Fulford: Japanese Government Hesitates To Drop The Cabal

Dropped off in comments anonymously, the latest Benjamin Fulford report. Very interesting details of various attempts to stop the cabal from operating their scams, and, in return, attempts by the cabal to hang on to position. Things look finely balanced in the financial tussles that are taking place, with mass banking resignations, possible changes afoot in China, and fear palpable amongst top Wall St operatives.

Japan’s government is willing to move away from the cabal, but has not pushed the button, preferring to see which side wins, before committing. Dated April 17th. The movement by 154 countries acting as one to end US financial dominion goes on. Nothing decisive as yet. It’s three weeks since Fulford declared it was time to ‘move’. Many legal procedures started against bankers in many countries. No cracking sounds just yet.

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Canadian born Benjamin Fulford first came to Japan in the early 1980s to study at Sophia (Jesuit) University in Yotsuya Tokyo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Canadian born Benjamin Fulford first came to Japan in the early 1980s to study at Sophia (Jesuit) University in Yotsuya Tokyo

  2. Tapestry says:

    It seems that all the best hopes like Alex Jones have Jesuit connections. Does that mean they’re all imbued with Jesuit beliefs and pursue Jesuit interests all their lives?

    Anyone trading on the edges between two systems will have to be someone who understands their opponents. Fulford is said elsewhere to come from an Illuminate family.

    The best opposition to Illuminati interests would be an insider who’s turned. Only someone from the inside of a secret group could understand the problem.

    Many people change sides in life’s struggles, especially within families. Fulford still has credibility. If he’s being used to trigger premature attacks from ‘white hats’ and so on, that’s a great pity. I guess we won’t know til later for sure.

    As Julia says, you only know yourself and your own evidence. Beyond that there is never total certainty.

    Take Churchill who was trusted by hundreds of millions of human beings in WW2. He sold the world down the river. I’d back Fulford against him.

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