Fulford: It’s Time For ‘Action’

I don’t see much hope of improvement in the state of the world around us on a day to day basis. There is a lot of deceptive stuff being put out on youtube from various sources, saying the aliens are coming to help us escape the control grid, and so on. It’s all nonsense. Yet intelligent people, even me for a week, thought I’d try to believe it all. It was hard going, and I was greatly relieved when I decided to stop!

Then there’s the Fulford stuff. He’s been going a while now, and has revealed lot of stuff about HAARP, tsunami, earthquakes, weather manipulation and so on. He talked first of the White Dragon Society, of the White Hats, of the Oath-Keepers, and of arrests coming of the elites. Overall he’s done well predicting what’s coming. Here’s his latest effort. Now is the moment for action. No more talking…….

OK. Let’s do it! Fingers crossed. It must be a nerve-wracking moment for millions if he’s right. Will the various sides of government open fire on each other, as the White Hats try to knock over the elites? Will there be a deficit of courage when it’s time to head off and arrest some very powerful individuals? We’ll see….now.


(It’s being messed around with which is indicative that someone’s worried by this)

Anonymous comment –

Here’s the latest Camelot interview which confirms what Fulford has said about earthquakes, tsunami being used as a weapon –


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tapestry
    I like this statement of yours NOT the Fulford baloney.
    I think you have given the “Alien-Whitehat-Dragon Society-Camelot-Fulford” more than enough rope.

    You notice now that Fulford in his statement wants us to start arresting everyone. What happened to his secret society army that was ready to take back the World?

    Nothing will happen.


  2. Tapestry says:

    If there’s no chance of any opposition, then why are all the deceptions being played? There has to be some point behind Fulford’s thoughts. As to whether it’s substantial enough to make much difference, we’ll have to see.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tapestry you say “why are these deceptions being played”.
    The internet has various vacuums and these must be filled like any vacuum. The vacuum of miss-information.
    I think 911 was an inside job and I’m convinced that there is a small powerful group of people who want to rule the World. Our politicians are controlled by these people.
    Having said that I would guess that there are a number of people within the government, military and financial World that are against this group. It obvious something is going on.
    What people like Fulford, Camelot, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Michael Moore and others do is sell miss-information. It’s a business. The more extreme and whacky the more they bring in willing paying fools. Look at the “backers and financiers” of Alex Jones and Michael Moore.
    Fulford as far as I can tell seams to be suffering some form of paranoia and fantasy syndrome but I’m not an expert so maybe I’m wrong

    Why do people do these things? Who knows. Why do people write blogs?. Some for money. Some for recognition. Some for ego. Some out of frustration.


  4. Tapestry says:

    And some blog for something to do…and some to sow doubt in peoples’ minds, and a million more possibilities.

    Humanity isn’t perfect. Now there’s a discovery. Mind you. Not all are totally useless either.

    Fulford has pointed out a lot of things over the last two years. I don’t say give your soul to anyone, but either we browse the sources and see what they offer, or we go back to the BBC. Well there’s absolutely no point in doing that.

    I’d prefer Fulford to the Beeb any day, whatever his foibles. He’s laid downa challenge today. Let’s see if it results in any hard action……I’ll make that my test if you don’t mind. There’s no need to guess. We can wait and see.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The most recent Project Camelot video I’ve come across is this one:


    He touches on a wide range of subjects which adds a bit more scope to the ‘conspiracy theory/fact’ debate.

    Unfortunately, a little bit of patience is required to listen/watch the video due to … ahem… ‘connection problems’.

  6. Zheng Yong says:

    HI TAP,

    Please tell me why is his throat like that?

    Please compare the throat of the interviewer and the person being interviewed.

    Is it due to surgery?


    Thank You.

  7. Zheng Yong says:

    HI TAP.

    Man Who Lied About WMDs to Justify Iraq War Confesses.


    Thank You.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I AM AWARE of the fact that THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES O AMERICA has been re-inhabited and has had contact with people in China. There are 2 Constitutions-1 being the original (dejure) legal Constitution signed by our founding fathers. 2-the corporate illegal (defacto) constitution which was never voted on by the people. This interim government has been setup so that when the arrests take place we still have our REPUBLIC. please learn more here http://dev.republicoftheunitedstates.org/ There is also a FB GROUP in which is an open group by invite. I can invite those whom are interested but you need to be on FB I will check further posts.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Cliftonville and now this?

    //In the absence of any logical explanation, there is growing belief by some observers that the noise might possibly be linked to a weird worldwide phenomenon that has become known, simply, as The Hum.//


    Interesting. Anyone have any explanations for these sounds, being heard world wide? Any ‘HAARP’ facilities in Ireland?

    – Me.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Hum?

    I do know that the MOD use very low frequency transmissions to communicate with submarines, which may be anywhere in the oceans around the world.

    HAARP must have something to do with it?

  11. Anonymous says:

    do a post on ‘sky sounds’ / ‘the hum’ please tap


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