Does The Moon Decide If It Rains?

Julia sends out a piece each day on email called The Daily Ramble. It is always full of interesting observations of the goings-on in Bath and its environs, referring to masonic symbols, Sion Hill and so on. Her blog is

She believes that weather comes in two week cycles based on the cycles of the moon.
Does anyone agree?
Here’s an extract from today’s ramble!


If you didn’t know that fortnight meant fourteen nights, you would probably think it was forty. The Bible supposedly says that it rained for forty days and forty nights. I reckon it’s 14.

That makes sense with our weather patterns which are always about 2 weeks duration.

The New Moon fortnight and the Full Moon fortnight.

The New Moon fortnight has been very very wet this time. If it rains at the beginning, chances are we are stuck with it for 2 weeks. The Full Moon fortnight starts in a day or two, so we should see a weather shift too. I have noticed this pattern for years that weather is often similar for about 2 weeks, then changes. Only recently linked it to the moon cycles though!


TAP – Or is it something to do with the device in the clip below, working to a two week cycle?

Right click then select full screen, or pop out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Julia’s idea may hold some water.
    However myself and friends thought it strange that there were no chemtrails during the day.
    Then we spotted them, through the clouds on the evenings, for the last week or so, higher than usual, the dreaded chemtrails.
    Fri, 27, April.

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