Chemtrails Are No Picnic. 29th April. Anti-Chemtrails Picnic. Cambridge.

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So who’s trying to kill us all off then?

Here are a few clues? (Right click mouse to expand to full size clip)

WASP adds –

YEP! that’s right, Everything I told you last year has been Validated, that was an Excellent Video Tap, well searched. I haven’t seen that one before, It shows some people are thinking about who is SCREWING UP OUR WORLD.

SMOMS are Very Influential People who can move freely across Any Countries Borders without Formal Identification,but the highest is THE ORDER of St GREGORY, which they failed to mention.

Remember I told you
Last year Anders Breivik. Tap Link

The Guy who killed 77 people ( Probably MK’ed & was a SLEEPER) in Norway was a “SMOM”, many ill informed reporters at the time said he was in Fancy Dress, neglecting the Significance of the Published Image. But I think The DM got it Correct though.

So now it’s ‘Room Service, his own Suite and Japanese Meditation’.

He obviously pleased someone!


If You Believe The Official Story You Are ‘Brain Dead’, Stop watching Reality TV Programmes. There is Nothing Mickey Mouse about the Gear he was issued with, it wouldn’t be out of place in any Special Forces Organisation, Would It?

One Further point, you remember the the Grenadier Guards Major portrayed by Michael Cain in A BRIDGE TOO FAR, relating to OPERATION MARKET GARDEN, do you know who that Major was? I will tell you, it was Major Peter Alexander Rupert Smith, of The Smith family – an almost publicly unknown dynasty of bankers that dates back 350 years.

It was in the 1650’s when Thomas Smith founded Samuel Smith & Co, Bankers in Nottingham, which is believed to have been the first English bank headquartered outside of London. Successive generations of Smiths ensured that the family business flourished and by 1902 a total of ten branches were operating, but more interesting than that you probably know him to be Lord Carrington, yet another SMOM.

Not only did a leading member of the family befriended Lord Rothschild, but a family member later married a Rothschild. A further dynastic marriage was to the well-known Baring family of bankers. Their influence kept on expanding and expanding. Frances Dora Smith married Sir Claude Lyon-Bowes, who were the grandparents of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who would marry Prince Albert (Bertie) in 1923. Prince Albert became King George VI in 1936 and Elizabeth become Queen Elizabeth I – later known as the Queen Mother.

The Queen Mothers favourable attitude to the “pro-peace movement” spoke of her “desire to avert war with Germany and for closer ties to be established between the two countries. The Queen would have willingly accepted a German occupation (are you sure? Wasp) providing that the monarchy and her place in it remained intact.

Her brother, David Bowes-Lyon, to whom she was exceptionally close was, before the war, a director of Lazard Brothers bankers and who also held an “important but vaguely defined role in SOE. (Special Operations Executive – later the CIA)

The Lazard’s connection is significant inasmuch as this bank was a link to pro-Nazi Sir Henri Deterding of Royal Dutch Shell and Viscount Bearsted of Hill Samuel, both of whom connect to Baron Kurt von Schroder – a hard core Nazi, a financier of SS chief Heinrich Himmler and a leading member of the “circle of friends of the Reichsfuhrer.” Von Schroder coincidentally employed Allen Dulles as his American attorney.

He was also a director of Lazard Brothers and a member of the Anglo-German Fellowship, which was founded in 1935 by German banker Ernest Tennant – a close friend of Hitler’s Foreign Minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop – and had numerous members who admired Hitler. Some, went even further. This is only The Tip of The Iceberg.

How Many of The Reality TV Watchers would know a fraction of this, or even think it concerned them ?


TAP – The same people who kill and rape our children, are destroying our economy and poisoning the very air we breathe. Could we send them all to oblivion?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    SS = Sedes Secorum, which Holy See in Latin, so RC Church & Jesuits

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Keep us informed about the Chemtrail Day, if the place is to be arranged, what about the start time.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Follow chemtrails UK on facebook.

    That’s the place where it’s being organised from.

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