In Taiwan Two Days

I’ve tried blogging here,but the speeds seem slow, and it’s hard work, Chinese keyboard and all, although everyone seems very friendly.

Wasp has sent in a good story on HAARP. It’ll have to wait until I’m back in Manila. My blog post on alleged corruption by the UKBA in the handling of visas in Manila has been sent in at the highest level, I have heard. Everyone I meet seems to have their story on how they were propositioned for a bribe while applying for a visa there. No one ever propositioned me. Maybe I look too honest! The trouble is you just get refused, and the funny applications get rushed through…..

..unless a number of independent and separate witnesses are all wrong. In a phrase, it stinks. The MPs in the Home Affairs Select Committee talk of the UKBA bunker mentality. If what I’m hearing is correct, it’s a very profitable bunker. Human trafficking usually is, except you don’t normally expect countries like Britain to be running scams of that type at government level.

The UKBA is a law unto itself, unwilling to talk to MPs, and unwilling to reveal simple information about itself. That doesn’t mean its activities go entirely unnoticed by us folks working on location at ground level, who have to deal with these people face to face as it were. The stench will keep growing until someone closes the UKBA down, and gives the job back to the Foreign Office.

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