Susan, all those things are possible. If you assume nothing and question everything, everything becomes possible. Then you realise you can never get to 100% certain fact, apart from what you experience yourself. And if you see everything as possible, your mind becomes free. So you are no longer mind controlled.

  11. Paul Mcpike says:

    I would like to answer Susans question,as to why don’t other countries ‘out’ the americans.
    It all depends on your worldview,some people think all countries are seperate,which they are,but every country is controlled by the same people through the system of freemasonry,thats why the americans are never outed by anyone else onthis matter or any other matter,the seperateness is an illusion,the USSR was made in the USA,M16,CIA,KGB AND MOSSAD are the same organisation,The IRA was set up and run by the british,this is how they operate,it is how they ‘see everything,they set up every group catering for all views,then they control each group forits own ends from within

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